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 ниги          јвтор Arturo P.          »здательство Orion Books

The Sun Over Breda
288 стр. м€гка€ обложка

автор:Arturo P.
издательство: Orion Books
цена:599 руб
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It is on the battlefield that he will finally have the chance to become a man and prove his worth. The troops are weary and ill-nourished and the winter has been long. As Spain sinks ever further into depravity and corruption, the soldiers have not been paid and must survive by whatever ways they can. Reputation, honour, and the glory of Spain will keep them in the fight, but for how long? Mutiny is in the air, on the lips of every Spaniard but they are strong and their famous iron discipline has brought them many victories against the Calvinist forces of the heretics. Flanders, 1625. After his tussles with the Inquisition and the intrigue of the Spanish court, Captain Alatriste has returned to the mud and desperation of the long war in Flanders. This is Iñ igo' s first experience of war and the realities of hand to hand combat. Meanwhile, the Captain' s trusted friend Quevedo' s star is rising at court and he keeps Alatriste appraised of the machinations of his arch-enemy Luis de Alqué zar and the notorious assassin with the black heart, Gualterio Malatesta.

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Russia After Stalin

The tenderness had to be all the more effusive because the child knew very well what desperate efforts the вАШfatherвАЩ had made to bring about an abortion. Statesmen in the West at once believed in Stalin's paternity and took at its face value his display of parental virtue. Even after Stalin's death, Mr. John Foster Dulles stated that вАШIn Asia, Stalin's plans, laid twenty-five years ago, achieved a dramatic success through the communist civil warвАЩ. If this were true, Stalin would indeed have deserved to be called the greatest political genius in history. But it is not true. The appearance that Stalin's fiat made and unmade revolutions was kept up by the fact that the victorious Communist Parties rallied to Russia and submitted to the Stalin cult. To Stalin this accretion of power in the middle of his conflict with the West was of course most welcome; and it flattered him to be the Rising Sun over half of Europe and half of Asia, and not just over Russia. The Chinese and Eastern European communists rallied to him because he still represented to them the tradition of the October Revolution that had inspired international communism ...

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