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Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age

The Computer Age Автор: Kauffman D.
22 стр.           мягкая обложка          
378 рубРаздел: Английский язык√ +
Ruling ideas of the present age Автор: Gladden W.
22 стр.           мягкая обложка          
1143 рубРаздел: Книги√ +
The Diamond as Big as the Ritz & Other Stories Автор: F.Scott F.
Fatal consequences lie in store for ' bona fide' guests and uninvited visitors alike, while the sybaritic luxury of the place is evoked in an effortless prose style which is quintessentially F. Scott Fitzgerald. Also featured in this volume are "The Cut-Glass Bowl", "May Day", "The Rich Boy", "Crazy Sunday", "An Alcoholic Case", "The Lees of Happiness", "The Lost Decade" and "Babylon Revisited". "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz" is an ominous fable about the pursuit of great wealth.
240 стр.           мягкая обложка          
203 рубРаздел: Неадаптированная художественная литература√ +
The Diamond as Big as The Ritz (+ Audio CD) Автор: F. S.F.
96 стр.           мягкая обложка          
927 рубРаздел: Адаптированные тексты√ +
A History of Christianity in the Apostolic Age Автор: Arthur C.M.
But it has been my constant aim to subordinate all such special subjects to the common end, and to deal with them only in so far as they constitute a vital part of the larger whole. Contents: The Origin of Christianity; Primitive Jewish Christianity; The Christianity of Paul; The Work of Paul; The Christianity of the Church at Large; and The Developing Church. 1903. McGiffert writes in the Preface:
692 стр.           мягкая обложка          
1158 рубРаздел: Русский язык. Литература√ +
Transitional Eras In Thought, With Special Reference To The Present Age (1904) Автор: Andrew C. A.
358 стр.           мягкая обложка          
1145 рубРаздел: Книги√ +
The Golden Age Of American Oratory Автор: Edward G. P.
434 стр.           мягкая обложка          
1148 рубРаздел: Русский язык. Литература√ +
Political Theories Of The Middle Age (1900) Автор: Otto G.
278 стр.           мягкая обложка          
1142 рубРаздел: Русский язык. Литература√ +
The Roman Poets Of The Augustan Age: Virgil Автор: W. Y. S.
Книга представляет собой репринтное издание 1877 года (издательство "Oxford, Clarendon Press").
432 стр.           мягкая обложка          
1148 рубРаздел: Отечественная проза А-Я√ +
Two months in the camp of Big Bear. The life and adventures of Theresa Gowanlock and Theresa Delaney Автор: Gowanlock T.
432 стр.           мягкая обложка          
594 рубРаздел: Исторические науки√ +
The Gilded Age, by S.L. Clemens and C.D. Warner. by Mark Twain and C.D. Warner.3 Vols Автор: Warner C.D.
432 стр.           мягкая обложка          
1152 рубРаздел: Исторические науки√ +
The apostolic age Автор: Dobschuetz E.v.
432 стр.           мягкая обложка          
600 рубРаздел: Исторические науки√ +
Side-lights on the Tain age and other studies Автор: Dobbs M.E.
432 стр.           мягкая обложка          
599 рубРаздел: Исторические науки√ +

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