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Text User Interface
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автор:Lambert M. S.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
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TUIs are different from command-line interfaces in that, like GUIs, they use the entire screen area and do not necessarily provide line-by-line output. However, TUIs only use text and symbols available on a typical text terminal, while GUIs typically use high-resolution graphics modes. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! TUI short for: Text User Interface or Textual User Interface (and sometimes Terminal User Interface), is a retronym that was coined sometime after the invention of graphical user interfaces, to distinguish them from text-based user interfaces.

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In the Beginning was the Command Line

In practice, of course, we tend to limit ourselves to the familiar letters and digits. The bit-patterns used to represent those letters and digits are the same ones that were physically punched into the paper tape by my high school teletype, which in turn were the same one used by the telegraph industry for decades previously. ASCII text files, in other words, are telegrams, and as such they have no typographical frills. But for the same reason they are eternal, because the code never changes, and universal, because every text editing and word processing software ever written knows about this code. Therefore just about any software can be used to create, edit, and read source code files. Object code files, then, are created from these source files by a piece of software called a compiler, and forged into a working application by another piece of software called a linker. The triad of editor, compiler, and linker, taken together, form the core of a software development system. Now, it is possible to spend a lot of money on shrink-wrapped development systems with lovely graphical user interfaces and various ergonomic enhancements ...

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The design process must balance technical functionality and visual elements to create a system that is not only operational but also usable and adaptable to changing user needs.
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Voice User Interface
People have very little patience for a "machine that doesn' t understand". Therefore, there is little room for error: VUIs need to respond to input reliably, or they will be rejected and often ridiculed by their users. Designing a good VUI requires interdisciplinary talents of computer science, linguistics and human-factors psychology - all of which are skills that are expensive and hard to come by. However, VUIs are not without their challenges. The VUI is the interface to any speech application. A Voice User Interface (VUI) makes human interaction with computers possible through a voice/speech platform in order to initiate an automated service or process. Controlling a machine by simply talking to it was science fiction only a short time ago. However, with advances in technology, VUIs have become more commonplace, and people are taking advantage of the value that these hands-free, eyes-free interfaces provide in many situations. Until recently, this area was considered to be artificial intelligence. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
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