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Механика. Динамика          Автор STEFANO P.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

264 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:STEFANO P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
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Developing new IR-sensitive materials, operating at room temperature without cooling, is undoubtedly a winning strategy which this book adopts by investigating the properties of non-crystalline silicon, with emphasis on boron-doped hydrogenated amorphous silicon, used as resistive material for micro-bolometers. The increasing popularity of infrared (IR) detectors in thermal imaging and pollution control is progressively stimulating the industry to enhance the detection efficiency, and ultimately the performance-cost ratio of IR cameras. Featuring a blend of theory and experiments (Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, optical absorption and resistivity measurements), the analysis encompasses the effects of BCl3-doping and hydrogenation on the electronic structure, phonon spectra and electrical transport of amorphous and micro-crystalline silicon materials. The contents are combined in order to drive professionals in IR sensors, as well as material scientists and graduate students in applied physics and engineering, from basic design parameters, such as temperature coefficient of resistivity and noise, down to the specifications for material deposition.

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Oil of Russia

Once the ice began to melt in Pechora in late May, the group was able to travel to the prospective area, which was 50 miles from the mouth of the river. The low levels of surface oil shows they found there were not sufficient to confirm the presence of a large oil field. The Pechora Group nevertheless decided to focus on the Ydzhid-Kyrt region, where a coal deposit was discovered. In addition to performing a large amount of construction work, the prisoners were also hurriedly building oil derricks. Whereas only two derricks were built in 1929, ten were erected in 1930. Atotal of 4,167 feet of hole were drilled in 1930, compared to only 768 feet in 1929. Significant progress was also seen in 1930 in the extraction and processing of Devonian crude. Some 97 tons were extracted that year, with 49 tons refined and 12 tons of kerosene produced. The expedition also discovered large coal reserves while recovering radium from Ukhta field formation water. A road was built connecting the Ukhta oil-bearing area with other parts of the country, and a real opportunity emerged to create an industrial base for the Komi Autonomous Region ...

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Механика. Динамика

Concepts, and Devices Uncooled Infrared Photon Detection.
IR photon sensors have a much higher sensitivity and a faster response-time compared to thermal sensors but usually these have to be cooled to reduce the thermal noise. Prof. A. G. Unil Perera (Georgia State University) – Infrared (IR) sensors are used in various applications; from simple household TV remote controls to NASA' s Hubble space telescope. This book provides several novel insights to the un- cooled infrared photon sensing based on novel semiconductor device concepts and detector designs. The book also provides complete Visual Basic source codes for automated semiconductor device characterization setups which are particularly beneficial for researchers and graduate students in optoelectronic field interested in setting up their own characterization setups. This work examines alternative IR sensing concepts with a view to resolve some of the issues of existing IR sensors such as operating temperature, response range, and production cost.
          3094 руб
Modeling, experiments and solar cells Interface properties of amorphous/crystalline silicon heterojunctions.
H/c-Si HJ solar cell fabrication.
          3985 руб
Surface Passivation of Crystalline Silicon using Amorphous Silicon. An Evaluation by PhotoCarrier Radiometry (PCR)
This book is intended for those who are pursuing technological applications in c-Si/a-Si:
          2006 руб
Interaction between point defects, fluorine and boron atoms in crystalline silicon Fluorine enriched silicon: properties and advantages.
The F capability in helping the B confinement in Si is widely recognized, even if there is not a general consensus on the physical mechanisms acting.
          1892 руб
High Detectivity Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors. QWIP Noise and Detectivity at Low Temperatures
The filter barrier of the IHET blocks the tunneling current and hence its noise at the collector and thus improves the detector sensitivity.
          1979 руб
Detection of surface cracks, subsurface defects and water-paths in building concrete structures INFRARED FLASH THERMOGRAPHY (FT) FOR BUILDING DIAGNOSIS.
This is my MPhil thesis on the topic of using infrared flash thermography (FT) for detecting surface cracks,subsurface defects and water-paths in building structures.
          3213 руб
Optical transitions in silicon-based optoelectronic devices. Temporally and spectrally resolved studies in the mid-infrared and Terahertz region of the electromagnetic spectrum
The concept of diagonal transitions poses a means of increasing these relaxation times.
          3985 руб
Organic Peracid Etches. Novel chromium-free etching solutions for the delineation of crystalline defects in thin silicon films
It is still the workhorse for a quick and simple evaluation of defect types and area densities.
          3619 руб
Infrared Camera-based Imaging Techniques for Solar-grade Silicon. From First Principles to Industrial Feasibility
This book is focused on both developing and investigating the capabilities of infrared (IR) camera-based characterisation techniques feasable of measuring the efficiency limiting parameters of crystalline silicon solar cell material.
          2414 руб
2-D Signal Processing and Coding for Digital Page- Oriented Memories. 2-D Equalization, Detection and Coding for Digital Non-linear Page-Oriented Volume Holographic Memories
We also evalu¬ate the effect of modulation coding, particularly balanced codes and low pass coding.
          2782 руб
The refraction of light in an ATP solution is studied by the Michelson interferometer and by directly measuring the refractive index.
          2414 руб
The Silicon Carbide MOS Capacitor. A Study of Defects, Generation Lifetimes, Leakage Currents, and Other Interesting Nonidealities in the Non-equilibrium SiC/SiO2 MOS Capacitor
Well developed methods, such as the pulsed MOS capacitor technique, are applied extensively to this device.
          2414 руб
Tracking of Crossing Targets with Passive Sensors. Tracking of Crossing Targets Using Forward Looking Infrared Red Sensors as Passive sensors and "Track-Before Detect (TBD)" Methodology
Two filters are examined: one assuming the displacement noise white and the other one modeling it correctly as autocorrelated.
          2006 руб
Demixage lineaire et detection d'anomalies Analyse non supervisee d'images hyperspectrales.
Ainsi, la PCA detecte les anomalies a taux de fausse alarme constant et les discrimine en classes spectralement homogenes.
          1876 руб
Non volatile memories based on Silicon dots. "The smaller space one bit of information can occupy, the more data you can get into a device and the faster it can operate"
Since memories are present in almost every electronic system, these technological advances depend on the development of the semiconductor memory itself.
          2278 руб
Недетская еда: Эссе - 88 с. {Non Fiction} ISBN 5-94282-231-Х ~50.00.00 02676
          66 руб
Говорит Дмитрий Александрович Пригов - 168 с. {Non Fiction} ISBN 5-94282-036-8 ~92.12.09 124
          83 руб
Документы, письма, историко-театральный контекст - 464 с. {Non Fiction} Сонечка Голлидэй: Жизнь и актерская судьба:
          197 руб
На грани Non-fiction ISBN 5-8291-0305-2
Воронцов Валерий Александрович - известный ученый, общественный и государственный деятель, автор более 250 научных работ и изобретений, 27 книг (в том числе научно-популярных и научно-фантастических).
          127 руб
Сборник песен с аккордами: Выпуск 1 (сост. Липгард И.) - 64 с. {Non-stop music} ISBN 5-87643-035-6 ~91.09.28 064
          56 руб

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