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Книги          Автор Dostoyevsky F.          Издательство Daedalus Books

Notes from Underground
152 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Dostoyevsky F.
издательство: Daedalus Books
цена:263 руб
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The underground man has become one of the fixtures of the contemporary worldview. It is largely due to this masterful contrast that Notes from Underground is considered by many critics to be not only a pinnacle of existentialist literature, but also one of the greatest works of modern literature altogether. The Notes are a limbo without hope even of hell, a Book of Job without a happy ending, a waiting for nothing and no one (not even Godot). The Notes from Underground are, as translator Boris Jakim says, A foul passageway leading into the profoundest secrets of the human heart, an abyss where the most loathsome thoughts are revealed. Notes from Underground is one of the most profound and most unsettling works of modern literature, prefiguring Dostoevskys later masterpieces such as Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, and The Brothers Karamazov. Nonetheless, entering into this underground that Dostoesky claims is in us all is necessary in order to understand not only this lowest of lows, but also the heights that lift man out of the depths into sanctity and exaltation. No discussion of the predicament of modern man would be complete without some allusion to this archetypal figure both prophetic and loathsome that towers over modern culture.

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Notes From Underground
The underground man had always felt like an outsider. He doesn' t want to be like other people, working in the ' ant-hill' of society. So he decides to withdraw from the world, scrawling a series of darkly sarcastic notes about the torment he is suffering. Angry and alienated, his only comfort is the humiliation of others. Is he going mad? Or is it the world around him that' s insane? How far would you go to escape the real world?
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Notes From Underground
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Notes From Underground
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Notes from the Underground and The Gambler
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Notes from Underground and the Double
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Notes from the Underground
          333 руб
Notes from Underground
His fiercely bitter, cynical and witty monologue ranges from general observations and philosophical musings to memorable scenes from his own life, including his obsessive plans to exact petty revenge on an officer who has shown him disrespect and a dramatic encounter with a prostitute.
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Notes from the Underground
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Notes from Underground & Other Stories
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Notes from Underground
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Notes from Underground
His fiercely bitter, cynical and witty monologue ranges from general observations and philosophical musings to memorable scenes from his own life, including his obsessive plans to exact revenge on an officer who has shown him disrespect and a dramatic encounter with a prostitute.
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Notes From Underground
          858 руб
Notes From The Underground
Furthermore, Richard Pevear' s substantial introduction is essential reading. It explains the purpose of the book and the historical significance of its ideas. Dostoevsky was writing at a time when Russia had reason to be optimistic, but the warning signs in his fiction perhaps leave us clues as to why Russia still has social problems today - and why, less than 40 years after Dostoevsky' s death, Russia embraced Communism and destroyed the society in which Dostoevsky had lived.
          1094 руб
Lotus Notes и Domino 5 6: Энциклопедия программиста (пер. с англ.) Изд. 2-е, перераб., доп ISBN 0-672-31414-2 966-7992-39-X
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Lotus Notes и Domino 6: сертификация для системного администратора (+ CD-ROM)
В книге читатель найдет подробные инструкции по подготовке к экзамену, описание всех важных терминов и понятий, применяющихся в системном администрировании Lotus Domino.
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Руководство разработчика: Lotus Notes и Domino 6: Универсальное руководство, посвященное одной из самых мощных корпоративних систем управления данными
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Lotus Notes и Domino 5/6: Platinum Edition (пер. с англ. ) Энциклопедия программиста:
          747 руб
Подробное руководство: Platinum Edition (пер. с англ. ) Разработка приложений в среде Lotus Notes и Domino 6:
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Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack the Japanese Psyche (на англ.яз.) - 310 с. ISBN 1-86046-843-8 0-099-46109-9 ~93.06.21 243
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