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Книги          Автор Caner O.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

The Eastern Enlargement of the European Union. "Historically Unique" or "Heavy Burden"
120 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Caner O.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1892 руб
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Therefore the coming enlargement seems to be “historically unique” and probably the “largest challenge”, which the Union has ever faced. A complete integration of the countries from Central and Eastern Europe with the European Union will probably be another momentous process in those countries' history after their withdrawal from the Soviet sphere of influence. Eastern Enlargement: With this historical change in the political and ideological structure, there appears an opportunity to establish a new European order. The dissolution of the Soviet Union, thus the break up of the Warsaw Pact and Comecon as well as the fall of the Berlin Wall marked the end of a historical era in Europe. This study argues that enlargement of the European Union towards the east seems to be a step towards creating security and stability beyond the present borders of Europe. This study analyses the possible costs and benefits of the enlargement of the European Union towards the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

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Великое противостояние в космосе (СССР - США)

Обе эти тенденции весьма благоприятны для развития российской космической программы ближайших десятилетий, поскольку открываются возможности для организации выгодного для России сотрудничества с новыми партнерами, приступающими к космической деятельности. Примечания 1. N. Marten. Britain into Space. L., 1969, p. 7. 2. World-Wide Space Activities. Report. Committee on Science and Technology. U.S. House of Representatives. Wash., September 1977, p. 140. 3. Decision Maker's Guide to INTERNATIONAL SPACE. 1993 Edition. ANSER Arlington, Virginia, 1993, p. 68. 4. Towards Space Agency for the European Union. Report by Carl Bildt, Jan Perelevade and Lothar Speth to General Director of the European Space Agency. Paris, 2000. 5. Space in Japan. 1966-1967. Tokyo, 1967, pp. 9-10. 6. Decision Maker's Guide to INTERNATIONAL SPACE. 1993 Edition. ANSER Arlington, Virginia, 1993, pр. 137-139. 7. Space Policy, February 1997, vol. 13, No. 1, p. 70. 8. Индия. Перспективы, январь 2000, с. 24. ГЛАВА 9 ВОЕННЫЙ БАЛАНС ВНЕ ЗЕМЛИ Космическое пространство в полном смысле слова безгранично, существует вне нас, представителей земной цивилизации, и открыто для любых видов деятельности не только человека, но и других форм жизни, которым под силу познать законы мироздания и обеспечить себе благоприятные условия для пребывания в космосе ...

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DIVERGENCE OF DISCONTENT. Sociopolitical Analysis of Turkoskepticism in the European Union Enlargement
The first phase of this study considers each issue area as a separate topic while the second measures the level of opposition to Turkey' s membership using all issue areas and other explanatory variables in a single model. One of the most significant decisions of the EU, after the Maastricht Treaty, was the decision to accept new members as they fulfilled economic and political criteria. Enlargement is still a working policy process for the EU, in which accession negotiations with formal candidate countries are still proceeding and further expansion to the Western Balkans are being considered as a possibility. Despite its success, EU enlargement has not been free from skepticism, especially when considering Turkey' s candidacy and the latest round of accession negotiations.
          3232 руб
The Case of the Eastern Partnership The Evolution of the European Union’s Neighborhood Strategies.
The study illustrates that, notwithstanding the relative improvement in the ENP’s shortcomings, the EaP is not definite enough to find the appropriate balance between the EU’s security needs, its operational capacities and the neighbors’ accession aspirations.
          2006 руб
Enlargement of the European Union to Croatia and Montenegro. Geopolitical and Social-Constructive Approaches
This volume does not propose a new integration theory and it goes beyond the classic analysis of „how policies are made in Brussels“.
          2006 руб
An analysis of changing preference and decision making constellations in the European Union After Enlargement: Preference Constellations, Voting Power, and Institutional Change.
The ultimate aim is then to present different decision making scenarios for individual policy areas so that future developments in the EU can be anticipated and modelled.
          2414 руб
Law of the European Union 3ed
          1045 руб
Understanding the European Union: A Concise Introduction
          1364 руб
Employment Policy in the European Union: Origins, Themes and Prospects
          2382 руб
Gender and Migration in the European Union. Explaining Gender (In)Equality in EU Immigration, Asylum, and Trafficking Policymaking Second Class Migrants?
The interplay of political self-interest and humanitarianism has spawned a rich literature on EU migration policy.
          1979 руб
From Geopolitics to Geoeconomics. The European Union’s Promotion of Regional Integration in Latin America, 1980s – today
The policy has evolved considerably from modest beginnings in the 1980s to increasing commitments in both quantitative and qualitative terms in more recent years.
          2383 руб
The Impact of the European Union Cohesion Policy on Romania. The Evolution of Economic Disparities
One main aspect discussed is the evolution of the economic disparities at country level, between Romania and the European Union average.
          2745 руб
Envisioning the Internet. Technology Policy in the United States, the European Union and Japan
During a fundamental paradigmatic change policy-makers face continuous challenges regarding the definition and implementation of effective and sustainable policies.
          3189 руб
Modeling Economics Effects of International Retirement Migration. within The European Union
It then develops a quantitative model that tries to explain some reasons why IRM may take place.
          2767 руб
Combating Trafficking in Women. Measures taken by the European Union with a Special Insight in the Protection of the Victim
The main purpose was to create an over-all book of references regarding (legal) measures taken by the European Union and its programs from the first time it dealt with the issue in 1996 until 2008 for experts, thereby also providing newcomers with a possibility to get an insight into the problem.
          1995 руб
However, the persistence of inequalities and the progressive share of the EU budget allocated to the EU Regional Policy have generated some doubts among researchers with regard to its efficacy in reducing the economic disparities among the EU regions.
          1995 руб
A Comparative Study of the Sugar Industry in Australia, Brazil, and the European Union Determinants of International Competitiveness.
The work highlights the variations in the theme of international competitiveness reflected through different strategies adopted by the three dominant sugar economies of the world.
          2767 руб
Promoting the European Union. Comparative Analysis of EU Communication Strategies in Finland and in Italy
Besides presenting some practical implications for public communication officers, it provides a collection of insights into how European institutions communicate with their different publics and how cultural differences affect the receptions of EU messages among different groups.
          3213 руб
Complying with European Standards of Minority Protection. The Impact of the European Union, OSCE and Council of Europe on Estonian Minority Policy, 1991-2000
After an initial phase of attempting to exclude Russian-speakers from society, the Estonian government began to encourage their integration, first on the basis of cultural assimilation and then on the basis of multiculturalism.
          3232 руб
The Democratic Deficit Debate in the European Union. Is There a Democratic Deficit in the European Union?
The question raised in this book is the following:
          2006 руб
Economic and Trade Relations Between the European Union and South Korea
The European Union is also taking steps to increase its visibility in South Korea.
          2414 руб
Explaining Organic Farming through Past Policies. Comparing Support Policies of Austria, Finland and the European Union
Yet rather than matching past policies to the sector size, institutional setting, in which the organic farming sector is embedded, appears to be a better point of reference.
          3232 руб

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