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Грамматика. Сборники упражнений. Тесты          Автор Virginia E.          Издательство Pearson

Round-Up 3. English Grammar Book
161 стр. мягкая обложка 27x20x1 см
0-582-82341-2 9780582823419 978-0-582-82341-9

автор:Virginia E.
издательство: Pearson
цена:547 руб
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Students can practise what they have learned in the classroom. • in the holidays for revision. Round-up has clear instructions and simple grammar boxes, so students can study at home without a teacher. Students see grammar points clearly presented in colourful boxes and tables. Students do both oral work - in pairs and in groups - and written work in Round-up. • after class. The write-in activities are ideal for homework. The Round-up Teacher' s Guide includes a full answer key and four tests plus answer keys. Round-up Grammar Practice 3 combines games and fun with serious, systematic grammar practice. It is ideal for students of English at the early stages of language learning. Round-up is especially designed for different students studying English in different ways. It can be used: • in class with a coursebook. They practise grammar through lively, highly illustrated games and activities.

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Словарь американских идиом: 8000 единиц

To stand out from a wall or other surface; project; extend. /The limb stuck out from the trunk of the tree./ 1b. To be seen or noticed more easily or quickly than others; be noticeable. /My house is the only brick one on the street. It sticks out and you cant miss it./ /Mary plays basketball very well. The others on the team are good, but she really sticks out./ 1c. Often used in the informal phrase stick out like a sore thumb. /John is so shy and awkward that he sticks out like a sore thumb./ Syn.: STAND OUT. 2. {informal} To keep on doing something until it is done no matter how long, hard, or unpleasant. /Bill is not a fast runner and he doesnt have a chance of winning the marathon, but he will stick out the race even if he finishes last./Often used in the phrase "stick it out". /Mathematics is hard, but if you stick it out you will understand it./ Compare: HANG ON(2), STICK WITH(1). [stick out like a sore thumb]{v. phr.} To be conspicuous; be different from the rest. /When the foreign student was placed in an advanced English grammar class by mistake, it was no wonder that he stuck out like a sore thumb./ [stick together]{v.} To remain close together in a situation. /Stick together in the cave so that no one gets lost./ /The gang stuck together after the game./ /Bill and Bob stick together in a game or in a fight./ Syn.: HANG TOGETHER(1). [stick to ones guns] or [stand by ones guns] {v. phr.} To hold to an aim or an opinion even though people try to stop you or say you are wrong. /People laughed at Columbus when he said the world was round ...

Подставка для бумажных полотенец "Mayer & Boch", 32 см.
Высота: 32 см. Материал: дерево (бамбук).
387 руб
Раздел: Крючки, держатели для полотенец, доски для записок
Кресло детское "Бюрократ" (цвет: розовый/белый, арт. CH-W797/PK/TW-13A).
Регулировка высоты (газлифт). Пружинно-винтовой механизм качания спинки. Эргономичная спинка (сетка). Ограничение по весу: 120 кг.
5264 руб
Раздел: Стульчики
Средство от садовых муравьев "Муравьин", 300 грамм.
Препарат для эффективного уничтожения всех типов муравьев в домах, на садовых участках, на террасах. Без запаха! Препарат разрешен для
337 руб
Раздел: От тараканов и прочих насекомых

Грамматика. Сборники упражнений. Тесты

Round-Up 5. New and updated: english Grammar Book
The aim of the book is to help students understand and use English grammar structures through exciting, full-colour illustrations and a variety of exercises.
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English Grammar Book: Round-Up: Starter: New and Updated: Teacher's Guide
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English Grammar Book. Round-Up 4. New and updated: Teacher's Guide
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Round-Up 1. English Grammar Book
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Round-Up. English Grammar Book. Teacher’s Guide. Book 1
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Round-Up Starter. English Grammar Book
It is ideal for young learners in the preliminary stages of English language learning.
          587 руб
Round-Up. English Grammar Book. Teacher’s Guide. Book 2
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Round-Up. English Grammar Book. Teacher’s Guide. Book 6
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Round-Up. English Grammar Book. Teacher’s Guide. Book 4
          257 руб
Round-up 2. English Grammar Book
          111 руб
Progress in English Grammar Book 2
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Progress in English Grammar Book 3
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Tests & Drills in English Grammar Book 1
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Tests & Drills in English Grammar Book 2
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Ключи к упражнениям учебного пособия "English Grammar Book. Version 2.0"
          236 руб
Hand book of the New York fire insurance exchange, containing the agreement, list of members, general rules and rates, clauses and privileges, forms and general minimum rates
          1145 руб
Hand book of the New York fire insurance exchange, containing the agreement, list of members, general rules and rates, clauses and priviledges, forms and general minimum rates
          1143 руб
New Round-Up 4. English Grammar Practice. Students' Book (+ CD-ROM)
          504 руб
English Grammar Practice: Round-Up Starter: Teacher s Guide
          163 руб
Round-Up. Starter English Grammar Practice. CD-Rom: Exercises and Games to Pactise Your English
In addition to a group of exercises for a given grammatical topic, most of the units include fun and challenging games (e. g. word attack, car race and memory game).
          1838 руб

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