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The Torment of Others
416 стр. м€гка€ обложка

автор:Val M.
издательство: Macmillan Publishers
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Together, he and Carol prowl the mist-shrouded alleyways of tawdry Temple Fields, tracking a cunning serial killer who seems to be safely locked away yet somehow simultaneously on the loose, preparing to strike again. . . As a seasoned profiler, Tony is convinced that the new murders arenТt the work of a copycat killer. AS IMPOSSIBLE TO SILENCE AS IT IS TO DEFY. Still shattered in the wake of her own unbearable trauma, Detective Chief Inspector Carol Jordan is called in to make sense of the implausible scenario, with criminal psychologist Tony Hill on hand to complicate matters at every turn. Now the convicted perpetrator remains locked away, as do the gruesome, inimitable details of his crimes, which is precisely why this canТt possibly be happening all over againЧbut it is. SOOTHING, CAJOLING, PRAISING, COMMANDING. . . One by one, mutilated corpses are turning up, each marked by the unmistakable calling card of the same warped killer. THE VOICE SEEPS LIKE BLOOD. . . Two years ago, Derek Tyler confessed to a sickening quartet of murders.

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The Knights Templar

At around the hour of Vespers, Jacques de Molay and Geoffroi de Charney were led out on to the Ile-des-Javiaux in the Seine. In front of a crowd who had gathered to watch the two Templars in their last moments, the Grand Master and the Preceptor were stripped to their shirts. Witnesses reported that both seemed very calm, almost glad that their torment was now over. As he was fastened to the stake, de Molay asked to be turned towards the cathedral of Notre-Dame, and that his hands be freed so that he could die in prayer. His request was granted. As the flames grew about him, de Molay is said to have once more protested his innocence and that of the Order, and he called both Clement and Philip to meet him before God within the year. (Philip may in fact have been watching from an upstairs window in the nearby palace.) Geoffroi de Charney likewise protested from the stake: вАШI shall follow the way of my master As a martyr you have killed him This you have done and know not God willing on this day I shall die in the Order like him.вАЩ33¬† After nightfall, when the two men were dust and ash and the crowd had dispersed, a number of friars from the nearby Augustinian house and certain other people вАУ who have never been identified вАУ went to the place of execution and collected the bones of the two Templars, intent on preserving them as relics ...

ћуфты-варежки дл€ кол€ски Bambola (шерст€ной мех + плащевка лайт), темно-синие.
ћуфты-варежки на ручку кол€ски представл€ют собой 2 варежки, которые подход€т дл€ всех типов кол€сок и очень легко одеваютс€, защища€ ¬аши
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‘оторамка "Poster lux black".
‘оторамка из пластика со стеклом. ‘ормат 30х40 см. ћатериал: пластик. ќформление рамки: стильна€ пластикова€ узка€ окантовка, выкрашена в
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“русики дл€ девочек Moony, 9-14 кг, 44 штуки.
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Torment Of Others
          303 руб
Audio CD. Torment of Others (количество CD дисков: 5)
Back in Bradfield after her traumatic experiences in Berlin, Carol is surprised to find Tony has followed her there to take up a post in the local secure mental hospital.
          1145 руб
The Torment of Others
The Number One bestselling crime series featuring Tony Hill, hero of TVТs Wire in the Blood, written by the award-winning Val McDermid.
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Leadership and Motivation: The Fifty-Fifty Rule and the Eight Key Principles of Motivating Others
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Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don t
Five years ago, Jim Collins asked the question, Can a good company become a great company and if so, how? . In Good to Great Collins, the author of Built to Last concludes that it is possible, but finds there are no silver bullets.
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Hellboy: The Chained Coffin and Others Ed. 2nd (на англ. €з.)
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Americans And Others
Ќесмотр€ на то, что была проведена серьезна€ работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издани€, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружитьс€ небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кл€ксы и т. п.  нига представл€ет собой репринтное издание 1891 года (издательство "Boston : Houghton Mifflin Company").
          953 руб
John Chinaman And A Few Others
          3 руб
Van Bibber and Others
 нига представл€ет собой репринтное издание 1897 года (издательство "New York : Harper & brothers"). Ќесмотр€ на то, что была проведена серьезна€ работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издани€, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружитьс€ небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кл€ксы и т. п. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing. 1897. American journalist and novelist who covered wars all over the world. His vivid accounts made him one of the leading reporters of his day. Contents: Her First Appearance; Van Bibber' s Manservant; The Hungry Man was Fed; Van Bibber at the Races; An Experiment in Economy; Mr. Travers' s First Hunt; Love Me, Love My Dog; Eleanore Cuyler; A Recruit at Christmas; A Patron of Art; Andy M' Gee' s Chorus Girl; A Leander of the East River; How Hefty Burke Got Even; Outside the Prison; An Unfinished Story.
          1142 руб
Partington And Others Of The Family Life And Sayings Of Mrs.
          3 руб
The Demon You Know (Others, Book 3)
As a research grunt at a local television station, Abby Baker tends to blend into the background, which is where sheТs most comfortable.
          342 руб
Wolf at the Door: Others Bk. 1
But one whiff of this Foxwoman' s delicious honeysuckle fragrance and he knows that she is more than a colleague or a conquest. . . she is his mate. Anthropologist Cassidy Poe is a world-renowned authority on social interaction, but the overpowering desire she feels around Quinn defies every ounce of her expertise. Working by his side to uncover The Others' enemies poses risks she never expected - to her own safety, to those she loves, and to her heart, as every encounter with Quinn proves more blissfully erotic than the last. . . Now, with no one to trust but each other, Quinn and Cassidy face a foe that' s edging closer every day, threatening to destroy the life they' ve always known, and the passion they' ve just discovered. . . Sullivan Quinn didn' t travel 3,000 miles from his native Ireland and his wolf pack just to chase rabidly after the most delectable quarry he' s ever seen. Quinn is in America on a mission - to warn his Other brethren of a shadowy group willing to use murder and mayhem to bring them down.
          216 руб
An approach for examining the third-person effect hypothesis. theoretical reconstrucition focused on comparing others
This book is based on the theoretical framework that third-person perceptions are largely influenced by motivational components and cognitive ability, which vary by perceivers (the self-based approach) and comparison targets (the other-based approach), and the relationship between them (the self-other relationship-based approach).
          2745 руб
The Paper Explores Whether and Why Older Australian Workers Might Want to Continue Working. Shall I stay? Why do Some Want to Continue and Others not? The Meaning of Working to Older Workers.
Although there have been studies examining the current low employment rates of older workers, the identification of negative stereotypes associated with older workers, and related problems and challenges (such as age discrimination), no study of the working intentions of older Australian workers has been reported.
          3232 руб
The Lived Experience of Gay Men Caring for Others with HIV/AIDS. Living, Loving and Dying in the Era of HIV/AIDS
The research identified six themes. These were: 1) the relationship; 2) coping with HIV and AIDS; 3) the corporal impact of HIV/AIDS; 4) experiences of carers including the absence of others; 5) living daily with the virus demands of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA); and 6) saying goodbye, while keeping the memory alive. The carers struggled with not only the demands of day-to-day care, but also with non-acceptance from family, both of the nature of the relationship with their partner and of their homosexuality. Family members were forced, often with great difficulty, to acknowledge the close commitment the men had to each other. The data gathered was then analysed through a nursing lens, with the concept of stigma as an anchoring point. The dual stigmas of homophobia and AIDS phobia impacted on the daily lives of these men as they cared for their loved one. This text explored gay male carers experience of caring for their partner, brother or friend who had HIV/AIDS. Through using phenomenological methodology (van Manen, 1990), the day-to-day caring experiences were uncovered.
          3232 руб
Refugees as СOthersТ. Social and Cultural Citizenship Rights for Refugees in New Zealand Health Services
Citizenship, as effective social, cultural and economic participation for refugee groups, depends on appropriate institutional structures and processes in resettlement societies.
          3232 руб
Action for the Sake of Others. Social Identification and Organizational Identity in an NGO and its Implications for Volunteer Performance and Leadership Behavior
The goal of this study was to transfer the theoretical concepts of social identification and organizational identity into practice and to discuss their applicability and usefulness in a real-life setting.
          2006 руб
Public Dialogue Between Church and Others. Dialogism through and beyond a Communicative Mode of 'Madangg?k'
As an alternative with the purpose of overcoming "binary opposition" and shifting from monologism to "dialogism," this book suggests three alternative models of public dialogue: (1) Incarntional Public Dialogue, (2) Critical Public Dialogue, and (3) Festival Public Dialogue, Furthermore, in order to construct or transform into a "dialogical community," this study proposes "Six Stages of Dialogic Praxis" and "Four Procedures of Madang Public Dialogue. " To execute "public dialogue" as the commission to the "go-to-all" this book concerns a Korean art- cultural pattern of public dialogue, particularly madangg? k. Madangg? k is a compound noun: madang (open place) + g? k (theatre). It contains the three elements for public dialogue Ч place, a medium, and communicative principles for public dialogue.
          3232 руб
A Study of NAP to Combat Desertification in Chad. New Strategies to Combat Desertification for my Country and Could be Useful also for Others
Characterized by climate variability, these lands sustain pastoralists and small-scale farmers, but are susceptible to desertification as a result of increasing human population, inappropriate government land-use policies, settlement, climate change, deforestation, expropriation of rangelands, land clearance, overgrazing,political instability and poverty.
          2414 руб
Maternity Care For Asylum Seekers. Understanding maternity care from the perspective of others
Opinion about asylum seeking is usually based upon information generalised from statistics.
          3232 руб

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