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Искусство          Автор Murray D.L.          Издательство Thames&Hudson

Russian Alphabet. Colouring Book
112 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Murray D.L.
издательство: Thames&Hudson
цена:1157 руб
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The subjects of Amanita’s illustrations are wide-ranging: from political leaders (Lenin, Gorbachev) to inanimate objects (Tupolev aircraft, Sputnik, Tsars, cosmonauts) and Constructivism, these classic Soviet themes are interwoven from one page to the next, all rendered in an abundance of detail. The pseudonym Amanita (a red-and-white spotted mushroom) is a reference to the black-white-red palette of his artworks. Amanita’s amazing and skillful images define a previously unimagined graphic landscape that takes the humble coloring book into a new dimension. The book also works as an introduction to the Russian alphabet. Every drawing depicts a word beginning with each letter from the Cyrillic alphabet, also shown in English, giving a light-hearted guide as to how the letters look and sound. Alexander Erashov was born in Ermak, Kazakhstan, in 1972. This coloring book for all ages marks the first publication of the graphic works of Russian artist Amanita. Russian Alphabet Colouring Book is the perfect gift book. His fantastical images form a unique world: they are like modern variations of illustrated manuscripts, packed full with elements of Soviet and post-Soviet cultures.

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Oil of Russia

Die Macht aus der Pipeline [Gazprom: Pipeline Power]. This was the first work of this kind in Germany that provoked a mainstream debate about the possibility of foreign state-owned companies having wide access to the economies of EU countries, and it captivated European politicians and businessmen. For Russian readers, this book revealed no secrets or sensational details at all about Gazprom or the БЂњmotivesБЂ« of the Russian energy policy. At the same time, it visibly and vividly illustrated the main stereotypes and perceptions, ingrained in the mass public consciousness of various groups and levels of European society, of how Russian companies purportedly conduct their foreign operations. Unfortunately, the psychology of double standards was strongly reinforced hereБЂ”the flow of foreign capital into the Russian economy is perceived as a positive development and described as RussiaБЂ™s integration into the global community, while the investments of Russian companies in various industrial branches of other countries are sometimes viewed negatively and labeled as threatening БЂњRussian expansion.БЂ« At present, with their energy security under threat, European policymakers have begun to understand that the position of energy suppliers, particularly Russia, has strengthened to a certain degree, which, in their view, has led to a sharp decline in competition on energy markets, heightened political vulnerability in EU countries and ultimately, led to an undermining of the rule of law ...

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