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Высшая математика. Кратные и криволинейные интегралы. Мир математики          Автор Kristen N.H.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Mineral (Band)
84 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Kristen N.H.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1393 руб
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Mineral was a prominent mid-90's indie-rock band originally from Houston, Texas, but soon relocated to Austin following their formation. All four members of Mineral were signed to Interscope Records on individual contracts. Its former members have since moved on to other musical projects including The Gloria Record, Pop Unknown, and Zookeeper.

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Гибель империи

Dutch Disease Economics and the Colombian Export Boom // World Development. 1986. September, Davies GA. Learning to Love the Dutch Disease: Evidence from the Mineral Economies // World Development, 1995. Vol. 23(10). P. 1765–1779; Gylfason T. Lessons from the Dutch Disease: Causes, Treatment and Cures. Institute of Economic Studies. Working Paper Series № 01/06. August 2001; Krugman P. The Narrow Moving Band, the Dutch Disease and the Competitive Consequences of MRS. Thatcher: Notes on Trade in the Presence of Scale Economies // Journal of Development Economics. 1987. Vol. 27. P. 41–55; Moiseev A. Analysis of Influence of the «Dutch Disease» and Taxation on Economic Welfare. Working Paper BSP/99/030. 1999; Struthers J. J. Nigerian Oil and Exchange Rates: Indicators of «Dutch Disease» // Development and Change. 1990. Vol. 21(2). P. 309–341; Jazayeri A, Economic Adjustment in Oil-based Economies. Atdershot: Avebury, 1988. 169 Для России эти проблемы особенно остры. В отличие от арабских государств Персидского залива наша страна индустриализирована ...

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Высшая математика. Кратные и криволинейные интегралы. Мир математики

Interaction of colloids with mineral surfaces. a microscopical and nanoscopical approach
Previous experiments have shown that the interaction of colloids as nanoscopic radionuclide carriers with natural mineral surfaces is complex.
          3619 руб
Osteoporosis and Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover in Men. Determinants of Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover and their Association with Bone Mineral Density
The classic twin study design was used to estimate the role of total heredity (genes and childhood elements), exercise (leisure time, work-related physical activities, and sports), smoking, calcium intake, weight and other health related factors in determining bone marker levels.
          2782 руб
Atomistic View of Mineral-adsorbate Interface. Investigation of Fluorapatite (100) Surface and its Interface with Biomolecules Using Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction
Apatite is an important biomineral, which constitutes the endoskeleton (bones and teeth) in vertebrates including humans.
          2782 руб
Mineral Economy and Developing Issue of Kachchh Region. Mineral Economy of Kachchh Region
In the context of liberalization and globalization improvement in quality of life of the masses assumes great importance at the global level.
          2414 руб
Celestine (mineral)
Celestine occurs as crystals, and also in compact massive and fibrous forms.
          1393 руб
The study of minerals is called mineralogy.
          1597 руб
Mineral acid
A mineral acid (or inorganic acid) is an acid derived from one or more inorganic compounds.
          1393 руб
Mineral County, West Virginia
As of 2000, the population was 27,078.
          1393 руб
Mineral del Monte
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1393 руб
Mineral Spring
          1393 руб
Mineral County, Montana
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1393 руб
Mineral Dust
Human activities lead to 30% of the dust load in the atmosphere.
          1393 руб
Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness
It was created in 1812 by the German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs and is one of several definitions of hardness in materials science.
          1393 руб
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
The player can also marry one of the five women in the town or the Harvest Goddess, a nature spirit who lives next to Mineral Town. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (Bokujou Monogatari: Mineral Town no Nakama Tachi in Japan) is a video game for the Game Boy Advance, developed by Marvelous Interactive Inc. and published in the U. S. by Natsume. It was released in November 2003.
          1189 руб
Mineral exploration
Mineral exploration is the process undertaken by companies, partnerships or corporations in the endeavour of finding ore (commercially viable concentrations of minerals) to mine.
          1189 руб
Mineral King
Mineral King is a subalpine glacial valley located in the southern part of Sequoia National Park, in the U. S. state of California.
          1189 руб
Heavy Mineral Sands Ore Deposits
Heavy mineral sands are a class of ore deposit which is an important source of zirconium, titanium, thorium, tungsten, rare earth elements, the industrial minerals diamond, sapphire, garnet, and occasionally precious metals or gemstones.
          1393 руб
Quartz (Mineral)
Le quartz est une espece minerale du groupe des silicates, sous-groupe des tectosilicates compose de dioxyde de silicium de formule SiO2 (silice), avec des traces de Al;Li;B;Fe;Mg;Ca;Ti;Rb;Na;OH.
          1189 руб
Mineral Spa
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          2006 руб
Mineral Wool
The latter term is generally used to refer solely to synthetic materials including fibreglass, ceramic fibres and rock or stone wool.
          1393 руб

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