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Книги          Автор Frederic P.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episodes
120 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Frederic P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1507 руб
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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a tokusatsu television series in the Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon metaseries originally created by Naoko Takeuchi. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. It is produced by Toei, the same company that produces the Super Sentai and the Kamen Rider Series.

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A short history of nearly everything

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Sailor Moon Episodes
The episodes were directed by Junichi Sato, Kunihiko Ikuhara, Takuya Igarashi, Takao Yoshizawa and Hiromichi Matano, and produced by TV Asahi and Toei Animation.
          2006 руб
Sailor Moon Episodes (Season 1)
Simply titled Sailor Moon, the first season was produced concurrently with the first story arc (Dark Kingdom) of the manga by Naoko Takeuchi.
          2211 руб
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episodes
The anime follows the same themes and depicts many of the same characters and events as the manga, but with fewer new characters and some significant divergences, especially towards the end.
          1597 руб
Sailor Moon Super S Episodes
This season was produced concurrently with the manga' s fourth story arc, Dream, by Naoko Takeuchi. Because of the series popularity, Toei Animation started adapting Supers into an anime before it was finished. As a result, there are significant differences in the thematic tone between the two. Unlike the darker-themed manga, the anime is characterized by an increase in sugary cuteness and the absence of the four Outer Senshi, making it the least popular of the five seasons. It originally aired on TV Asahi between March 4, 1995, and February 2, 1996. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The "Supers" (as in more than one "super") in the series eyecatches and typeset "SuperS" in its logo. The fourth season of Sailor Moon anime series titled Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Supers was co-produced by TV Asahi, Toei Agency and Toei Animation and directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara.
          1841 руб
Sailor Moon R Episodes
The series originally aired on TV Asahi between March 6, 1993 and March 12, 1994.
          1841 руб
Sailor Moon S Episodes
The S stands for "Super," and is pronounced as such in the series' eyecatches. This season was produced concurrently with the third story arc (Mugen, meaning "Infinity") of the manga by Naoko Takeuchi, closely following the story of the manga. As with the two series before it, Sailor Moon S used "Moonlight Densetsu" as its opening song. For this series, the version by Moon Lips is used. The first two episodes use Sailor Moon R' s ending theme, "Otome no Policy" (A Maiden' s Policy). After this (from episode 92 on), the rest of the series uses "Tuxedo Mirage," performed by the five main voice actresses (Peach Hips). This is a list of episodes of the Sailor Moon anime series, covering Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S, the third season of the series. It was co-produced by TV Asahi, Toei Agency and Toei Animation and directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara, originally airing on TV Asahi between March 19, 1995 and February 25, 1996. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.
          1738 руб
Sailor Moon (Сэйлор Мун) № 2: Книжка-раскраска и альбом для наклеек - 22 с. ISBN 5-94441-065-5 ~92.01.08 803
          50 руб
Sailor Moon Chapters
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1841 руб
Sailor Moon Video Games
          1393 руб
Sailor Moon
The elements of fantasy in the series are heavily symbolic and often based on mythology.
          1597 руб
Sailor Moon (English adaptations)
One of the series' later localizations (the first dub having been in French), the English-language anime has also served as a profound introduction of anime to mainstream entertainment around the world. [citation needed] The entire manga series has also been translated and released in English-speaking countries. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Sailor Moon anime and manga metaseries has been adapted into many different languages, including English.
          1597 руб
Episodes of Discovery in All Ages
          1143 руб
A Handy-Book of Ophthalmic Surgery by J.Z. Laurence and R.C. Moon
          602 руб
Sarah Moon, 12345
Sarah Moon is a contemporary photographer of international renown.
          7627 руб
Sarah Moon
          1184 руб
The Moon and Sixpence (Луна и грош) (на англ.яз.) ISBN 5-8346-0038-7 5-87457-152-3
          127 руб
The Moon and Sixpence (Луна и грош): Роман (на английском языке) Полный, неадаптированный текст:
          81 руб
Украшения для девочек: Для детей от 3 лет (в блистере) (в ассортименте) - - с. Набор: 'Pretty Girl':
          51 руб
A-Ha 'East of the sun,west of the moon' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 15620
          217 руб
Ozzy Osbourne 'Bark at the Moon' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 48868
          207 руб

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