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Ѕизнес. Ёкономика. ѕравоЌаука. “ехника.“ранспортязыки. ‘илологи€ћедицина. «доровье–азное
Ўкола английского. »зучение английского €зыка. ¬се дл€ изучающих английский €зык          јвтор Avgouleas E.E.          »здательство Oxford University Press

The Mechanics and Regulation of Market Abuse: A Legal and Economic Analysis
608 стр. твердый переплет
9780199244522 978-0-19-924452-2

автор:Avgouleas E.E.
издательство: Oxford University Press
цена:7027 руб
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- Covers the regulatory offence of market abuse as introduced by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 - Provides critical analysis of UK and EU regimes dealing with market abuse, with US case-studies - The first book to use both legal and economic approaches to this subject Economic theory indicates that financial markets play a prominent role to the efficient allocation of resources in the modern world. He emphasizes the economic analysis of anti-fraud manipulation regulations and their effects upon market welfare and explores the possible deterrent benefits of civil law remedies. Avgouleas examines the UK and EC regimes from an interdisciplinary perspective, also making extensive and critical use of US case law. The financial frauds associated with the collapse of Enron and the major crises in world leading corporations such as WorldCom, Adelphia, Tyco, and the ' Wall Street financial scandals' have shown that fraud, manipulation, and insider dealing retain a catastrophic presence in modern financial markets. Financial markets can fulfil this role if they enjoy the confidence of investors and are free of abuse. This book analyses the mechanics and regulation of two of the most harmful market practices in the modern financial world: insider dealing and market manipulation, which together comprise the offence of market abuse. Proper deterrence of market abuse is necessary not only for the effective operation of modern financial markets, but also for regaining investor confidence.

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THE BRAND-NEW USED-CAR CONUNDRUM: This thesis, and indeed much of what we think today about ЅАЬasymmetric information,ЅАЂ stems from a paper that George A. Akerlof wrote during his first year as an assistant professor at Berkeley in 1966ЅАУ67. It was rejected three timesЅАФtwo of the journals told Akerlof that they ЅАЬdid not publish papers on topics of such triviality,ЅАЂ as he later recalledЅАФbefore being published as George A. Akerlof, ЅАЬThe Market for ЅАШLemonsЅАЩ: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism,ЅАЂ Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 1970. Some thirty years later, the paper won Akerlof the Nobel Prize in Economics; he is widely considered the nicest man to have ever won the award. THE ENRON TAPES: As of this writing, the tapes could be heard on http:// www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/06/01/eveningnews/main6_20626.shtml. See also Richard A. Oppel Jr., ЅАЬEnron Traders on Grandma Millie and Making Out Like Bandits,ЅАЂ New York Times, June 13, 2004. ARE ANGIOPLASTIES NECESSARY? See Gina Kolata, ЅАЬNew Heart Studies Question the Value of Opening Arteries,ЅАЂ New York Times, March 21, 2004 ...

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The mechanism of market driving with a corporate brand. The case of a global retailer
The case study of IKEA in three markets - Russia, China and Poland - has been carried out using in-depth interviews with managers, store employees and suppliers.
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The European Employment Strategy: Labour Market Regulation and New Governance
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This study compared autonomic activity, including heart rate variability (HRV), in forty-one children between the ages of five and seventeen years old with and without RAP.
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CANCER-RELATED GENE REGULATION MECHANISMS. Cancer Genetics, Transcription factors, Gene regulation mechanisms, Bioinformatics
MicroRNAs do, however, not bind to the promoter but to the mRNA and thereby inhibit translation or induce mRNA degradation, in both cases resulting in down regulation of gene activity.
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Market Mechanisms and Innovative Applications Optimal Prediction Market Design.
Es ist fuer Betreiber von Prognosemaerkten aber essenziell zu wissen, wie sie die Maerkte aufzubauen haben, um optimale Ergebnisse zu erzielen.
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Regulation and Flexibility. Industrial Restructuring and Labour Market Segmentation in Namibia, 1990-2000
This conception underscores the fact that a national system of labour regulation decisively shapes the conditions under which employers are able to casualise or externalise a part of their workforce.
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Virulence Regulation Mechanisms in Staphylococci. Virulence Regulation in Staphylococci
The novel findings in this book are useful to Doctors and professionals in Medicine and Life Science or anyone who may be interested in developing novel therapeutics and creating new ways to prevent and treat microorganisms' infections. This book reveals how virulence is regulated by staphylococci. Staphylococcus aureus is a Gram positive bacterium that is part of the normal flora, but can cause infections by producing toxins. It is thus, important to find new ways to prevent and to treat such infections. RAP appears to be an autoinducer of virulence. Recently the frequency of antibiotic-resistant Staphylococci strains is increasing. These bacteria are common causes of bloodstream and other infections in hospitalized patients. RAP leads to upregulation of the quorum sensing system termed agr (Accessory Gene Regulator), leading to the production of RNAIII, which increases the creation of multiple toxins. The second inducer is alcohol, an exogenic inducer to the system. The production of toxins (virulence) is regulated by cell-cell communication (quorum sensing) through the secretion of an autoinducer protein termed RAP (RNAIII Activating Protein).
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Abuse of Market Dominance:. The Refusal to Supply Competitors under Article 82 EC
In an attempt to establish a consistent analytical framework in respect to the question of when and under what conditions a competitor must be supplied, this study suggests that in the future, a clearer distinction should be drawn between cases concerning access to ? essential facilities` and cases involving other factors such as an unwarranted monopoly extension, discrimination or the penalization of vigorous competition.
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Economics of Drug Research and Development. Price Regulation,Capital Market Imperfections and Strategic Research and Development
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Performance of R/S analysis on the data also showed that memory effects are prevalent in the price time series with a possibility of nonlinearities and chaos.
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Imidazoline Receptors in Insulin Signaling and Metabolic Regulation. Molecular Basis for I1-imidazoline Binding and Cell Signaling and the Mechanisms Linking this Signaling Protein to Regulation Glucose Metabolism
Antisense oligo-nucleotides were designed and transfected into PC12 cells.
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An Emerging Market Context. Lessons for Regulators, Policy Makers and Stakeholders Corporate Governance:
Emerging economies have been grossly underrepresented in the corporate governance research.
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ѕрикладное пособие »зд. 4-е, перераб. , доп. - 325 с. ~54. 00. 00 42649 “еори€ и практика валютного дилинга = Foreign Exchange and Money Market Operations:
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Business English: Elementary: Course Book - 160 с. Market Leader:
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