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Книги          Автор Kennerley H.          Издательство TBS mix

Overcoming Anxiety Overcoming
288 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Kennerley H.
издательство: TBS mix
цена:1664 руб

Overcoming Anxiety has been developed as a self-help manual by Dr Helen Kennerley at her clinic in Oxford. The book includes an introduction to the nature of anxiety and stress; contains a complete self-help program and monitoring sheets; and, is based on clinically proven techniques of cognitive therapy. It is an indispensable guide for those affected, their friends and families, psychologists and others working in the medical profession. A whole range of anxieties and fears is explained, from panic attacks and phobias to ' burn out' and executive stress.

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The Schopenhauer Cure

And so, reversing his course, he abruptly left London, carting his protesting wife, now almost six months pregnant, back to Danzig during one of the century`s most severe winters. Years later Johanna described her feelings at being yanked from London: б«No one helped me, I had to overcome my grief alone. The man dragged me, in order to cope with his anxiety, halfway across Europe.б» This, then, was the stormy setting of the genius`s gestation: a loveless marriage, a frightened, protesting mother, an anxious, jealous father, and two arduous trips across a wintry Europe. 5 _________________________ Ahappy life is impossible; the best that a man can attain is a heroic life. _________________________ Leaving Philip`s office, Julius felt stunned. He gripped the banister and unsteadily descended the stairs and staggered into the sunlight. He stood in front of Philip`s building and tried to decide whether to turn left or right. The freedom of an unscheduled afternoon brought confusion rather than joy. Julius had always been focused ...

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Overcoming Anxiety: Reassuring Ways to Break Free from Stress and Worry and Lead a Calmer Life
Explores what it takes to handle immediate anxiety events and longer term, low-level background' anxiety and worry About the Author Gill Hasson is the bestselling author of the Mindfulness Pocketbook, Mindfulness, How to Deal with Difficult People and Emotional Intelligence. Gill teaches adult education courses in personal development and is an Associate Tutor for the University of Sussex where she teaches career, personal development and academic study skills. Gill is also a freelance journalist and writes articles on personal development and relationships for a variety of magazines, including Psychologies and Take A Break, and for a number of websites. Contains real-life examples from anxiety sufferers. Overcoming Anxiety explains how to manage anxiety and stop it from taking over; it teaches you the skills you need to lead a more peaceful, stress-free life. Overcoming Anxiety: Provides practical strategies and techniques to manage your anxiety. Understand, overcome and break free from worry and anxiety Bestselling personal development author, Gill Hasson is back and this time she' s here to help with something that affects everyone at some point in their life, Anxiety.
          1089 руб
Status Anxiety
The result is a book that is not only entertaining and thought-provoking - but genuinely wise and helpful as well.
          326 руб
The Negative Self In Early Childhood Memories. Indicators of Social Anxiety and Depression
Bruhn’s Early Memory Procedure is from a cognitive-perceptual model which uses a projective technique to obtain themes reflecting cognitive processes, personality tendencies and affective states of the respondent.
          1979 руб
The Measurement of Mathematics Anxiety. Psychometric Study of the Revised Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale
Concurrent validity of the instrument was found from significant relationships between the instrument and students’ self- perceptions of their general and current mathematics anxiety levels.
          2767 руб
Tele Home Care Application Platform. Overcoming drawbacks of existing Tele Home Care solutions by designing and implementing a Cisco VoIP Communications based Application Platform
Healthcare services throughout the world are in trouble.
          2401 руб
Stress Reduction and Anxiety Coping Style. The Efficacy of Short-Term Stress Reduction Interventions as a Function of Anxiety Coping Style in Females
This study of stress reduction in women investigated the relationship between the length of intervention, type of intervention, and participant anxiety coping style on physiological and cognitive responses to stress.
          1995 руб
Variations in Test Anxiety and Locus of Control Orientation. in Achieving and Underachieving Gifted Middle School Students
Findings suggest the need for scho ol interventions to reduce test anxiety among females and to assist students in developing the thought processes that give them a sense of control over the events in their life, in particular, their academic performance.
          1995 руб
A Phenomenology of Mystical Experiences. Overcoming the Problem of Ineffability through Phenomenological Inquiry
The fourth part shows how this vocabulary can render effable even the most puzzling and ambiguous mystical experiences.
          2006 руб
Neurobehavioral consequences of adolescent MDMA exposure in rats. Effects on Attention, Learning, Memory, Anxiety, Aggression, Physiology, and Neurochemistry
The drug ±3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA or ecstasy) is a popular recreational substance among young people.
          2414 руб
Children in Foster Care. The Effects of Foster Parent Characteristics on Anxiety Levels of Children Placed in the Foster Care System
Children involved in the child welfare system typically experience multiple placements during their time with respective Child Protective Service Agencies.
          2006 руб
Direct Reference and Belief Ascriptions. Overcoming the Relational Paradigm
The problem posed by the failure of co-referential proper names to substitute for one another salva veritate in the embedded ' that' -clauses of such sentences has vexed proponents of competing theories of naming.
          2414 руб
The Influence of Discouragement, Anxiety and Anger on Pain. An Examination of the Role of Endogenous Opioids
Similar results have been found with humans, although the literature is much less extensive and at times contradictory.
          3232 руб
Factors Affecting the Use of Coping Activities in Anxiety-Provoking Situations
Participants were first asked to recall the most anxious event that they had experienced and to imagine that they were actually in the same or a similar situation.
          2006 руб
Physical and Mental Issues in Piano Performance. The Interrelationships between Physical Tension, Performance Anxiety, and Memorization Strategies
The book demonstrates how these seemingly separate issues are interrelated to one another, and how problems in one area may exacerbate problems in another.
          2006 руб
Information processing in anxiety. The role of working memory
The author Andrea Reinecke extensively reviews recent research on attention and memory for emotional material in anxiety disorders and its relevance in the enhancement of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in anxiety.
          3232 руб
An exploration of Anxiety in the context of Long- Term Grief. The Complexities of Anxiety, Trauma, and Loss
Overlap of Complicated Grief and trauma issues are addressed, as well as the factors contributing to the persistent grief, such as disorders of attachment.
          2782 руб
This subject is explored in terms of relevant therapeutic case studies. How humour relates to anxiety in an existential and psychoanalytic context. Humour and Anxiety in Psychotherapy.
I wrote about this for my M. A. at Regent' s Colege. I assess anxiety from an existential position that looks at how man relates to his setting, as well as how society' s cultural values affect it. Humour is addressed existentially in the light of the anxiety of the characters in Beckett' s ' Waiting for Godot' . Anxiety in a psychoanalytic way is seen in terms of human development, in the context of Superego/Ego relations. The child' s relationship to his mother is assessed regarding how her being humorous may affect this psychic-agent alliance.
          2006 руб
Social Anxiety Autobiographical Memory and Emotional Disorders.
Autobiographical memory overgenerality has been found to influence depression and parasuicidal patients fairly consistently, and for quite some years now.
          2782 руб
Elastic Employment Contracts. Managing knowledge flows in MNCs: A model for overcoming the "stickiness" of knowledge in multinational organizations
The Elastic Employment Contract described in this book is an efficient internal mechanism for MNCs that want to promote a constant flow of knowledge with positive value between subsidiaries; it will help them design more effective employment contracts.
          2006 руб
Cholinergic Stress and Anxiety Signals involve Alternative Splicing. Anxiety-associated changes in Neuronal alternative splicing: a rapidly spreading post-transcriptional process with profound behavioral implications
In this book we describe research work in which we explored the role(s) of alternative splicing in controlling neuronal development and neurotransmission processes and in altering behavior, using recent techniques in molecular genetics and transgenic engineering.
          2414 руб

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