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Английский язык для языковых вузов          Автор Swerlova O. (Зверлова О.Ю.)          Издательство Pearson Education (Longman)

New Cutting Edge. Workbook with key Upper Intermediate.
112 стр. мягкая обложка 30x21x1 см
0-582-82528-8 978-0-582-82528-4

автор:Swerlova O. (Зверлова О.Ю.)
издательство: Pearson Education (Longman)
цена:790 руб

New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate Workbook consolidates and extends the language taught in the Students' Book. - Grammar exercises give students useful practice and build confidence. - Vocabulary boosters and Wordspots build on the lexical areas covered in the Students' Book. - Listen and read and Improve your writing sections develop skills. - Pronunciation sections focus on the sounds and the features of natural speech. The Workbook is accompanied by Students' Audio Cassettes / CDs. New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate takes students from B2 to C1 level of the Common European Framework. New Cutting Edge provides a complete teaching package: Students' Book Class Audio Cassettes / CDs Workbook (with and without key editions) Students' Audio Cassette / CD Teacher' s Resource Book Tests Videos. New Cutting Edge combines the comprehensive syllabus and reliable teaching resources that have made the course so popular with brand-new features, making it even fresher and easier to use.

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The World is Flat

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Писсуар для мальчиков "Лягушка" с прицелом.
Писсуар для мальчиков "Лягушка" с прицелом выполняет две важные функции. Во-первых, он помогает приучить мальчиков с самого
846 руб
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Настольная игра "Черепашьи бега".
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990 руб
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Дополнительный набор карт Имаджинариум "Персефона".
Имаджинариум "Персефона" - это самое новое дополнение к настольной игре для незаурядных компаний. 98 дополнительных карт от
750 руб
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Английский язык для языковых вузов

Upper-Intermediate. Students' Book with mini-dictionary New Cutting Edge.
          1445 руб
New Cutting Edge Upper-Intermediate Workbook without key
          790 руб
Teacher' s Resource Book (+ CD-ROM) Cutting Edge. Upper Intermediate (New Edition).
          2183 руб
Upper Intermediate. New Cutting Edge. Student' s Book with mini-dictionary (+ CD-ROM)
          1550 руб
CD-ROM. Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate New Edition Coursebook/CD-Rom/MyLab Access Card Pack
All activities are fully integrated with the popular adult English course New Cutting Edge, which is known for its strong lexical approach, comprehensive grammar syllabus and task-based methodology. For teachers: - An unparalleled combination of tools and resources to take online learning and support to new levels. - A wealth of interactive activities which can be assigned as online homework and save teachers time. - Easy assignment of activities according to your students’ individual learning needs helps you to improve results. For students: - Even more practice to help improve results and become more confident in communicating in English. - Rich, interactive activities give immediate feedback and extend learning outside of the classroom. - Personal gradebooks allow students to monitor their own progress and communicate tools help students work through any queries before the next class. - MyCuttingEdgeLab contains hundreds of familiar workbook activities assessment taken from the TestMaster CD ROM students’ book audio for self-study additional activities including webquests MyCuttingEdgeLab is a powerful online teaching and learning tool.
          1404 руб
New Cutting Edge. Student' s Book (+ CD-ROM) Upper Intermediate.
Mini-dictionary included inside every Student' s Book New Cutting Edge Intermediate takes students from B2 to C1 level of the CEF. New Cutting Edge features: - A comprehensive syllabus with thorough grammar, vocabulary and skills work; - Systematic vocabulary building which focuses on high-frequency, useful words and phrases; - Clearly-structured tasks to encourage student fluency and confidence; - Challenge your students with the "Study, Practice, Remember" sections; - Motivate your students with the self-study CD-ROMs which have additional grammar and vocabulary practice, plus "Real life" video sequences; - Engage your students with New Cutting Edge Digital - software for interactive whiteboards. Generally focussed on speaking, tasks are opportunities for in-class communication which encourages fluency and confidence. With a task-based learning approach, the main objective is for students to use the language that they know in order to achieve a particular communication goal.
          1996 руб
Upper Intermediate: Workbook with Key Cutting Edge.
          206 руб
Cutting Edge: Аудиокассета Student`s Cassette: Upper Intermediate:
          86 руб
Cutting Edge: Upper-Intermediate: Class CDS: 2 CD-Rom'a ISBN 0-582-48886-9
          253 руб
Cutting Edge: Сlass Cassettes: 2 аудиокассеты Upper Intermediate:
          308 руб
Upper Intermediate: Cutting Edge: Students Book (на англ. яз. )
          647 руб
Upper Intermediate: Students Book Cutting Edge.
          1308 руб
Cutting Edge Upper-Intermediate Teacher’s Book
          593 руб
Teacher s Resource Book Upper Intermediate: Cutting Edge.
          696 руб
Teacher s Resource Book (на спирали) Upper Intermediate: Cutting Edge:
          696 руб
Upper Intermediate: Students`book Cutting Edge.
          1054 руб
Workbook with key Cutting Edge. Upper Intermediate:
          109 руб
Cutting Edge Upper-Intermediate Teacher's Resource Book
          1147 руб
Cutting Edge Upper-Intermediate Workbook with key
          945 руб
Cutting Edge Upper-Intermediate Workbook without key
          704 руб

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