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Неадаптированные издания          Автор Julian H.          Издательство Rough Guides

The Rough Guide to British Cult Comedy
288 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Julian H.
издательство: Rough Guides
цена:529 руб
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From Ben Elton to Alan Carr, this book profiles fifty of the most influential cult comedy icons and discovers how they became household names. Comedy Stories looks at the highs and lows of performing live comedy with tales of the rowdiest hecklers and strangest audiences. Throughout the book, there are tips from comedians and industry insiders, with a mix of amusing anecdotes and practical suggestions for writing and performing your own live show and sitcom. The book comes complete with a round up of the best dvds, books and comic websites available. The guide reviews the top cult comedy on TV and in the movies, with a detailed focus on what inspired them and what they in turn inspired. The Rough Guide to British Cult Comedy is the ultimate guide to live and television comedy in Britain from the 1980s to the present day.

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Он много и охотно улыбается. Он хочет, чтобы вы его полюбили. Пошел он к черту». Список кое-как использованной литературы Книги Collin M. Im Rausch der Sinne. Ecstasy-Kultur und Acid House. Hannibal Verlag. 1998. Bussy P. Kraftwerk Man, Machine and Music. SAF Publishing Ltd. 1993. Toop D. Rap Attack. Serpent's Tail, London. 1991. Rock. The Rough Guide. The Rough Guides Ltd, London. 1996. The Trouser Press Guide to 90's Rock/ Ira A. Robbins. Fireside, New York. 1997. Flur W. Kraftwerk Ich war ein Roboter. Hannibal Verlag. 1999. Techno. Herausgegeben von Philipp Anz und Patrick Walder. Verlag Ricco Bilger, Zurich. 1995. Techno-Lexikon. von Schafer S., Waltman D., Schafers J. Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Verlag, Berlin. 1998. James M. State Of Bass. Jungle: The Story So Far. Boxtree, London.1997. Fleming J. What Kind Of House Party Is This? MIY Publishing Ltd. 1995. Bader S. Worter Wie Feuer. Dancehall Reggae und Raggamuffin. Buchverlag Michael Schwinn. 1992. The New Grove Dictionary Of Jazz / B. Kernfeld. Macmillan Press. 1995 ...

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