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Прочие виды транспорта          Автор Lambert M. S.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

QF 4.7 Inch Gun Mk I – IV
152 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Lambert M. S.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1996 руб
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They all had a bore of 40 calibres length. The gun was originally designed to replace the older BL 5 inch (127 mm) naval guns and was optimised for the modern smokeless propellants such as Cordite. They were also mounted on various wheeled carriages to provide the British Army with a long range gun. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The QF 4. 7 inch Gun Mks I, II, III, and IV were a family of United-Kingdom naval and coast defence guns of 1888 and 1890s which served with the navies of various countries.

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Designated targets

A couple of hastily built, poorly flown ME 262s just didn't count. But having secured their eastern flank, they seemed to be bringing the entire weight of their continental war machine to bear on the south of England. Every now and then, when the pounding of the five-inch guns and ack-ack mounts abated, he could hear the much deeper, more sonorous bass note rumble of ten thousand engines. Of twenty thousand guns, and high-explosive shells, and dumb iron bombs detonating for hundreds of miles around. It was the sound of two worlds grinding against each other, and even with his years of service, he'd never known anything like it. St. Clair sat across from him, sphinxlike and withdrawn. His sergeant major was always like that, on the edge of battle. The chopper's engines hummed into life as the elevator lifted them clear of the hangars and into the daylight. His six troopers reacted in character. Some simply adjusted their Bergens and checked their weapons. Some leaned forward in their seats to catch whatever glimpse they could of the world outside, a slate gray tableau of small, antique warships tossed on heaving seas ...

Подушка для младенца "Selby".
Известно, что необходимое количество здорового сна является условием гармоничного физического и эмоционального развития. Когда малыш спит,
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Комплект детского постельного белья "Хоккей".
Постельное белье из бязи выполнено из высококачественного хлопка, что гарантирует крепкий и здоровый сон. Комплект не требует особого
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Фоторамка "Poster yellow" (70х100 см).
Рамка настенная может располагаться как вертикально, так и горизонтально. Для фотографий размером: 70х100 см. Материал: пластик.
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Прочие виды транспорта

QF 2 Pounder Naval Gun
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Ordnance QF 2 pounder
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Ordnance QF 25 pounder
It was the British Army' s primary artillery field piece well into the 1960s, with smaller numbers serving in training units until the 1980s. Many Commonwealth of Nations countries used theirs in active or reserve service until about the 1970s and ammunition for the weapon is currently being produced by Pakistan Ordnance Factories. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! It was considered by many to be the best field artillery piece of the war, combining high rates of fire with a reasonably lethal shell in a highly mobile piece. The Ordnance QF 25 pounder, or more simply, 25-pounder or 25-pdr, was introduced into service just before World War II, during which it served as the major British field gun/howitzer.
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Ordnance QF 3 pounder Vickers
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Ordnance QF 6 Pounder
The Ordnance QF 6-pounder 7 cwt, or just 6 pounder, was a British 57 mm gun, their primary anti-tank gun during the middle of World War II, as well as the main armament for a number of armoured fighting vehicles.
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Ordnance QF 75 mm
The Ordnance QF 75 mm, abbreviated to OQF 75 mm, was a British tank-gun of the Second World War.
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QF 12 Pounder 12 cwt Naval Gun
As the Type 41 3-inch (76. 2 mm)/40 it was used on most early battleships and cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy, though it was commonly referred to by its UK designation as a “12-pounder” gun.
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QF 3 Inch 20 cwt
While other AA guns also had a bore of 3 inches, the term "3 inch" was only ever used to identify this gun in the World War I era, and hence this is what writers are usually referring to by "3 inch AA gun".
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QF 4.5 Inch Howitzer
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Ordnance QF 4. 5 inch Howitzer was the standard British Empire field (or ‘light' ) howitzer of the First World War era. In the Second World War it equipped some units of the BEF and British, Australian, New Zealand and South African batteries in East Africa and the Middle and Far East. It entered service in 1910 and remained in service through the interwar period and was last used in the field by British forces in early 1942. Its calibre (114mm) and hence shell weight were greater than those of the equivalent German field howitzer (105mm), France did not have an equivalent. It was used by British and Commonwealth Forces in most theatres, by Russia and by British troops in Russia in 1919. It was generally horse drawn until mechanisation in the 1930s. It replaced the BL 5 inch Howitzer and equipped some 25% of the field artillery.
          2619 руб
QF 4.5 Inch Mk I - V Naval Gun
This article covers the early 45-calibre family of guns up to the 1970s.
          2006 руб
QF 3 Pounder Hotchkiss
But many were brought back into service on merchant vessels used for auxiliary duties in World War II, or as subcalibre guns for gunnery practice until the 1950s.
          1589 руб
QF 4 Inch Naval Gun Mk IV, XII, XXII
Mk IV armed many British destroyers and some cruisers in World War I. It was used to arm merchant ships in World War II. The Mk XII variant was developed for arming submarines from 1918, Mk XXII was developed to arm submarines during World War II. The Mk IV gun from HMS Lance which fired the first British shot of World War I on 5 August 1914 is on display at the Imperial War Museum, London.
          1589 руб
Сборная модель "Британская противотанковая пушка QF-2-pdr с расчетом"
          167 руб
Наклейки "Handmade. Good luck", арт. QF-01
С их помощью можно легко и оригинально подчеркнуть тематику работы и придать ей объем и индивидуальность.
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Наклейки "Handmade. Good luck", арт. QF-02
С их помощью можно легко и оригинально подчеркнуть тематику работы и придать ей объем и индивидуальность.
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Наклейки "Handmade. Good luck", арт. QF-03
С их помощью можно легко и оригинально подчеркнуть тематику работы и придать ей объем и индивидуальность.
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Наклейки "Handmade. Good luck", арт. QF-08
Прекрасно подходят для оформления обложек, скрап-страничек, фоторамок, конвертов, открыток.
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