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Английская художественная литература в оригинале          Автор Ben M.          Издательство Bloomsbury Publishing

Operation Mincemeat: The True Spy Story
432 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Ben M.
издательство: Bloomsbury Publishing
цена:1097 руб
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Operation Mincemeat was the most successful wartime deception. This title tells the story of Operation Mincemeat. One April morning in 1943, a sardine fisherman spotted the corpse of a British soldier floating in the sea off the coast of Spain and set in train a course of events that would change the course of the Second World War.

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An Ordinary Man

How will I look behind the wheel? Will it be fun to drive? What will my friends think? We congratulate ourselves later for a shrewd acquisition based on reasons a, b, and c, but the actual decision cannot be put in terms of an equation. People are really never as reasonable as they seem to be-in fact, БЂњreasonБЂ« is usually an afterthought, nothing more than a cover story for the feelings inside. The same is true in politics. Let me give you a rather pertinent example. I seriously doubt the leadership of Rwanda really believed that average Tutsis were spies who had melted into the general population. I think they whipped up the flames of fear to create that belief. They were appealing to a dark place in the heart-that unreconstructed part of us that comes down from our ancestors, who lived in constant fear of beasts in the night. There was an emotional reason for people to hate and fear the Tutsi, and that nonsense about traitors in the villages was a set of БЂњfactsБЂ« grafted into place to justify the violence ...

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Английская художественная литература в оригинале

Operation Mincemeat
This was accomplished by persuading the Germans that they had, by accident, intercepted "top secret" documents giving details of Allied war plans.
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Джип военный OPERATION - - с. Машинка механическая с инерционным устройством:
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Luck of Devil: The Story of Operation Valkyrie
Nemesis" and is a brilliant account of just what happened in those fateful days at Hitler' s Wolf' s Lair headquarters, when his opponents came so astonishingly close to assassinating what is one of the modern era' s most terrible figures.
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Operation Kronstadt
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Operation Attitude Comic and Activity Book with Stickers
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The Future of Mid-Stream Operation in Hong Kong. Development/Abolishment
Opinions and data were collected from mid-stream operators and shippers to analyze the overall container throughput trend in Hong Kong.
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A Study of Situational Leadership Theory in a Distribution Corporation. A Comparison of the Operation and Administration Departments
Specific goals of the study were to (1) determine the primary leadership style, (2)to determine the secondary leadership style, (3) to determine the style adaptability levels and compare to the support and operations groups, (4) to determine the style adaptability and compare to the leader vs. the his peers, subordinates and superiors and, (5) to determine style adaptability and compare with subordinates in the two groups, support and operations.
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Reservoir Operation using Monte-Carlo Simulation Techniques. Reservoir Operation and Establishment of Operation Rules for Lake Tana
This book, practically indicates the techniques of reservoir operation and water balance simulation works for a natural lake.
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A comprehensive regression analysis of an important military operation Battle Damage Assessment.
The technical approach involves survey design, data generation, comparison of different regression techniques and cross-validation.
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Guidance for choosing the proper operation cylinder, helix angle, and serration displacement of the plunge shaving cutter Design of a Plunge Shaving Cutter.
Gear shaving, which is widely used in mass production gears, is a free-cutting process that removes small amounts of metal from the gear tooth working surface.
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Optimizing Design and Operation of Water Distribution Systems. Application of LP, GA and the OBORM
Although application of LP and GA for water distribution system optimization is not new, the reader will find many new concepts and an in-depth overall discussion, which is not available in other literatures.
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The Case of UNIFIL The Limitations of the UN Peace Keeping/Enforcing Operation Mechanism.
A thorough examination follows on the military, political and logistical aspects of the two mandates, emphasizing on the major points of differences.
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Applications to the Operation of Water Distribution Systems Determination of Practical Genetic Algorithm Parameter Settings.
The resulting calibration approaches are generic, and can be applied to any function with continuous decision variables.
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New Control Algorithms for The Distributed Generation Interface. Plug-and-Play Integration and Robust Operation in Grid-Connected and Micro-Grid Modes
The proposed control algorithms are designed to realize a robust interface that guarantees plug- and-play integration and robust operation under the challenging uncertain nature of distribution systems and micro-grid operation mode.
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Industrial Relations in the New South Wales Building Industry 1850-1891. Conflict, Co-operation
The Australian building industry is historically characterised by conflict, co-operation and radicalism, and early building unionists were a driving force in the progressive labour movement.
          3232 руб
A Partitioning Operation System Based on RTAI-LXRT Real-time Linux
This book shows a possible implementation of such a partitioning OS on top of a RTAI (Real Time Application Interface) real-time Linux system.
          2006 руб
ICT4D Stakeholder Co-ordination and Co-operation:. Evidences from a Tanzanian-German Co-operation
The researcher spent two months in field, where a combination of methodologies (both qualitative and quantitative) were applied in data gathering, in an attempt to achieve greater analysis accuracy of stakeholders behaviour and at the same time the representativeness required in such scientific study.
          2414 руб
An Establishing Operation for Academic Response Acquisition. Testing the Effects of an Establishing Operation on Response Acquisition and its Differential Effect on Performance Tasks of Children with Autism
The procedure, sampling, consisted of delivering verbal and social play prior to instructional sessions compared to sessions not preceded by sampling.
          2006 руб
All-optical header recognizer for optical packet switched networks. Exploiting nonlinear gain and index dynamics in semiconductor optical amplifiers for low power operation and photonic integration device
One approach is based on two-pulse correlation principles in SOAs combined with a header pre-processor for recognizing a large amount of packet headers.
          2414 руб
Reciprocal altruism in birds. Costs and benefits of co-operation
This implies a level of sophistication in bird communities greater than had previously been realized adding a piece of new knowledge to reveal co-operation between unrelated individuals which is one of the most important question in evolutionary biology.
          2006 руб

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