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Экономическая теория          Автор Lambert M. S.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Sergei Parajanov
68 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Lambert M. S.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1189 руб
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He invented his own cinematic style. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! But as it was highly unfit with the principal rules of socialist realism (the only sanctioned art style in the USSR) and his controversial stance and escapades to boot, cinema authorities regularly denied him permission to make films. Tarkovsky' s first film Ivan' s Childhood had an enormous impact on Parajanov' s self-discovery as a filmmaker of genius (later the influence became mutual, they were also close friends). His oeuvre is poetic, artistic and visionary. Sergei Parajanov was a Soviet Armenian film director and artist.

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С Ю Витте (исторический портрет)

Витте - финансист, политик. Дипломат. М., 1998. 18. Laue T. H. Sergei Witte and the industrialization of Russia. New-York, London, 1963; Mehlinger H. D., Tompson J. M. Count Witte and the Tsarist Government in the the 1905 Revolution. Blomington, London, 1972 ...

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Подушка "Нордтекс. Влюбленный скворец", 40х40 см.
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Экономическая теория

Mirror & Pomegranate: Works from the private archives of Andrey Tarkovsky and Sergei Parajanov
Indeed, from when Michelangelo Antonioni first gave Tarkovsky a Polaroid camera in the 1970s, it rarely left his side.
          1281 руб
Sergei Tchoban-Art
This volume presents a selection of drawings by Sergei Tchoban, Architekt BDA, that accompany his very own process of designing architecture.
          2014 руб
Prokofiev Sergei the Love for Three Oranges Vocal Score
This complete vocal score includes both Russian and French text and a piano reduction of the orchestral part.
          520 руб
My Sergei: a Love Story
          291 руб
Sources of Inspiration in Selected Piano Works by Sergei Slonimsky. Slonimsky and the Imaginary World of His Piano Works
Sergei Slonimsky is an important composer, without whom Russian music would be incomplete and less controversial.
          1979 руб
A Performer's Perspective. A Performance History and Analysis of Sergei Prokofiev's Ten Piano Pieces, Op. 12
In highlighting how performance practice has changed, not only do scholars gain a deeper insight into how to understand works in a historical context, but performers can also gain much by becoming aware of how works have been interpreted by the composer and others who came after.
          1995 руб
Sergei Rachmaninoff`s Piano Concertos. The Odyssey of a Stylistic Evolution
Not only did Rachmaninoff live in two centuries, experiencing many changes in music, literature, theater and art, but he also witnessed momentous changes in Russia, as well as the impact of world events on Russian history: the end of the Tsar’s Russia with the Revolution of 1917 and the First and Second World Wars.
          2006 руб
Sergei Prokofiev
Much like music, chess would remain a passion his entire life, and he became acquainted with world chess champions Jose Raul Capablanca and Mikhail Botvinnik.
          1393 руб
Sergei Eisenstein
His work vastly influenced early filmmakers owing to his innovative use of and writings about montage.
          1393 руб
Sergei Semak
He was an excellent student and had an ideal behavior.
          1597 руб
Sergei Winogradsky
Winogradsky was born in Kiev, in what was then the Russian Empire, and entered the Imperial Conservatoire of Music in St Petersburg in 1875 to study piano.
          1393 руб
Sergei Tretyakov
Perhaps his most famous play at the time was Roar China! , which attacked Western imperialism.
          1385 руб
Sergei Makarov
Sergei Mikhailovich Makarov (Russian: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ; born June 19, 1958 in Chelyabinsk, Soviet Union, now Russia) is a Russian former ice hockey right wing and two-time Olympic gold medalist, regarded as one of the greatest players to play the sport.
          1385 руб
Sergei Zubov
He is also the NHL' s all-time leading scorer among Russian defensemen, and the all-time leading scorer among defensemen in the history of the Stars franchise. Zubov was drafted in the fifth round of the 1990 NHL Entry Draft by the New York Rangers. Prior to this, he played for the Red Army' s hockey team, HC CSKA Moscow, in Russia.
          1385 руб
Sergei Biriuzov
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1385 руб
Sergei Fedorov
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1996 руб
Sergei Tarnowsky
At age 19 he commenced studies with Anna Yesipova at the St. Petersburg Conservatory.
          1313 руб
Sergei Panteleimonowitsch Babinow
Sergei Panteleimonowitsch Babinow ( * 7. November 1955 in Tscheljabinsk, Russische SFSR) ist ein ehemaliger russischer Eishockeyspieler.
          1738 руб
A Feast of Wonders: Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes
The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalog with contributions by leading specialists in the history of the Russian dance and the visual arts.
          1768 руб
Sergei Borisov Studio 50A/Сергей Борисов. Студия 50А
          3182 руб

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