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Английская художественная литература в оригинале          Автор Michael C.          Издательство Inc.          Издательство Random House

512 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Michael C.
издательство: Inc. Random House
цена:466 руб
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So begins the mystery of Timeline, a mystery that will catapult a group of young scientists back to the Middle Ages and into the heart of the Hundred Years' War. Imagine the risks of such a journey. Imagine the impossible. He is miles from any human habitation and has no memory of how he got to be there, or who he is. The only clue to his identity is the plan of a medieval monastery in his pocket. An old man wearing a brown robe is found wandering disoriented in the Arizona desert.

Федеральный перечень учебников 2018/2019 -30% Игры. Игрушки -30% Канцтовары -30% Всё для праздников и карнавалов -30% Товары для детей -30% Ёлочные игрушки по форме -30% Электрогирлянды -30% Прочее -18%

Журнал «Компьютерра» 2006 № 32 (652) 05 сентября 2006 года

И если авторов BT Technology Timeline можно упрекнуть в невнятности, то отчет NISTEP, напротив, слишком (слишком для нужд журнала - так-то в самый раз, наверное) детализирован. Мы столкнулись с этим при составлении сводной таблицы предсказаний, включающей в себя прогнозы от BT, NISTEP и Артура Кларка - во многих случаях дать более или менее точную дату появления той или иной технологии по версии NISTEP невозможно, так как приглашенные эксперты подошли к делу дотошно, и если у BT упоминаются «компьютеры, работающие со скоростью мозга», то в работе NISTEP найдется с десяток разбросанных по разным подотчетам предсказаний, каждое из которых датируется дважды (первая дата - наличие технологической возможности, вторая - принятие новой технологии рынком и ее широкое распространение). Но даже эти даты условны - как и авторы BT Technology Timeline, эксперты NISTEP склонны указывать интервалы, и приводимые «точные» датировки придуманы лишь для облегчения восприятия. Численность населения в 2300 году Третий источник информации о будущем - один из патриархов научной фантастики, Артур Кларк ...

Говорящий планшетик "Новогодний праздник".
В этом планшетике Умка поёт, говорит и рассказывает сказки! 16 новогодних песенок («Песенка Умки», «Белые снежинки», «Снеговик», «Дед
344 руб
Раздел: Планшеты и компьютеры
Набор диких животных.
В наборе: 12 фигурок диких животных. Средний размер: 10 см. Возраст: 3 лет. Фигурки в наборе представлены в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
461 руб
Раздел: Дикие животные
Настольная игра "Волшебник Изумрудного города".
Семейная игра для 2-6 игроков. Участники помогают Элли и ее друзьям добраться до Изумрудного города, для этого они выполняют разные
1490 руб
Раздел: Классические игры

Английская художественная литература в оригинале

The Timeline Book of Rembrandt
He was undoubtedly the major exponent of the Dutch Golden Age in art, and explored all genres of painting, from the group portrait - which he radically reinvented with The Night Watch - to biblical themes, to his constant engagement with self-portraiture, to landscape. Rembrandt' s career is distinguished by his forceful personality, extraordinary technical ability, unceasing experimentation and vast visual knowledge, ranging from primitive Flemish painters to the Italian Renaissance. In a life marked by glory, misery, relationships contrary to bourgeois morality and numerous bereavements, Rembrandt always strove to represent reality and nature through isolating its innermost truth, in a search often opposed to artistic convention and the decorum of contemporary society. The book includes works from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (4); Mauritshuis, The Hague; Staatliche Museen, Gemaeldegalerie, Berlin; Staedelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt; Alte Pinakothek, Munich; Musé e Jacquemart-André , Paris; Musé e du Louvre, Paris; Nationalmuseum, Stockholm; National Gallery, London (2);
          566 руб
The Timeline Book of Turner
He merged his observation of natural phenomena with a particular attention to the atmospheric and an extraordinary, transformative visionary talent.
          568 руб -30% 397 руб
Now this group is about to get a chance not to study the past but to enter it. And with history opened to the present, the dead awakened to the living, these men and women will soon find themselves fighting for their very survival - six hundred years ago. . . Halfway around the world archaeologists make a shocking discovery at a medieval site.
          602 руб
American Front, The Great War:
          1597 руб
Institutions in the Timeline-191 series
Timeline-191 is a fan name given to a series of Harry Turtledove alternate history novels.
          2006 руб
Timeline of United States Inventions
List of African American inventors and scientists, NASA spin- off, National Inventors Hall of Fame, Science and technology in the United States, Technological and industrial history of the United States, Timeline of United States discoveries, United States Patent and Trademark Office.
          2211 руб
Australian Feminist Art Timeline
Australian Feminist Art Timeline lists exhibitions, artists, artworks and milestones that have contributed to discussion and development of feminist art in Australia.
          1393 руб
Timeline of Military Operations in the 2006 Lebanon War
          1189 руб
Children's Literature Timeline
It is something of a children' s encyclopedia and is considered to be the first picture book intended for children. Originally published in Latin and German in 1658 in Nuremberg, the book soon spread to schools in Germany and other countries. The first English edition was published in 1659. The first quadrilingual edition (in Latin, German, Italian and French) was published in 1666. The first Czech translation was published in the 1685 quadrilingual edition (together with Latin, German and Hungarian), by the Breuer publishing house in Levo? a. In the years 1670–1780, new editions were published in various languages, with upgraded both pictures and text content. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Orbis Pictus, or Orbis Sensualium Pictus (The Visible World in Pictures) is a textbook for children written by Czech educator Comenius and published in 1658.
          2619 руб
Timeline of Croatian History
Vindija sediments are 12 m thick, divided in 13 layers designated from unit A (youngest) to unit M. In the early Neolithic period, the Star? evo, Vin? a and Sopot cultures were scattered between and around the Sava, the Drava and the Danube.
          1393 руб
Timeline of the Dishwater Horizon Oil Spill
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1597 руб
Early timeline of Nazism
The early timeline of Nazism begins with its origins in 1896 and continues until Hitler' s rise to power. 1896 The Czech National Socialist Party is formed. 1897 Franko Stein moves a small periodical Der Hammer from Vienna to Eger. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1597 руб
CIA Leak Scandal Timeline
          3435 руб
Detailed Logarithmic Timeline
In each table cell on the right, references to events or notable people are given, more or less in chronological order within the cell.
          1393 руб
Timeline of the War in Darfur
Even prior to this attack, however, a conflict had erupted in Darfur, as rebels had already attacked police stations, army outposts and military convoys, and the government had engaged in a massive air and land assault on the rebel stronghold in the Marrah Mountains. The rebels' first military action was a successful attack on an army garrison on the mountain on 25 February 2002 and the Sudanese government had been aware of a unified rebel movement since an attack on the Golo police station in June 2002. The starting point of the conflict in the Darfur region is typically said to be 26 February 2003, when a group calling itself the Darfur Liberation Front (DLF) publicly claimed credit for an attack on Gulu, the headquarters of Jebel Marra District. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1393 руб
Timeline of Solar Cells
Sometimes the term solar cell is reserved for devices intended specifically to capture energy from sunlight, while the term photovoltaic cell is used when the light source is unspecified.
          1841 руб
Timeline of Evolution
This timeline of the evolution of life outlines the major events in the development of life on the planet Earth.
          2006 руб
Timeline of Young People's Rights in the United States
          1841 руб
Timeline of the Big Bang
Since then, the evolution of the universe has passed through three phases.
          2006 руб
Timeline of Earth science satellites
Such objects are sometimes called artificial satellites to distinguish them from natural satellites such as the Moon.
          1393 руб

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