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План действий, способствующих достижению благосостояния и богатства. Чтобы стать миллионером. Ключ к достижению богатства и успеха          Автор Arthur D.          Издательство Barron's Educational Series

Writing a Convincing Business Plan Business Library
272 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Arthur D.
издательство: Barron's Educational Series
цена:693 руб
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This book shows how to organize and write a logical, business-savvy, and professionally polished business plan that can be presented to potential investors and financial institutions. A sound and convincing business plan is an entrepreneur’s important first step in starting up a profitable business. A sound business plan describes the business operations and goals, analyzes and forecasts markets and sales, sets up operating and marketing plans and schedules, and estimates operating expenses. It’s also a prerequisite for getting financing and attracting investors.

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Steve Jobs: A Biography

БЂњI looked past the fact that both guys needed a haircut and was amazed by what I saw on that workbench. You can always get a haircut.БЂ« Jobs immediately liked Markkula. БЂњHe was short and he had been passed over for the top marketing job at Intel, which I suspect made him want to prove himself.БЂ« He also struck Jobs as decent and fair. БЂњYou could tell that if he could screw you, he wouldnБЂ™t. He had a real moral sense to him.БЂ« Wozniak was equally impressed. БЂњI thought he was the nicest person ever,БЂ« he recalled. БЂњBetter still, he actually liked what we had!БЂ« Markkula proposed to Jobs that they write a business plan together. БЂњIf it comes out well, IБЂ™ll invest,БЂ« Markkula said, БЂњand if not, youБЂ™ve got a few weeks of my time for free.БЂ« Jobs began going to MarkkulaБЂ™s house in the evenings, kicking around projections and talking through the night. БЂњWe made a lot of assumptions, such as about how many houses would have a personal computer, and there were nights we were up until 4 a.m.,БЂ« Jobs recalled ...

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План действий, способствующих достижению благосостояния и богатства. Чтобы стать миллионером. Ключ к достижению богатства и успеха

Rich Dad's Advisors. The ABC's of Writing: Winning Business Plans
          557 руб
How to Write a Business Plan
          559 руб
The One Page Business Plan: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Write a Business Plan (+ CD-ROM)
It offers a fresh approach to business planning.
          993 руб
How to Write a Business Plan
Along with glossary of key terms as well as new examples of cash and profit forecasts, How to Write a Business Plan, 4th edition, contains all the help you' ll need to get it right first time. This second edition of How to Write a Business Plan gives you the expert guidance you need to make an impact with your written plan, including advice on research competitors, how to write about your management skills and experience and how to best communicate your strategic vision. Whether you are starting or selling your own business, business plans are an essential and unavoidable part of the business cycle.
          1332 руб
How to Write a Great Business Plan
          398 руб
Writing for Business
          267 руб
Der praxisorientierte Business Plan. Der Business Plan und die DCF-Methode als Unternehmensbewertungsansatz in Theorie und Praxis
Auch hier wird selbstverstaendlich die moegliche Vorgehensweise in Theorie und Praxis detailliert aufgezeigt.
          1995 руб
Business Plan. Entwicklung eines Business Plans am Beispiel eines Internetshops fuer Sportnahrunsgmittel
Anhand eventuell vorliegender Vor- und Nachteile der einzelnen Bestandteile des Business Plans soll eine Auswahl getroffen werden, welche Bestandteile fuer ein erfolgreiches Unternehmen sinnvoll sind und welche keine Beachtung finden.
          2782 руб
The Hermetic Principle in Strategy Development and Consulting. An unorthodox approach to innovative business strategy formulation in hypercompetitive markets - Theory, Case Study and Business Plan
The book is exposing the hermetic principles from 3 different perspectives:
          2006 руб
Distribution of Investment Funds in Austria and CEE. Business Plan
Therefore, to succeed in today’s market place, it remains essential to be able to operate across a mosaic of local markets whilst ensuring the appropriate decentralised business.
          2006 руб
Offshoring in China. Business-Plan fuer ein Outsourcing-Unternehmen
          2006 руб
The Innovation of the Grazing-Simulator for Horses. A new Product for Horse Husbandry and Convalescence - Product Development, Innovation Management, Marketing and Business Plan
It allows for a movement procedure that offers the possibility to a horse kept in stalls to follow the natural behaviour of grazing, similar to that seen in pastures.
          1892 руб
How to write better business letters
Model letters include formal business announcements, credit applications, inquiry letters, sales letters, and many more.
          3 руб
How to Write Better Business Letters
The newly expanded chapter on e-mail correspondence includes discussion of effective presentation of Internet resumes.
          561 руб
Teach Yourself Business Plans
Straightforward advice is given about what to consider and include in the plan, and how to present it. Businesses involved in preparing a business plan need guidance on what to present, and how to present it. This book is primarily aimed at new businesses and the self-employed, but it will also be useful to any business that has to raise a financial case during the course of their trading.
          341 руб
How to Write Effective Business English
          459 руб
Business Plans: Who wants them, who uses them?. Business Plans in New Organizations from an Institutional Perspective
Why do millions of companies do it?
          3213 руб
Calculating the gross margin of enterprise crops Farm Business Planning Model in the Republic of Macedonia.
The book purpose is to improve the overall farm management by adapting the established farm business planning model.
          2006 руб
E-business Planning and Decision-Making Processes. A Qualitative Study of Strategy
An exploration of how well the e- strategy was communicated and worked with collaboratively among stakeholders in the e- community was discovered as well as understanding and identifying key business drivers for the e- environment.
          3232 руб
Aktuelle Herausforderungen der Unternehmensplanung und ihre Umsetzung anhand eines Beispielszenarios in SAP BPS Unternehmensplanung mit SAP Business Planning and Simulation.
Planung ist in vielen Unternehmen ein langwieriger und teurer Prozess, der von den Beteiligten oftmals mehr als laestiges Ubel denn als sinnvolle Grundlage fuer die Unternehmenssteuerung angesehen wird.
          2782 руб

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