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Книги          Автор Jeffrey B.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

56 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Jeffrey B.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1892 руб
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These findings support a need for more research to elucidate the nature of transfer between complex and simple tasks that share underlying cognitive/perceptual resources. This study examines the nature of transfer between tasks that do not appear similar at the surface but utilize important overlapping cognitive/perceptual resources. Despite the lack of significant differences in complex task performance between individuals who composed the occlusions, visual words, and control groups, promising trends were found. Results suggested that playing Fantavision facilitated significantly more improvement on the occlusions task than on the visual words task. Alternatively, the visual words task (another simple lab task) was not found to share underlying cognitive/perceptual resources with Fantavision. Task analytic ratings suggested that the occlusions task (a simple lab task) shared important underlying cognitive/perceptual resources with Fantavision (a complex videogame). It was hypothesized that more evidence of transfer would be detected between Fantavision and the occlusions task than between Fantavision and the visual words task.

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Дифференциальная психология. Индивидуальные и групповые различия в поведении

Les reflexes conditionnels chez I'embrvon d'oiseau. Bull. Soc. sci. Liege, 1935, 4, 194–199, 246–250. 33. Hall, С S. Emotionality in the rat.V. сотр. Psychol., 1934, 18, 385–404; 1936, 22, 61–68, 345–352; 1937, 24, 369–376. 34. Hall, C. S. The genetics of behavior. In S. S. Stevens (Ed.), Handbook of experimental psychology. NY.: Wiley, 1951, 304–329. 35. Hall, C. S., and Klein, S. J. Individual differences in aggressiveness in rats. J. сотр. Psychol., 1942, 33, 371–383. 36. Halverson, H. M. The acquisition of skill in infancy. J. genet. Psychol., 1933, 43, 3-48. 37. Harris, H. E. An analysis of the maze-learning scores of bright and dull rats with reference to motivational factors. Psychol. Rec, 1940 4 130–136. 38. Hayes, Catherine. The ape in our house. N.Y.: Harper, 1951. 39. Hayes, K. J., and Hayes, Catherine. The intellectual development of a home-raised chimpanzee. Proc. Amer. philos., Soc, 1951, 95 105–109. 40. Hayes, K. J., and Hayes, Catherine. Imitation in a home-raised chimpanzee. J. сотр. physiol. Psychol., 1952, 45, 450–459, 41. Hayes, K. J., and Hayes, Catherine ...

Шкатулка для украшений Jardin D'Ete, цвет бежевый, "рептилия", 13x13x5,5 см.
Это стильная и удобная шкатулка для хранения драгоценностей, выполнена из синтетической кожи, внутри отделана искусственной замшей. Мягкая
1491 руб
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Каталка Glory "Утка" музыкальная (синяя).
Детская каталка Glory "Утка" - легкая модель из пластика, которая управляется рулем с пищалкой. Сзади каталка оснащена спинкой
606 руб
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Доска чертежная Attache Selection, А3, 51x36,4 см.
Чертежная доска формата A3 размер доски 51x36.4 см. Профессиональная чертежная доска формата А3 с набором регулируемых уголков. Легкая в
2062 руб
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Evaluating The Effectiveness of Skill Acquisition Programmes. For School Dropouts In Nigeria
The competency of the trainees in the relevant skills at the end of the training often did not meet the expected standard of performance.
          3232 руб
Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition
Brothers Stuart and Hubert Dreyfus proposed the model in 1980 in an influential, 18-page report on their research at the University of California, Berkeley, Operations Research Center for the United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research.
          1507 руб
The Role of Metacognitive Skills. Investigating Learning from Hypermedia via the Implementation of a Computer-based Metacognition Training Regimen and a Hypermedia Program Learning from Hypermedia:
What are the implications for instructional design?
          2414 руб
SELF-QUESTIONING STRATEGIES FOR SOLVING WORD PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS. Theoretical Framework for the Continuum of Metacognitive Skills Acquisition
Through an examination of the data, suggestions for future research based on an original framework for metacognitive skills acquisition are discussed.
          1892 руб
Cognitive and Metalinguistic Precursors of Emergent Literacy Skills. Reexamining Research Regarding the Role of Metalinguistic Awareness in Reading Acquisition and Remediation
The current study focused on the relationships between several cognitive and linguistic factors that facilitate proficiency in reading.
          2414 руб
Resource Books for Teachers: Role Play
          1615 руб
The role of perceptual learning in recognition memory for faces. In accounting for the own-race bias, the inversion effect, and the distinctiveness effect from a developmental perspective
These three factors are known as the distinctiveness effect, the orientation effect and the own-race bias.
          1979 руб
Contributions of Vision to Gait and Perception in Parkinson's Disease. The role of vision to gait improvement and perceptual impairment in PD
Combining visual feedback aids in perceptually demanding conditions facilitated a greater understanding of the deficits associated with gait in PD. Also, a number of visual cues were examined to determine the viability of these cues in improving the abnormal gait patterns demonstrated by these individuals with PD, including freezing of gait (FOG) and the less severe shuffling step pattern.
          2383 руб
The Role of Functional Categories in First Language Acquisition. Uncovering Early Grammatical Knowledge in Children
A comprehensive review on functional categories is followed by new empirical findings, which reveal that already around one year of age, infants incorporate syntactic information regarding function words in sentence processing.
          2401 руб
The Mediational Role of Skill Building and Social Functioning Enhanced Benefit Finding in Women with Early Stage Breast Cancer.
Participants, 136 women newly treated for stage 0-II breast cancer, were randomized to either the intervention or the control group, and were initially assessed approximately 4-8 weeks after breast cancer surgery (T1), then at the end of the intervention (T2), then at 3-month follow-up (T3), and again after a 9-month follow-up (T4).
          2006 руб
Acquisition of Japanese Vocabulary by Chinese Background Learners. The Roles of Transfer in the Productive and Receptive Acquisition of Cognates and Polysemy
The major objective of this research is to investigate the roles of transfer and the difficulty in Chinese background learners’use and acquisition of Japanese kanji compounds and kanji words.
          2782 руб
Assessment of Hazard Perception Skill in Drivers. The Role of Personality Factors and Driving Skills
This can be partly explained by novice drivers undeveloped hazard perception skill, which is broadly defined as the ability to anticipate road situations that are caused by the interaction of multiple road users.
          2006 руб
The Acquisition of English Soun[dz] by Native Japanese Speakers. A Perceptual Study
For example, Japanese learners of English generally experience difficulties in distinguishing a word like ‘rose’ from ‘roads’, even though both sounds - [d] and [z] - occur in Japanese.
          2006 руб
Immigrant Integration in Germany. Language Skills, Physical Appearance, and the Role of the Host Society
This book challenges this view.
          3232 руб
Language Acquisition. Theories and Implications for Parental Roles
The research and statistics presented here pertaining to language development are meant to be a learning tool for current or prospective parents who are concerned about language acquisition and want to make sure their children have the best environment possible in which to develop speech.
          2006 руб
Literacy, learning and ICT:. the role of ICT in developing literacy skills in students with learning difficulties
There had been some research into the literacy and ICT relationship within mainstream schools; but little research on the same topic in special schools with children and young people with learning difficulties.
          3232 руб
L3 acquisition of the German Determiner Phrase. The role of L1 Japanese and L2 English
This book extends the investigation from L2 acquisition into the field of third language (L3) acquisition, by examining Japanese L1 speakers with L2 English, acquiring L3 German, using a variety of written and oral tasks.
          3232 руб
Teaching Complex Cognitive Skills. The Effects of Part-task and Whole-task Instructional Approaches on Acquisition and Transfer of a Complex Cognitive Skill
Recently, traditional instructional design methodologies have been criticized that they may be ineffective in reaching transfer of learning, particularly in complex learning domains.
          2414 руб
MECHANISMS THAT AFFECT AGONISM AND RESOURCE ACQUISITION. The Influence of opponent size, shelter ownership, sex, reproductive state, and physiology on interactions in the rusty crayfish
Male and female crayfish also engage one another in natural systems and make the choice to engage in agonistic bouts or mating behavior.
          2414 руб
Defining Its role In Creating And Sustaining Competitive Advantage Strategic Human Resource Development.
Human resource development activities are increasingly expected to play a significant role in better positioning firms to compete.
          2006 руб

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