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Английская художественная литература в оригинале          Автор Bannock          Издательство Penguin Group

The Penguin Dictionary of Economics
416 стр. мягкая обложка
9780141010755 978-0-14-101075-5

издательство: Penguin Group
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Revised and updated for its seventh edition, The Penguin Dictionary of Economics is detailed, practical and international in scope. Whether you want to follow the economic discussions in the media today, are studying economics or need some knowledge of it at work (in business, finance or the public sector), this wide-ranging and accessible dictionary explains a host of economic terms, with full cross-referencing, from acceleration principle to X-efficiency, globalization to venture capital, Euro to zero-sum game. Its entries include: · General economic terms · Economic theory, including coverage of development economics, industrial organization, finance and game theory, as well as international monetary and welfare economics · Coverage of applied economics and major financial institutions · History of economics · Entries on individual economists who have made a definable contribution to contemporary economic thought

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(параллельные изд. и переизд.): Хортон Б., Рипли Дж., Шнаппер М. Б., Словарь современной экономики (Horton В. J., Ripley J., Schnapper М. В., Dictionary of modern economics, Wash., 1948); Слон Г. С., Цурхер А., Словарь по экономике (Sloan Н. S., Zurcher A., A dictionary of economics, N. Y., 1949; 5 ed., N. Y., 1971); Неммерс Э. Э., Янцен К. К., Словарь по экономике и коммерческой деятельности (Nemmers Е. Е., Janzen С. С., Dictionary of economics and business, N. Y., 1959; 3 ed., Totowa, 1974); Хансон Дж. Л., Словарь по экономике и торговле (Hanson J. L., A dictionary of economics and commerce, L., 1965; 4 ed., L., 1974); «Словарь современной экономики» («The McGraw-Hill dictionary of modern economics», N. Y., 1965; 2 ed., N. Y., 1973); Гилпин А., Словарь экономических терминов (Gilpin А., Dictionary of economics terms, L., 1966; 3 ed., L., 1973); Баннок Г., Бакстер Р., Рис Р., Словарь по экономике (Bannock G., Baxter R. Е., Rees R., The Penguin dictionary of economics, Harmondsworth, 1972); Гринер М., Словарь по ...

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Английская художественная литература в оригинале

The Penguin Dictionary of Economics
With a world- wide focus that befits our truly global age, the seventh edition covers recent developments in economic theory and practice and contains detailed information on economic terms and the history of economics, as well as biographies of influential economists.
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The New Penguin Dictionary of Archaeology
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The New Penguin Dictionary of Business
Up-to-the-minute, clearly written by experts in their fields, with practical and relevant examples, The New Penguin Dictionary of Business covers a host of both general and more specialized business terms, from ‘A’ shares to zero-sum game. • Covers all areas of business, including accounting, banking, economics, finance and marketing • International in its coverage, with both UK and US terms included • Invaluable extended notes on key concepts such as ‘economic growth’ and ‘strategic management’ • Includes terms from relevant disciplines such as psychology, sociology, statistics, mathematics and computer sciences that are commonly used in business • Contains concise biographies of a large number of leading figures in the business world This brand new dictionary is the ideal handbook for everyone with an interest in the world of business, whether you are studying or are already at work and need to get to grips with the mass of jargon being used.
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The New Penguin Dictionary of Modern Quotations
‘It’s better to be quotable than honest’ Tom Stoppard From the pithy to the provocative, here are 8,000 illuminating and highly topical quotations from the voices of the modern age, covering the key debates and issues of the last century.
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The New Penguin Dictionary of Quotations
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The Penguin Dictionary of Accounting
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Penguin Dictionary of Accounting
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The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture & Landscape Architecture
As reflected by its new title, The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture has now been expanded to include recent developments in the field of landscape architecture.
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The Penguin Dictionary of Biology
The eleventh edition of the Penguin Dictionary of Biology has been fully revised and updated to include the latest developments in the field.
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The Penguin Dictionary of Building
Illustrated throughout with clear, explanatory line drawings, it offers: • Clear definitions of terms used by architects, builders, DIY centres, planners and surveyors in the construction, use and care of all types of building • Entries ranging from foundations and footings to the fixing of roof tiles and other trades • Methods and materials used by bricklayers, carpenters, glazers, plumbers, tilers • Regulations (including those arising from European unity) on fire, health and safety, insulation and noise Practical and indispensable, The Penguin Dictionary of Building will be invaluable to professional builders as well as DIY enthusiasts and home decorators.
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The Penguin Dictionary of Chemistry
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Penguin Dictionary of Cliches
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The Penguin Dictionary of Critical Theory
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The Penguin Dictionary of Electronics
Updated to cover all the latest developments in this field with many new articles and illustrations.
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The Penguin Dictionary of English Grammar
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The Penguin Dictionary of English Idioms
The perfect guide to the idiosyncrasies of the English language, this best-selling dictionary has been completely revised for its second edition and includes hundreds of new idioms.
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The Penguin Dictionary of English Synonyms & Antonyms
Did you know that the opposite of friable is tough?
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The Penguin Dictionary of First Names
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The Penguin Dictionary of Geography
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The Penguin Dictionary of International Relations
Extensively cross-referenced and with a select bibliography to aid further study, this comprehensive overview of contemporary international relations contains over 700 definitions including: * Entries relating to ideas, theories, concepts, organizations and events e. g. crisis management, preventative diplomacy, failed nation-states, World Bank group, Camp David accords * Specialist terms e. g. Agent-structure, Neo-realism, mixed actor model, zero-sum * Terms for developments that have greatly affected international relations in the post-Cold War period e. g. Big emerging markets (BEMs), Critical theory/Postmodernism, ethnic cleansing, non-offensive defence This new world disorder is fully reflected in this new Penguin dictionary.
          685 руб

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