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Mining Data Envelopment Analysis using Clustering Approach. for Heterogeneous Decision Making Units
132 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Hassan N.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:2401 руб
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Along with the theory, an extensive analysis in assessing the transportation system funding for school districts in the state of North Dakota is provided. In this book, a comprehensive model is presented. Many investigations have dealt with the DEA models, but few have focused on heterogeneous DMUs, outlier detection, and scalability over large data sets. The book includes the different preprocessing stages used in applying different approaches of data mining. A constraint based clustering method is introduced for early detection of outliers to evaluate the performance scores of non homogeneous DMUs. This book is originally a Ph. D. dissertation at NDSU,Fargo, ND, USA. This book integrates two important fields of information technology, data mining and data envelopment analysis (DEA), to provide a new tool for measuring the performance of decision making units (DMU).

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But people will do any amount of drudgery for companies of which they're the founders. [4] Bigger companies solve the problem by partitioning the company. They get smart people to work for them by establishing a separate R&D department where employees don't have to work directly on customers' nasty little problems. [5] In this model, the research department functions like a mine. They produce new ideas; maybe the rest of the company will be able to use them. You may not have to go to this extreme. Bottom-up programming suggests another way to partition the company: have the smart people work as toolmakers. If your company makes software to do x, have one group that builds tools for writing software of that type, and another that uses these tools to write the applications. This way you might be able to get smart people to write 99% of your code, but still keep them almost as insulated from users as they would be in a traditional research department. The toolmakers would have users, but they'd only be the company's own developers. [6] If Microsoft used this approach, their software wouldn't be so full of security holes, because the less smart people writing the actual applications wouldn't be doing low-level stuff like allocating memory ...

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Data clustering is the process in which groups of the records are not predefined.
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The modern technologies of computers, networks, and sensors have made data collection and organization much easier.
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