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Книги          Автор Frederic P.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Middle East Theatre of World War II
164 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Frederic P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:2006 руб
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The Middle East Theatre remained quiet for the remainder of the war. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! From 1943, most of the action and forces concerned were in the adjoining Mediterranean Theatre. The region was quiet for the first few months of the war, until Fascist Italy declared war against France and Britaindeclared on June 10, 1940. It remained a major active theatre for two and a half years until the British Commonwealth Eighth Army crossed the border from Libya into Tunisia. The Middle East Theatre of World War II is defined largely by reference to the British Middle East Command, which controlled Allied forces in both Southwest Asia and eastern North Africa. In February 1943, command of the Eighth Army passed from the Middle East Command to the Allied Joint command for the Mediterranean, AFHQ.

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It is a region where the United States has key allies as well as important interests, and where weapons of mass destruction are being actively developed. Not entirely by coincidence, it is also the place the Persian Gulf, specifically where the United States fought its last major war, in 1991, and it is the only region of the world where more or less permanent U.S. forward-based military deployments have expanded since the end of the Cold War» / Garfinkle Adam. The Greater Middle East In 2025 // Foreign Policy Research Institute E-Notes. December 17. 1999 Причем, та торжественность и величественность геополитических аппетитов США в Средней Азии, которая сквозит из каждой строки эссе А. Гарфинкеля, думаю, позволяет мне перевести это «The Greater Middle East» уже не как просто «большой», а прямо «Великий Ближний Восток». Наконец, изданная в 2001 году корпорацией «РЭНД» монография «США и Азия: к новой стратегии и размещению вооруженных сил США», авторами которой являются лучшие специалисты этой организации,P спокойно, обстоятельно, технически проводит последнюю рекогносцировку и сверку позиций уже прямо по поводу организации схемы присутствия США в Азии в целом (Khaliliad Zalmay, Orletsky David, Pollack Jonathan, Pol/peter Kevin, Rabasa Angel, Shlapak David, Shulsky Abram, Tellis Ashley ...

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Mediterranean, Middle East and African Theatres of World War II
The African, Mediterranean and Middle East Theatre of World War II encompasses the naval, land, and air campaigns fought between the Allied and Axis forces in the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East and Africa.
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European Theatre of World War II
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East African Campaign (World War II)
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Order of Battle, East African Campaign (World War II)
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
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South West Pacific Theatre of World War II
The theatre takes its name from the major Allied command, which was known simply as the "South West Pacific Area".
          1841 руб
World War II.Frontline Command [CDR] { } ~94.01.04 053
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Burn After Reading: The Espionage History of World War II
A behind-the-scenes history of the war, this book offers an exciting picture of the whole range of clandestine activities the various forms of intelligence espionage and sabotage, subversion and counter-espionage - the entire secret war conducted apart from conventional warfare.
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The Rising Tide: A Novel of World War II
More than an unprecedented and intimate portrait of those who waged this astonishing global war, The Rising Tide is a vivid gallery of characters both immortal and unknown: the as-yet obscure administrator Dwight D. Eisenhower, whose tireless efficiency helped win the war; his subordinates, clashing in both style and personality, from George Patton and Mark Clark to Omar Bradley and Bernard Montgomery.
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The Greatest Battle: Stalin, Hitler, and the Desperate Struggle for Moscow That Changed the Course of World War II
This triggered panic in the city - with looting, strikes and outbreaks of previously unimaginable violence.
          1431 руб
The Ultimate Battle: Okinawa 1945 - The Last Epic Struggle of World War II
When one line was about to be breached, the Japanese would slip away to the next one, forcing the Americans to repeat the same exhausting and deadly "corkscrew and blowtorch" assaults all over again.
          455 руб
The Masters and Commanders: The Military Geniuses Who Led The West To Victory In World War II
Yet each knew that he had to win at least two of the others over in order to get his strategy adopted.
          1462 руб
The Secret History of World War II
Through them, the reader is afforded a wonderfully intimate insight into the thinking of the three men who led the Allies to victory.
          287 руб
Agent Zigzag: Most Notorious Double Agent of World War II
          779 руб
Endgame, 1945: The Missing Final Chapter of World War II
To end a history of World War II at VE Day is to leave the tale half told.
          287 руб
World War II: The Autobiography
This autobiography offers a panoramic view of the conflict and with entries from all the major figures of the war, including Churchill, Field Marshal Montgomery, Hitler, Stalin and Rommel, as well as accounts from the men and women on the front line, the home front and those unfortunate to be prisoners of war, from all sides of the conflict.
          289 руб
Moral Combat: A History of World War II
What, in the end, will constitute its victory? Burleigh' s fascinating and deeply engaging exploration refuses to draw lessons from the past for the future, remaining instead firmly focused on the on-the-spot decisions that came to define the conflict. Original, perceptive and remarkable in scope, this is an unforgettable and hugely important Second World War history. Opening with the ' predators' - Mussolini, Hitler, Prince Hirohito of Japan - and moving onto appeasement (a popular policy or a ' wrong' policy? ), the rape of Poland, Barbarossa, the role of Churchill, and the Holocaust, Burleigh analyses the moral dimension of the Second World War' s most important moments.
          457 руб
Educated Jewish Elites of Estonia and Slovenia before World War II Making of Jewish Intelligentsia.
Jews and education presents itself as one of the main motifs and thrust in Jewish culture during the Modern Era.
          3189 руб
We Were Victims Too. The Rediscovery of German Civilian Suffering in World War II
Will Germans now line up to take their place in the universal cult of victimhood?
          2006 руб
IMAGES OF WOMEN ON THE HOME FRONT. The Collaboration of Hollywood and the Office of War Information During World War II
Six months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor—in June of 1942—President Franklin Delano Roosevelt formed the Office of War Information by Executive Order, ostensibly to educate the American public on war activity.
          2006 руб
The Approach of Turkish-American Accord. The Portrayal of the United States in Ulus Gazetesi during World War II
This study re-examines one aspect of this traditional interpretation, concluding that, according to the information published by Ulus newspaper (the contemporary Turkish government’s semi-official mouthpiece) before and during WWII, the Turkish government was already pro-American before WWII, stayed firmly pro-Allies during the war, and became even more staunchly pro-American as the war wound down into the new bipolar world.
          2006 руб

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