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Social Acceptance of Wind Power Generation in Scotland. Understanding People's Knowledge
104 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Johanna S.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1921 руб
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In the fight against climate change, the Scottish Government has a commitment for half of its total electricity consumption to be produced from renewable sources by 2020. The lion' s share of the green electricity needed for achieving these very ambitious targets will have to come from wind power. However, recent years show that successfully developing new wind farm sites is far from easy. A certain lack of social acceptance on the local level frequently plays a significant role in this, despite opinion polls indicating an approval rate of over 80% amongst the general public. Explanations for that gap have been sought to help develop recommendations that might facilitate in successfully working with communities to achieve the set climate change targets. Knowledge of wind power generation is sometimes mentioned as a potential factor for people' s attitudes towards wind farms in their own communities. Therefore, this research focuses on an objective way of furthering the understanding of what people in Scotland know on wind power generation. However, research on what actual level of knowledge people possess is rather sparse and relies on the personal self-assessment of the respondents.

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On The Wings of Hope. Prose

Death БЂ“ is when you hardly have time to realize that were mistaken for entire life. * * * Fool БЂ“ the one who knows that life is meaningless. Wise man БЂ“ the one, who can find his secret meaning in this meaningless. * * * Paradise БЂ“ is when is seems to you that your most sacred dreams start to come true. Hell БЂ“ is when they have come true. * * * Paradise БЂ“ is what was before us. Hell БЂ“ is what we have done. * * * Clever things БЂ“ everything that is difficult Trifling things БЂ“ everything, that is simple Ingenious things БЂ“ everything, that is clever and trifling Silly things БЂ“ everything that is trifling and not clever Reasonable things БЂ“ everything that is trifling and ingenious * * * Wisdom is a power function, where life experience serves as its basis, and your reason serves as its exponent. * * * Beauty БЂ“ is what demands sacrifices. Ugliness БЂ“ is the result of made sacrifices. * * * Art БЂ“ a socially acceptable way of individualБЂ™s self-expression. * * * Reflection БЂ“ infinite process of generation of nothing from nothing. * * * Self-perfection БЂ“ endless, periodically interrupted and renewed process, similar to the attempt to measure depth of the river to be crossed, while standing on the land. * * * Irony БЂ“ is when you would like to mock at something, but due to certain reasons you cannot do it fully. * * * Friendship БЂ“ is an attempt to find in other something that you cannot find in yourself. * * * Books БЂ“ transcendental objects ...

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