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Основы социологии          Автор Giacomo L.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Modelling the Risk: a Web-based approach. Using Virtual Reality for assessing the archaeological potentiality in an alluvial coastal plain
152 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Giacomo L.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:2414 руб
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A better way to perceive, understand and communicate Cultural Heritage has been achieved through VR applications, which have enabled archaeologists both to make reconstructions of original landscapes and to put artifacts in their original context. The case study we are presenting is meant to demonstrate how important can be the contribution given by Web3D technologies for communicating specific research aspects, such as the ones connected to the GIS-based spatial analysis applied to the archaeological landscape. Furthermore, the astonishing growth of the Web has led to a quick spread, even in the field of Cultural Heritage, of digital contents that can be accessed by a broader audience in an easier and more intuitive way. In the last decade 3D technologies have become a very effective mean for managing and interpreting archaeological data.

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The Emerging Mind: The Reith Lectures 2003

I don't want to sound like a New Age guru, but there are curious parallels between this idea and the Hindu philosophical view that there is no essential difference between self and others or that the self is an illusion. Now I have no clue what the solution to the problem of self is, what the shift in perspective might be. If I did I would dash off a paper to Nature today, and overnight I'd be the most famous scientist alive. But just for fun let me have a crack at it, at what the solution might look like. Our brains were essentially model-making machines. We need to construct useful, virtual reality simulations of the world that we can act on. Within the simulation, we need also to construct models of other people's minds because we're intensely social creatures, us primates. We need to do this so we can predict their behaviour. We are, after all, the Machiavellian primate. For example, you want to know was what he did a wilful action. In that case he might repeat it. Or was it involuntary in which case it's quite benign ...

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Основы социологии

Managing Business Model Risk. Resequencing, Re-Allocation and Backups
In essay 3, we examine the role of demand uncertainty on a multi-tier supply chain.
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Eine Analyse des Country Risk Assessment Model der OECD Laenderrisiko, Ratingagenturen.
Vor allem die Kritik der Performance der Ratingagenturen waehrend der Asienkrise, in der diese das Laenderrisiko nicht richtig einschaetzen konnten und somit die Asienkrise weiter verschaerften, hat dazu gefuehrt, dass auch ein alternatives Laenderrisikomodell in dieser Arbeit untersucht wurde:
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Violence Risk Assessment in Schools. Exploring the Predictive Validity of the Structured Professional Judgment Model
In a sample of 87 adolescent students, the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth was administered in accordance with the Structured Professional Judgment model on which it was developed.
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Modeling in Natural Resource Economics. Forecasting Electricity Demand, and Simulating Landowner Response to Wildfire Risk
Using hourly models and data for the U. S. mid-Atlantic, the model predicts a 4. 6% Chapter II offers an introduction to modeling with artificial neural networks (ANNs) for researchers familiar with OLS techniques.
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A Model for Assessing Performance System Risk. An Exploratory Study of the Organizational Performance System (OPS) Instrument as an Identifier of Performance System Risk
Performance systems comprise the equivalent of an organizational spine that, like human spines, require alignment without hyper states of rigidity or flexibility.
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Using a Protection-Risk Interaction Mechanism (PRIM) Model as a Framework Aggression Among Female Adolescents.
Based on the developmental processes of gender identity, socialization, and social-information processing, possible theoretical explanations as to the function of aggression among female adolescents are offered.
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Credit Risk Modeling. An Empirical Analysis on Pricing, Procyclicality and Dependence
The second section analyses the relationship between credit default swap index spread and stock market returns and the third section provides a comprehensive analysis on the cyclicality of default rates,recovery rates and their dependence using financial data provided by Bank Call Reports from 1991 to 2005 for all US commercial banks with total assets greater than $300 millions.
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Highway Asset Management under Risk and Uncertainty. Methodology, Models and Application
Highway project evaluation and project selection are key steps in the investment decision-making process.
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Multivariate Assessment of Stage Profiles and Predictors of Exercise. The Transtheoretical Model Applied to a Multiple Risk Sample
The challenge is to design interventions customized to a single individual based on his or her unique behavior, situation, and characteristics.
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Water Supply, Sanitation, and Gastrointestinal Illness. Estimating the Risk of Disease Using Cross-sectional Data and Marginal Structural Models
Recently developed methods in biostatistics allow investigators, under certain conditions, to estimate the causal effects associated with an exposure using observational data.
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Auto Wars. Enterprise Risk Management Model for Corporate Sustainability in the Automotive Business
Automotive companies face unexpected threats and opportunities depending on the degree of uncertainty and rapid changes in the automotive industry.
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Extreme Risk Analysis of Dynamic Interdependent Systems. With Applications to Sectors of the Economy and Financial Modeling
An innovative methodology is discussed in this book to utilize the industry-type interdependency matrix to estimate portfolio VaR under extreme conditions.
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Environmental Finances. A contribution to the model of valuation to Brazilian risk of credit, aggregating the environmental variable
Notedly, are rares evaluation models of the credit risk aggregating the environmental variable as much it isnt part of the intention of methodology, as by the method isn' t transparent about its methodology. This work intends to contribute for the development of a model about the evaluation of the credit risk, aggregating the environmental variable. Thus, this research was based on an exploratory methodology which technique was essentially made by a bibliographic survey, with the principal purpose to present a manner of mensuration and identification of the more frequently risks under the optical of the concession of credit. It were accosted aspects of financial management, of environmental law and Brazilian Legislation, as well as the analysis of some eco-efficiency and environmental indexes. At last, based upon some systems of risks classification, it was presented a contribution to the model of evaluation of risk, aggregating the environmental variable. This collaboration should be specially useful to professionals in Financial Risks fields, or anyone who has interest in Environmental Finances. In this century, the world is directed to the environmental problems.
          2006 руб
SURVIVAL OF TUBERCULOSIS PATIENTS TREATED UNDER DOTS. Estimation of Survival Probabilities and Identify the Risk Factors for Death of Tuberculosis Patients Using the Kaplan-Meier and Cox-Regression Model
In developing countries, like Ethiopia, tuberculosis continues to be a major health problem.
          2006 руб
Risk Modeling
Risk modeling is one of many subtasks within the broader area of financial modeling.
          1841 руб
Structural Credit Risk Models. An Empirical Study
To better examine their differences, the models are benchmarked against the much celebrated Merton' s model. Generally it is shown that structural credit risk models have empirical validity. However, all is not perfect. Since structural credit risk models may have two objectives. One being to accurately predict credit spreads, and another to determine the optimal capital structure. It is argued that if the goal is the former, then future structural models need to incorporate a more ? exible framework that can price the many di? erent types of bonds that make up a company' s debt simultaneously.
          1876 руб

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