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Декоративно-прикладное искусство          Автор van Roojen P.          Издательство Pepin Press          Издательство Agile Rabbit Editions

Structural Package Designs
424 стр. Мягкая обложка 19x19x4 см

автор:van Roojen P.
издательство: Pepin Press Agile Rabbit Editions
цена:993 руб
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Такая уж была у него привычка, что с книгой он спал гораздо лучше, чем без нее

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Человеческий фактор в программировании

The Psychology of Everyday Things. New York: Basic Books. [54] Page-Jones, M. 1980. Practical Guide to Structured Systems Design. New York: Yourdon Press. [55] Page-Jones, M. 1995. What Every Programmer Should Know About Object-Oriented Design. New York: Dorset House. [56] Page-Jones, M. 2000. Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Design in UML. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. [57] Page-Jones, M., L. L. Constantine, and S. J. Weiss. 1990. «Modeling Object-Oriented Systems: A Uniform Object Notation», Computer Language 7(1), October. [58] Plauger, P. J. 1993. Programming on Purpose II: Essays on Software People. Englewood Cliffs, N. J.: Prentice Hall. [59] Priem, R. L. and К. H. Price. 1991. «Process and Outcome Expectations for Dialectical Inquiry, Devil's Advocacy, and Consensus Techniques of Strategic Decision Making», Group amp; Organizational Studies 16(2): 206-25. [60] Rettig, M. 1990. «The Practical Programmer: Software Teams». Communications of the ACM 33(10), October. [61] Sutherland, I.E. 1968. «SketchPad: A Man-Machine Graphical Communication System», in Proceedings, AFIPS Spring Joint Computer Conference. 1963. 23. pp. 329346. [62] Thomsett, R. 1990. «Effective Project Teams: A Dilemma, A Model, A Solution», American Programmer 3(7/8): 2535. [63] van Harmelan, M. (ed.) 2001 ...

Туалетная бумага "Zewa Deluxe" (без запаха), трехслойная, 12 рулонов.
Подарите себе удовольствие от ежедневного ухода за собой. "Zewa Deluxe" с новыми впитывающими «подушечками» деликатно
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Декоративно-прикладное искусство

Structural Package Designs (+ CD-ROM)
The enclosed CD also contains demo versions of Adobe Illustrator(R) plug-ins that provide amazing design possibilities, including scaling and adding graphics to your package, as well as simulating the folding sequence and viewing the design in 3D from various angles.
          1290 руб
1000 Package Designs
Putting together a compendium of 1,000 of the best packages offers designers a true array of inspiration and illustrates why people make the buying choices they make.
          662 руб
Structural Packaging: Design Your Own Boxes and 3D Forms
Structural Packaging gives the reader an understanding of the underlying principles of packaging construction and the technical knowledge and confidence to develop a greater number of their own unusual and innovative designs than any comparable book.
          1598 руб
Package Design in Japan Biennial. Volume II
The designs are for everyday objects and include packaging for foodstuffs, beverages, perfume, cosmetics, homewares, tobacco products and health supplements.
          2578 руб
Package Design
          1388 руб
Package Design: JPDA Member's Work Today 2006
          3083 руб
Package Design Now!
This book features eye-catching package icons from Apple iPhone to De Beers diamonds, that reveal the hard work dedicated to deliver these products with intense appeal, including in-depth case studies about package design developments, giving readers a peek at the way packaging is made and designed.
          3 руб
Package Design in Japan
Мы с удовольствием представляем эту книгу и надеемся, что она передаст читателям ощущение блеска современного Японского дизайна.
          3591 руб
The Package Design Book
Every year, the Pentawards celebrate the art of the package by presenting awards to designs from around the world.
          3 руб
Convexity and the Structure of Designs. The Cone Condition
There cannot be two disjoint triangles among the ten.
          2006 руб
Package Design Workbook: The Art and Science of Successful Packaging
The book addresses all aspects of the creative process including choosing a package format, colors and materials, final finishes, and special considerations such as awkward objects and unique display considerations.
          1054 руб
Structural Packaging
          2785 руб
Beauty and Healthcare Package Design
          2334 руб
Best Practices for Graphic Designers, Packaging. An Essential Guide for Implementing Effective Package Design Solutions
With more than a decade of package design under their belts, Grip has worked with clients big and small to help them with their branding and packaging needs and increasing their bottom line.
          2509 руб
The Package Design. Book 3
Featuring a selection of over 400 works from 30 countries, this book brings together all the Pentawards winners from 2013 and 2014, providing a vivid demonstration of creativity in every form of packaging.
          3010 руб
The Package Design. Book 2
Featuring a selection of over 400 works from 30 countries, this book brings together all the Pentawards winners from 2011 and 2012, providing a vivid demonstration of creativity in every form of packaging.
          5120 руб
The Package Design. Book 4
Organised around the key competition categories of beverages, food, body, luxury and other markets, over 400 examples from 30 countries reveal the innovation of individual projects and campaigns as much as the scope and experimentation of the industry at large.
          3680 руб
Package Design Book
Designers compete in five main categories? beverages, food, body, luxury, and other markets? and no fewer than 50 sub-categories.
          1631 руб
Graphis Packaging Design
          2643 руб
DVD art: innovation in DVD packaging design / DVD-дизайн упаковки
          3 руб

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