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Органическая химия          Автор Lambert M. S.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Snake Scales
76 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Lambert M. S.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1385 руб
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Scales have been modified over time to serve other functions such as ' eyelash' fringes, and protective covers for the eyes with the most distinctive modification being the rattle of the North American rattlesnakes. Snakes, like other reptiles, have a skin covered in scales. Scales protect the body of the snake, aid it in locomotion, allow moisture to be retained within, alter the surface characteristics such as roughness to aid in camouflage, and in some cases even aid in prey capture such as Acrochordus. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The simple or complex colouration patterns which help in camouflage and anti-predator display are a property of the underlying skin, but the folded nature of scaled skin allows bright skin to be concealed between scales then revealed in order to startle predators. Snakes are entirely covered with scales or scutes of various shapes and sizes.

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Menagerie Manor

The classic remark was delivered by a man who, having peered into several cages in which the reptiles lay unmoving, turned to his wife with an air of one who has been swindled, and hissed, “They’re stuffed, Milly.” A snake moving along the ground or through the branches of a tree is one of the most graceful sights in the world, and when you consider that the creature is walking with its ribs the whole thing becomes even more remarkable. If you watch a moving snake carefully, you can sometimes see the ribs moving beneath the skin as the snake draws itself along. The creature’s unblinking stare (another thing to which people object) is due not to the fact that the snake is trying to hypnotize you, but simply to its having no eyelids. The eye is covered with a fine, transparent scale, like a watch-glass. This is very clearly noticed when a snake sheds its skin, which they all do periodically. The skin comes loose around the lips, and then, by rubbing itself against rocks or branches, the snake gradually peels it off ...

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Органическая химия

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          1393 руб

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