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Адаптированные тексты          Автор James H.          Издательство T8RUGRAM

The Sacred Fount Original
268 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:James H.
издательство: T8RUGRAM
цена:369 руб

He spurns the « detective and keyhole» methods as ignoble, and instead tries to decipher these relationships purely from the behavior and appearance of each guest. Henry James (1843—1916) was an American author regarded as a key transitional figure between literary realism and literary modernism. In « The Sacred Fount» an unnamed narrator attempts to discover the truth about the love lives of his fellow guests at a weekend party in the English countryside. He expends huge resources of energy and ingenuity on his theories, much to the bemusement of some people at the party.

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The Columbia History of the American Novel

Early immersion in European culture resulted in Henry's lifelong ambivalence toward his own American origins, and many of his best-known works — The American (1877), The Europeans (1878), Daisy Miller (1879), The Portrait of a Lady (1881) — deal with the conflicts between American and European values, customs, and character. A partial list of his novels includes such famous titles as Washington Square (1881), The Bostonians (1886), The Spoils of Poynton (1897), What Maisie Knew (1897), The Awkward Age (1899), The Sacred Fount (1901), The Wings of the Dove (1902), and The Golden Bowl (1904). He was a prolific writer of short stories ("The Beast in the Jungle"; "The Figure in the Carpet"), criticism ("The Art of Fiction"), biography (Nathaniel Hawthorne; W. W. Story), and cultural essays (The American Scene [1907]) as well. James lived in England from 1876 until his death; in sympathy with the British cause during World War I, he became a British citizen in 1915. During his lifetime his reputation prospered and declined, but today he is highly respected as an early master of psychological realism, formal structure, and narrative ambiguity, as well as for his ability to convey the nuances of human emotion and human consciousness ...

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