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Кино как искусство. Энциклопедия кино. Народно-сценический танец          Автор Gibson R.          Издательство Taschen

306 стр. твердый переплет + суперобложка

автор:Gibson R.
издательство: Taschen
цена:3 руб
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A decade after his first TASCHEN book, Deux ex Machina, Ralph Gibson is back with an exquisite collection of nudes, chosen by the artist from his own archive, combining early works and his most recent images with an in-depth interview by Eric Fischl. Gibson’s work — strikingly graphic, meticulously composed, loaded with subtle provocations and mysterious allusions — pays tribute to photographic traditions while pushing the medium's frontiers. Lovers and collectors of fine art photography will relish this rare opportunity to own a signed, numbered, limited edition volume — as well as the silver gelatine print of one of his nudes.

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Miracles of the Gods

Eva C was the doctor's subject for observation. In 1909 séances were held in the Paris home of the dramatist Alexander Bisson (1848-1912). Several people participated, including doctors, as they did later in Munich and London. Eva C's clothing, as well as the lighting, door locks, composition of the walls etc., were constantly checked. Before they began Eva C showed herself in the nude. Madame Bisson gave her a gynaecological examination; her perineum and anus were explored. 'Before each séance the author examined the hair, nostrils (air was blown through them), the external ear channels, the oral orifices, teeth, armpits, feet, the state of hands and fingernails ... the objection that the medium could have small rolled up pellets somewhere on her person seems to be unfounded.' After these extremely detailed searches the wretched Eva C was sewn into the dark robe that she had never touched before. 'If one takes into account the fact that the medium had nothing white on her body (neither blouse nor handkerchief) the grey and white materializations against the black background are convincing.' Schrenck-Notzing made use of a technical innovation of the time: flash photographs with pulverized magnesium ...

Каталка "Мишка".
Высота от пола до сиденья: 23 см. Размер: 29х47х43 см. Каталка выдерживает массу ребенка до 25 кг. Цвет каталки может отличаться от
759 руб
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Глобус Земли "Двойная карта", рельефный, с подсветкой, 420 мм.
Рельефный глобус с физической и политической картой мира станет незаменимым атрибутом обучения не только школьника, но и студента. На
2642 руб
Раздел: Глобусы
Точилка механическая, металлический корпус.
Механическая точилка имеет прозрачный контейнер. Удобная и безопасная точилка оснащена механизмом, позволяющим крепить ее к столу. Нож из
1097 руб
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Кино как искусство. Энциклопедия кино. Народно-сценический танец

NUDE Bible / Обнаженная натура
          3 руб
Male Nude
It features the pioneer homoerotic nude photographs of Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, posing nude youths in classical postures at Taormina in Sicily.
          3 руб
Imagery of Nude Celebrities
Genres include celebrity sex tapes, paparazzi photos capturing unintentional or private scenes, film screenshots, faked or doctored images, and shots from magazines.
          1189 руб
Nude swimming
Nude swimming (colloquially called skinny dipping, also known as skin diving) is a term used to describe swimming naked, i. e. without any swimsuit.
          1189 руб
Nude Beach
The use of nude beach facilities are usually casual, not requiring pre-booking.
          1597 руб
Top Photography Professionals Share Their Secrets Lighting the Nude:
Photographers, too, have been fascinated by the subject, and many of the medium' s most enduring images have depicted the unclothed human form. But the nude is among the most challenging of subjects to master. The camera' s gaze is indiscriminate and unforgiving, so conveying a sense of artistry and subtlety requires careful control over the posing and, crucially, lighting of the nude. And that' s where this guide can help. Lighting The Nude (Third Edition) reveals the lighting secrets of some of the top photographers working today. It showcases over 100 images of the nude, in a wide variety of styles. Each image is accompanied by detailed lighting diagrams and an explanation and analysis of what makes the shot work. Whether you' re a beginner to this style of photography or a seasoned professional, you' ll find plenty of inspirational lighting ideas to copy or adapt for your own work, making this an essential reference for every studio photographer' s bookshelf. Throughout history, artists around the world have been drawn to the nude.
          1179 руб
Nude. New Russian Photography (фотоальбом)
Twenty four photographers participate in the album, and their biographies are also included.
          1465 руб
Degas and the Nude
Together these iterations range over more than a half-century of virtuoso achievement and manifest a groundbreaking look at the evolution of this master artist.
          3648 руб
The Naked Nude
Beautiful, handsome, flawless, its great success was to distance the unclothed body from any uncomfortably explicit taint of sexuality, eroticism, or imperfection.
          1909 руб
The Louvre Nude Paintings
          7021 руб
The Louvre Nude Sculptures
The idea for this book was born in the course of a stroll through the Louvre, when Catherine Belanger ventured to call the Louvre the biggest brothel in the world.
          5969 руб
Male Nude
          408 руб
The History of the Nude
          1534 руб
Male Nude
          1178 руб
The Male Nude
It features the pioneer homoerotic nude photographs of Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, posing nude youths in classical postures at Taormina in Sicily.
          1299 руб
Коляска универсальная 2 в 1 Roan Bass B2, nude grey
Универсальная коляска 2 в 1 Roan Bass - новинка известного польского производителя Roan.
          25233 руб
Коляска универсальная 2 в 1 Roan Bass, nude grey+white grey
Ручка рамы отделана эко-кожей.
          24225 руб
Палитра естественных оттенков помад L'Oreal "Color Riche (оттенок 01 "Nude"), 74 г
Ощутите благородство золотого корпуса и откройте для себя разнообразие насыщенных пигментов. и чувственной текстуры.
          1077 руб
Тональный крем L'Oreal "Nude Magique. Cushion", оттенок 01, фарфор, 14,6 г
Легкое естественное сияние и совершенная кожа без недостатков. Способ применения: для получения эффекта естественного сияния нанесите флюид похлопывающими движениями.
          957 руб
Тональный крем L'Oreal "Nude Magique. Cushion", оттенок 04, ванильно-розовый, 14,6 г
Новая система нанесения и новая формула.
          938 руб

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