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Экономическая теория          Автор Ying K.P.W.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

The Future of Mid-Stream Operation in Hong Kong. Development/Abolishment
76 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Ying K.P.W.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1979 руб
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Opinions and data were collected from mid-stream operators and shippers to analyze the overall container throughput trend in Hong Kong. Mid-stream operation has played a significant role in the economy of Hong Kong since the 1960s. Long before container terminals were established, products were loaded and unloaded from ocean-going vessels by mid-stream operation, and shipped to North America and Europe. However, by the 21st century, with the decline of manufacturing industries in Hong Kong and the development of sophisticated ports for sea freight transport and container services in southern China, the survival of mid-stream operation in Hong Kong has been threatened. Not only was Hong Kong once one of the major manufacturing cities in the global market, but goods from China were also transported to Hong Kong for re- export since the 1980s. This book attempts to provide a thorough understanding of the situation. The author concludes that mid-stream operation will fade out if the unfavourable conditions continue, and recommends that associating with the mainland Chinese businesses or moving the mid-stream operation to another country may be the ways to survive.

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Mother Earth Mother Board

The capacity of such cables is so tiny that modern fiber cables could absorb all of their traffic with barely a hiccup if the right switches and routers were in place. Likewise, satellites have failed to match some of the latest leaps in fiber capacity and can no longer compete with submarine cables, at least until such time as low-flying constellations such as Iridium and Teledesic begin operating. Within the next few years, several huge third-generational optical fiber systems will be coming online: not only FLAG but a FLAG competitor called SEA-ME-WE 3 (Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe #3); TPC-5 (Trans-Pacific Cable #5); APCN (Asia-Pacific Cable Network), which is a web of cables interconnecting Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, and the Philippines; and the latest TAT (Transatlantic) cable. So FLAG is part of a trend that will soon bring about a vast increase in intercontinental bandwidth. What is unusual about FLAG is not its length (although it will be the longest cable ever constructed) or its technology (which is shared by other cables) but how it came into existence ...

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Экономическая теория

Past, Present and Future Educational Duties of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions: Workers' Education in Hong Kong.
The author argues that workers’ trade unions have an important role to play in promoting Lifelong Learning for working people.
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Puzzle: 1000 деталей: Hong Kong (Гонконг) - - с. {StarLine } ISBN 160853 ~54.00.00 46216
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Hong Kong & Macau City Guide
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Financial Markets in Hong Kong: Law and Practice
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Hong Kong Encounter
It includes a detachable pull-out map.
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Money & Power in Hong Kong and South East Asia Asian Godfathers:
Often this is because they control the press and television as well as everything else. How do they do it? What are their secrets?
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Restaurants & Hotels Hong Kong, Macau 2009.
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Hong Kong Chic
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Hong Kong: A Jake Grafton Novel
Visiting Hong Kong with his wife, who' s attending a conference, Admiral Jake Grafton has come to the former British province expecting a chance to unwind. But soon Grafton is caught up in seismic political events beyond his control. . . possibly beyond anyone' s contol. First, a series of political murders shakes Hong Kong' s power structure to the core. Then, when the Communist-led government shuts down a faltering bank and answers subsequent rioting with bloody reprisals, mainland China' s future in the coveted city seems anything but certain.
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Hong-Kong & Macau 2010. Restaurants & Hotels (на английском языке)
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Transnationalism:. Ethnography of the New Hong Kong Dream
The Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984 set the restoration of Hong Kong to the PRC at July 1, 1997. 1997 signaled a fundamental change in the social structure of Chinese from Hong Kong, with disturbing consequences for the Pacific Region.
          2383 руб
Battles of Definitions. Hong Kong and the Rhetoric of Democracy
The book reveals the frames that describe different point of views, and contributes to the understanding of democrats’ position as re-framers.
          3189 руб
REMOTE SENSING OF ATMOSPHERIC AEROSOLS IN HONG KONG. from one urgent air-polluted region in the world
It would be our great pleasure that our research could help understand, mitigate and control the urgent environmental problems.
          1995 руб
The Work of Teaching. Understanding Teacher Development of Kindergarten Teachers in Hong Kong
Kindergarten teachers in Hong Kong have been criticized for not incorporating the child-centered approach into their practice.
          3213 руб
Social Mobility and Inequality within the Family. An Examination of Family Strategies in Hong Kong, 1940-1980
This book is a qualitative of social mobility in Hong Kong, 1940-1980.
          3213 руб
Translating Modernist Fiction. A Hong Kong Case Study
This study represents the first sustained investigation into the translations, published in the Hong Kong literary journal ' Literary Current Monthly Magazine' (1956-1959), of fictional works by Albert Camus, D H Lawrence, Jorge Luis Borges and other modernists.
          2401 руб
Adoption of EC by Logistics Service Providers. Adoption of Electronic Commerce by Logistics Service Providers in Hong Kong
Many firms nowadays have adopted a supply chain management, increasingly outsourcing their logistics activities to logistics service providers (LSPs).
          3213 руб
Globalisation and Convergence. A Comparative Study of University Policy and Practice in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand, 1946-1996
By comparing and juxtaposing the changes in university objectives, provision, funding and regulation of four Asian national systems and four elite universities between 1946 and 1996, this book seeks to establish whether globalisation has reduced national variations and led to convergence in university policies and practices; and whether convergence is an inevitable outcome of globalisation.
          3232 руб
Air Pollution Policy in Singapore, Dalian, and Hong Kong. Contemporary Case Studies Examining the Role of Political Will in Policy Development and Enforcement
It examines why these cities have evolved along different lines of environmental policy development and enforcement.
          2006 руб
Metacognitive language-learning strategy and language-learning style. A study of English L2 learners at a vocational education institute in Hong Kong
The quantitative data reveal a medium to high use of MCLLSs among learners and a prevalence of multiple major preferences.
          3232 руб

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