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Overseas Vietnamese
116 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Frederic P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Of the about 3 million Overseas Vietnamese, a majority left Vietnam as refugees after 1975 as a result of the Fall of Saigon and the resulting takeover by the Communist regime. Overseas Vietnamese refers to Vietnamese people living outside Vietnam in a diaspora.

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When China Rules the World

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Основы социологии

Word by Word Picture Dictionary English / Vietnamese
          652 руб
Working Abroad: The Complete Guide to Overseas Employment and Living in a New Country
It provides a full reference source to help assess the pros and cons of overseas employment, including job markets, taxation, international education, relocation and medical issues.
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In Quest of Golden Deer. Bangladeshi Transient Migrants Overseas
Over the last few decades, research on labour migration has experienced excessive domination by economic explanation.
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Teaching communication strategies to Vietnamese learners of English. A Case Study
Results suggest that fostering communication strategies in language learners is likely to enhance their fluency in language use.
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Factors Influencing Career Development for US Army Soldiers in an Overseas Command - Seoul, Korea Functional Academic Skills Training: Army Career Development. Functional Academic Skills Training:
Basic skills are enhancing the career development of soldiers with the US Army’s implementation of Functional Academic Skills Training (FAST).
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The Structure of the Vietnamese Noun Phrase
The nominal word order typology across Austro-Asiatic, Austro-Tai, and Sino-Tibetan language families is demonstrated to derive from the same underlying structure.
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Their experiences and the relation to heuristic knowledge Vietnamese-American Students at Midwestern Community College: A Study of Vietnamese-American Community College Students.
Vietnamese-American students were interviewed in an effort to understand their experiences while attending the college.
          2782 руб
Socialist Realism in Vietnamese Literature. An Analysis of the Relationship Between Literature and Politics
This death resulted from two non-literary elements: globalization and the market-oriented economy which has been adopted by the Vietnamese Communist Party since the late 1980s.
          3232 руб
Vietnamese Conversion to Christianity. The Impact of The Refugee Experience
To hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese refugees who fled Vietnam after the Vietnam War, their escape experience is an indelible part of their life.
          2006 руб
STUDY OVERSEAS. Chinese Students' Perceptions of Their Learning Experiences in New Zealand
The study found that Chinese students generally gave positive evaluations to New Zealand tertiary education.
          2414 руб
Vietnamese wh-phrases and the syntax-semantics interface. A syntax-semantics analysis of quantificational variability of wh-phrases in Vietnamese from a cross-linguistic perspective
Based on Kratzer and Shimoyama (2002) I provide a unified analysis of wh-phrases, according to which a wh-phrase is a set of individual alternatives bound and assigned an interpretation by an alternative set taking operator.
          2782 руб
Fluid Bridge. The Cultural Identity of the Overseas Chinese Artist, Huang Yong Ping
Huang’s story is in many ways representative of this group of Chinese artists, who moved to the Western countries in the late 80s and the 90s.
          2006 руб
Why aren't more overseas-trained doctors working as GPs in rural NSW?. A study of the structural and political barriers preventing permanent resident overseas-trained doctors from working as GPs in rural New South Wales
Australia as a whole, and NSW in particular, has a serious medical workforce shortage.
          3232 руб
I'm American, but I do Vietnamese Shit. U.S. Immigration and Integration A case study of Vietnamese Communities in California
Answers to those and other questions can be found in this book.
          2782 руб
British Overseas Territories Citizen
The status of British Overseas Territories citizen relates to persons holding British nationality by virtue of a connection with a British Overseas Territory.
          1393 руб
1960 South Vietnamese Coup Attempt
The rebels launched the coup in response to Diem' s autocratic rule and the negative political influence of his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu and his sister-in-law Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu. They also bemoaned the politicisation of the military, whereby regime loyalists who were members of the Ngo family' s covert Can Lao Party were readily promoted ahead of more competent officers who were not insiders.
          1393 руб
Cambodian–Vietnamese War
The conflict, apart from highlighting the traditional animosities between Vietnam and Cambodia, also revealed how deeply the Sino-Soviet split had broken open the communist movement of the time.
          2006 руб
Vietnamese cuisine
          1393 руб
British Overseas Territories
The first realms to emerge were colonies that had already previously attained the status of a self-governing Dominion within the British Empire.
          1393 руб
Vietnamese Art
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1597 руб

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