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Механика. Динамика          Автор Simonenko S.V.          Издательство Наука

Non-equilibrium Statistical Thermohydrodynamics of Turbulence
174 стр. твердый переплет

автор:Simonenko S.V.
издательство: Наука
цена:1366 руб
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The practical application of the new approach is shown in physical oceanography. The significance of the new approach is evaluated for laboratory and oceanic stratified turbulence. The closure relation for the three-dimensional isotropic homogeneous small-scale dissipative turbulence (in an incompressible viscous Newtonian fluid) is founded by combining the classical statistical approaches, the conception of the statistical ensemble and the classical formulation of the law of large numbers. The classical expression for the macroscopic kinetic energy of a small fluid particle in classical non-equilibrium thermodynamics is generalized by taking into account the local velocity shear related with the rate of strain tensor. A new approach to the theory of the small-scale dissipative turbulence based on non-equilibrium thermodynamics, continuum-mechanics and the statistical physics is developed in the monograph.

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Take Back Your Government!

Do not let the polling question suggest the answer desired. For example, here is a suitable phraseology for a telephone poll: "Good evening, is this Mrs. Mabel Smith? Mrs. Smith, this is the civic affairs research bureau speaking. Have you formed an opinion about the congressional candidates who will appear on your primary ballot a week from next Tuesday?" It should be possible for one worker to prepare a list for a telephone poll in one evening and get fifty responsive answers in not more than three evenings. A reply-postal card poll should take about the same length of time to prepare and is about as accurate, but it takes longer to get the results and 250 should be the minimum sent out. It may be cheaper than telephoning in districts involving long-distance tolls. (These reply-type postal cards, at two cents apiece, are invaluable in penny-pinching political work.) Don't attempt to make a straw-vote canvas door-to-door. Don't try it on the street. The names mud be pre-selected by some non-personal method. Mathematical Basis f or the Rule-of-Eight: (Skip this, if you like.) In any statistical sampling the larger the sample, the smaller the errors in the result, except for systematic errors - errors which are inherent in the thing being sampled ...

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Механика. Динамика

Computer Simulations In Statistical Mechanics of Planar Lattice Models. Exploring Both Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Aspects
We have performed extensive computer simulations in order to explore the equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of planar (spatial dimension=2) lattice models representing nematic liquid crystal.
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Neutral non-equilibrium population genetics
Finally, the feasibility of the approach is further illustrated with the aid of several examples of various demographic scenarios.
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Jamming in the Gas-fluidized Bed. An Experimental Study of Non-equilibrium Mechanics
In precise analogy with super-cooled liquids on approach to the glass transition, the size and lifetime of the clusters diverges on approach to the jamming transition, providing quantitative experimental support for the jamming concept.
          2782 руб
The Silicon Carbide MOS Capacitor. A Study of Defects, Generation Lifetimes, Leakage Currents, and Other Interesting Nonidealities in the Non-equilibrium SiC/SiO2 MOS Capacitor
Well developed methods, such as the pulsed MOS capacitor technique, are applied extensively to this device.
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Plasma catalysis is the term used to describe the procedure of non-thermal plasma addition to a chemical process such that chemical reaction or conversion rates are enhanced by the presence of plasma.
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Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics
Systems driven out of equilibrium do often exhibit patterned behavior such as fluctuations or phase transitions.
          1996 руб
Polymer Nanocomposites. Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics and Rheology
In polymer processing, such as extrusion and injection molding, the rheological properties of polymeric materials, related to the microstructure of macromolecules, play a very important role.
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SIMULATION STUDIES. of non-equilibrium collective phenomena in colloids
Our study of an interstitial point defect in a two-dimensional colloidal crystal shows that it is more mobile than a vacancy defect due to the more two-dimensional character of the di? usion. We also demonstrate that a bidisperse, phase segregated colloid system can be mixed e? ciently in the absence of temperature by driving the colloids over a random substrate and inducing plastic ? ow. We use Brownian dynamics simulations of colloidal systems to explore new nonequilibrium collective e? ects. Colloids driven over a symmetric ? ashing periodic substrate undergo a ratcheting behavior which can be used to fractionate di? erent particle species.
          2278 руб
Non-Parametric Statistics
It includes non-parametric statistical models, inference and statistical tests. * non-parametric statistic can refer to a statistic (a function on a sample) whose interpretation does not depend on the population fitting any parametrized distributions.
          1597 руб
Fractional statistics in optical lattices, supersolid phases, spin-charge separation and non-abelian anyons engineered by ultracold atoms Strongly correlated quantum physics with cold atoms.
In the first two chapters, we devise dynamical out-of-equilibrium preparation schemes which lead to intriguing final states.
          2360 руб
Robust Positioning Algorithms for Wireless Networks. Statistical Approaches to Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) Mitigation
This book presents several approaches to design statistical algorithms that achieve similar positioning accuracy to conventional techniques in LOS environments and do not degrade significantly when the degree of NLOS propagation increases.
          3213 руб
Common examples of useful statistical tools by SPSS for the non-statisticians Some statistical advices for the non-statisticians.
This book is written for the non-statisticians who are more or less familiar with statistics but anxious how to analyze their data.
          2006 руб
Non-Gaussianity and Statistical Anisotropy. in Cosmological Inflationary Models
N formalism to study the statistical descriptors for some cosmological inflationary models that allow us to obtain large levels of non-gaussianity and violations of the statistical isotropy.
          2278 руб
Statistical tolerance analysis method for non-normal distribution parts with mean shifts and drifts An Investigation on the Analysis Method for Assembled Tolerances.
For the mean shift studied for the cases represented in this paper, the results show the difference between this model and the Monte Carlo method with 1,000,000 simulation samples is less than 0. 5%. The two stack-up examples described in this paper show the predicted errors only 0. 799% and -1. 76% respectively. The proposed model is fast and accurate for non-normal distribution and process with mean shift or drift.
          2278 руб
Non-linear models in Mechanics: Mathematical Methods and Applications Instabilities and Turbulence.
The book consists of six chapters.
          3049 руб
Недетская еда: Эссе - 88 с. {Non Fiction} ISBN 5-94282-231-Х ~50.00.00 02676
          66 руб
Говорит Дмитрий Александрович Пригов - 168 с. {Non Fiction} ISBN 5-94282-036-8 ~92.12.09 124
          83 руб
Документы, письма, историко-театральный контекст - 464 с. {Non Fiction} Сонечка Голлидэй: Жизнь и актерская судьба:
          197 руб
На грани Non-fiction ISBN 5-8291-0305-2
Воронцов Валерий Александрович - известный ученый, общественный и государственный деятель, автор более 250 научных работ и изобретений, 27 книг (в том числе научно-популярных и научно-фантастических).
          127 руб
Сборник песен с аккордами: Выпуск 1 (сост. Липгард И.) - 64 с. {Non-stop music} ISBN 5-87643-035-6 ~91.09.28 064
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