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Разное          Автор Stephen B.          Издательство ACC Distribution

The Golden Age of Italian Style and Celebrity La Dolce Vita:
256 стр. твердый переплет

автор:Stephen B.
издательство: ACC Distribution
цена:3522 руб

All the big movie stars, from Kirk Douglas, Clark Gable, Tony Curtis and John Wayne to Jayne Mansfield and Brigitte Bardot were candidly snapped as they visited Rome or vacationed in Positano. Like a magnet, Italy drew the beautiful people of the period to its playground shores and there they were captivated by its sweet life of plenty. This glorious period was also marked by a rise in celebrity culture and with it the emergence of paparazzi photographers. As a phrase it has come to sum up the Golden Age of stylish sophistication in Italy that spanned the years 1958 to 1964. A sweet life full of pleasure and indulgence, La Dolce Vita was a phrase that entered popular usage following the success of the 1960 film ' La Dolce Vita' written and directed by Federico Fellini and starring Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg and Anouk Aimee.

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Talking About Detective Fiction

In either case she had plenty of time to be driven round the country in style by George, her chauffeur, and to involve herself in such interests as Roman ruins, the occult, ancient Greek mysticism and the Loch Ness Monster. There are frequent allusions to her mysterious past-a distant ancestor was apparently a witch-and she was much given to conclusions which seem to owe more to her esoteric knowledge than to logical deduction. Like Reggie Fortune, she had a maverick attitude toward authority. I remember enjoying the best of the novels because of Miss MitchellБЂ™s style, although I frequently found the stories confusing and occasionally yearned for the rationality which surely lies at the heart of detective fiction. Three writers whose books have deservedly lasted beyond the Golden Age and can still be found in print are Edmund Crispin, Cyril Hare and Josephine Tey Each had a profession apart from writing, and each produced one book which has generally proved the favourite among their work. Edmund Crispin, following his time at St ...

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Универсальный зонт для коляски. Защитит малыша во время продолжительных прогулок как от солнца, так и от внезапного дождика. Универсальное
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Грампластинка. Nino Rota - La Dolce Vita
В детстве, переехав в Рим, поступил в консерваторию, которую закончил в 1929 году.
          961 руб
Slim Aarons: La Dolce Vita
He documented a particular world that is vanished.
          5203 руб
La Dolce Vita: The Golden Age Of Italian Lifestyle + 2 CD (+ CD-ROM)
Life in Italy in the late 1950s and early 1960s was characterized by the "Dolce Vita", with Rome the favoured hot spot of the international Jet Set. Rome in the 60s: Anita Ekberg posing in the Trevi Fountain, Audrey Hepburn taking her Yorkshire Terrier for a walk through Roman streets and Brigitte Bardot smiling seductively for the camera.
          2884 руб
The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita and Beyond, 1950 - 1990
An introduction by Martin Chapman examines Bulgari in an American context, focusing on its famous clients and social history.
          3340 руб
Dolce vita. Ежедневно
Она о любви и одиночестве, о чувствах, которые понятны каждому.
          32 руб
Dolce, Dolce Vita
А на меньшее я не согласна! » — таков ее девиз. Порой противоречивую, самовлюбленную, выдающую чужие истины за свои, не лишенную авантюрного легкомыслия, ее нельзя заподозрить в отсутствии простодушия и искренности.
          154 руб
В поисках Dolce Vita. Лучшие отели Юго-Восточной Азии
"В поисках Dolce Vita", или "Лучшие отели Юго-Восточной Азии", - первый непереводной гид по отелям на русском языке.
          1588 руб
Dolce vita. Ежедневно
Cristal Rose спрятала свое настоящее имя за ником сетевого дневника.
          39 руб
Записки эмигрантки, или Dolce Vita как она есть
По Италии для «своих»!
          45 руб
Dolce Vita: Living in Italy
          741 руб
Не Dolce Vita
Италия, Оман, Арабские Эмираты, Катар… Новые страны, новые люди и впечатления, дружба и преданность своему делу.
          121 руб
Dolce Vita
Negli anni 60 Roma era la capitale del cinema mondiale, Questa libro narra la storia dolce e intrigante e di una ragazza e del suo giovane amico coinvolti in una misteriosa avventura nel mondo delle star del cinema.
          406 руб
Dolce Vita (+ Audio CD)
In classe il CD diventa un validissimo aiuto per decine di attività . La collana "Italiano Facile" propone una serie di racconti originali e semplici da leggere. Ogni racconto è integrato da test di comprensione, esercizi, attività didattiche. Questi testi, graduati in cinque livelli, permettono allo studente non madrelingua di scoprire il piacere di leggere in italiano, affinando al tempo stesso le proprie conoscenze linguistiche. Insieme ad ogni libro è disponibile un CD audio con una brillante recitazione del testo Spaziando nei generi più disparati (giallo, storico, poliziesco, avventuroso, sentimentale, ecc. ) e avvalendosi di uno stile vivace e coinvolgente, i testi di questa collana offrono la possibilità di entrare in contatto con la realtà della lingua viva, fuori dai canoni consueti dell' apprendimento. Grazie all’ascolto è possibile migliorare la propria capacità di comprensione orale e cogliere il timbro della corretta pronuncia italiana.
          623 руб
ИТАЛИЯ. Любовь, шопинг и DOLCE VITA!
И какова она — любовь по-итальянски?
          264 руб
DOLCE VITA: а нужна ли Вам диета
Книга врача Натальи Илло поможет вам найти выход из ситуации, когда липший вес становится не только заметным самому себе и окружающим, но и, возможно, является очевидным минусом при построении личной жизни и карьеры.
          177 руб
Costa Smerelda: 50 Years of Dolce Vita in Sardinia
          2617 руб
Италия. Любовь, шопинг и dolce vita!
Италия – антипод любой суровой реальности, даже если суровая реальность нагрянула в саму Италию.
          238 руб
Италия. Любовь, шопинг и dolce vita!
Это страна, где еще две тысячи лет назад безоговорочно победила одна единственная национальная идея – сладкая, красивая жизнь.
          138 руб
Набор для вышивания "Dolce vita"
          993 руб
Салатник с крышкой "Dolce Vita", 0,5 л (фиолетово-белый)
          71 руб

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