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Книги          Автор Andrea L.          Издательство Headline Publ.

Small Island
544 стр. мягкая обложка
9780755355952 978-0-7553-5595-2

автор:Andrea L.
издательство: Headline Publ.
цена:373 руб
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But at 21 Nevern Street. It is 1948, and England is recovering from a war. But when she joins him she is shocked to find London shabby, decrepit, and far from the city of her dreams. Even Gilbert is not the man she thought he was. London, the conflict has only just begun. Queenie Bligh' s neighbours do not approve when she agrees to take in Jamaican lodgers, but with her husband, Bernard, not back from the war, what else can she do? Gilbert Joseph was one of the several thousand Jamaican men who joined the RAF to fight against Hitler. Returning to England as a civilian he finds himself treated very differently. Gilbert' s wife Hortense, too, had longed to leave Jamaica and start a better life in England. In this delicately wrought and profoundly moving, multi-award winning novel, Andrea Levy handles the weighty themes of empire, prejudice, war and love, with a lightness of touch and a generosity of spirit that challenges and uplifts the reader.

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They just picked them off the beach and put them on their ships as ballast, and then, if they felt hungry they'd go down to the hold, pull one up, kill it and eat it. But the large, gentle dove - the dodo - was just clubbed to death for the sport of it. And that is what Mauritius is most famous for: the extinction of the dodo. There had been extinctions before, but this was a particularly remarkable animal, and it only lived in the naturally limited area of the island of Mauritius . There were, very clearly and obviously, no more of them. And since only dodos could make a new dodo, there never would be any more of them ever again. The facts were very clearly and starkly delineated for us by the boundaries of the island. Up until that point it hadn't really clicked with man that an animal could just cease to exist. It was as if we hadn't realised that if we kill something, it simply won't be there any more. Ever. As a result of the extinction of the dodo we are sadder and wiser. We finally made it to Rodrigues, a small island dependency of Mauritius, to look for the world's rarest fruitbat, but first of all we went to look at something that Wendy Strahm was very keen for us to see - so much so that she rearranged her regular Rodrigues-visiting schedule to take us there herself ...

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Жироудалитель UNiCUM "Гризли. Мята", 500 мл.
Новая формула удаления жира без запаха химии. В основу формулы легли лучшие разработки российских и израильскихученых. Главными
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Детский музыкальный горшок "Disney. Winnie&Friend" (белый).
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Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
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Рассматриваются такие темы, как установка "с нуля", модернизация и переход к версии Microsoft Windows Server 2003; планирование и улучшение сетевой инфраструктуры, доступ к Интернету, работа служб безопасности; настройка Microsoft Exchange Server 2003; администрирование прав пользователей, доступа и групповых политик; управление дисками и хранением данных, в том числе резервным копированием и восстановлением; настройка общих принтеров и факсов; управление удаленным доступом и подключением мобильных устройств; настройка сети интернет и веб-сервера; создание веб-сайтов и масштабируемых решений для баз данных; обеспечение высокого уровня сетевой безопасности с помощью ISA.
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Treasure Island (Остров сокровищ) (пер. с англ. Чуковского Н.К.) (на англ., русс.яз.) ISBN 5-05-005470-2
Того, кто еще не прочитал эту книгу, ждет большое удовольствие, а у того, кто уже однажды познакомился с удивительными приключениями, появилась уникальная возможность: прочитать о них на языке оригинала - английском.
          177 руб

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