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Разное          Автор Snegirev A.          Издательство Glas New Russian Writing

Petroleum Venus
300 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Snegirev A.
издательство: Glas New Russian Writing
цена:289 руб
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This is the tragicomic story of a successful young architect, Fyodor, the reluctant single father of an adolescent son with Down syndrome. But then a fatal car crash and the accidental discovery of a mystical painting, Petroleum Venus, force this self-involved father to ultimately embrace his troubled son, his parents' moral values, and the real things in life. Petroleum Venus won the Debut Prize, was shortlisted for the National Bestseller Prize, nominated for the Russian Booker, and sat on the www. ozon. ru bestseller list for a year. The son is a terrible embarrassment to Fyodor, who relies on his own parents to take care of him. Fyodor has fraught relationship with them as well.

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Broca's Brain: The Romance of Science

It is also ironic that Professor Kaplan was later a co-author of a paper that established a very low abundance of methane, a БЂњpetroleum gas,БЂ« in a spectroscopic examination of the Venus atmosphere (Connes, et al., 1967). In summary, VelikovskyБЂ™s idea that the clouds of Venus are composed of hydrocarbons or carbohydrates is neither original nor correct. The БЂњcrucial testБЂ« fails. PROBLEM VIII. THE TEMPERATURE OF VENUS ANOTHER CURIOUS circumstance concerns the surface temperature of Venus. While the high temperature of Venus is often quoted as a successful prediction and a support of VelikovskyБЂ™s hypothesis, the reasoning behind his conclusion and the consequences of his arguments do not seem to be widely known nor discussed. Let us begin by considering VelikovskyБЂ™s views on the temperature of Mars (pages 367-368). He believes that Mars, being a relatively small planet, was more severely affected in its encounters with the more massive Venus and Earth, and therefore that Mars should have a high temperature ...

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Для фотографий размером 40 х 60 см. Материал рамки - пластик. Цвет - золотистый. Материал подложки - плотный картон. Крепежи позволяют
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Насос ножной (арт. TD 0468).
Насос механический ножной незаменимый помощник не только для автомобилистов, но и для любителей активного отдыха. Ведь с его помощью Вы
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Elements of Petroleum Geology
After describing the temperatures and pressures of the subsurface environment and the hydrodynamics of connate fluids, Selley examines the generation and migration of petroleum, reservoir rocks and trapping mechanisms, and the habit of petroleum in sedimentary basins.
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Pressure System Management Techonology. Application of Statistical Methodology on Monitoring the Failure Conditions of Static Equipments in the Petroleum Process
By adopting First Order Second Moment (FOSM) method, the failure probability is approached for the pressure components.
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No Strangers to Beauty. Black Women Artists and the Hottentot Venus
The first chapter looks critically at images that were produced during Baartman' s lifetime, focusing primarily on cartoons and ethnographic drawings. The representational strategies used in these images are compared to those used in eighteenth-century representations of female slaves. In later chapters the author discusses the contemporary black artists who are producing art inspired by Baartman in order to problematize the racist and sexist assumptions that are still being made about black women today. Some of these artists have represented Baartman with their own bodies, while others have chosen to avoid representing her body entirely. The book' s methodological approach is informed by important research done by white feminist art historians, as well as that by black feminist theorists and post-colonial scholars concerned with the visual culture of slavery and racist stereotypes.
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Decision Process in Petroleum Upstream Investments. US Petroleum Companies
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