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Английская художественная литература в оригинале          Автор Joseph S.          Издательство Penguin Group

Making Globalization Work: The Next Steps to Global Justice
384 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Joseph S.
издательство: Penguin Group
цена:577 руб
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The author shows us that things can change and that an optimistic world can exist where globalization really does work. He examines how change has occurred rapidly over the past four years, proposing solutions and looking to the future. Why isn`t globalization benefitting as many people as it should?

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Trance–formations. Neuro–Linguistic Programming™ and the Structure of Hypnosis

There was nothing to correct. You see, there are no mistakes in communication, Joan. There are only responses or outcomes that you get by your communication. The response that you got wasn't the one that you wanted. That doesn't make it a mistake; it just makes it the next step in getting the response that you do want. You noticed that when you mentioned the words "disembodied arm" you got a violent response. Given the principle of incorporation, what do you do? You immediately say "And that really upsets you." That is one choice. Notice that it's not a sensory–grounded statement. I am making a guess that the name of the experience that I've just elicited would fit into the general, vague category called "upset." If you don't trust yourself to make those guesses, then you stay completely general. "And you really have a response to that. And there are many responses that you might learn to make to that particular item." You don't even know what he was responding to, so you say "that particular item." Or "You might consider how your close friend would respond to that idea in a way which is different from the way that you just did." Again, you are incorporating ...

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Английская художественная литература в оригинале

A case study looking to optimize individual and team creativity and the organisational context Making Team Work More Creative.
          2006 руб
How to make money work for your life Brilliant Personal Finances:
What does it take to get your finances under control? It' s virtually impossible to live without money yet far too often bad money management causes anxiety and stress. Clearing debts and managing your money successfully isn' t complicated, but the biggest difficulty is fear and a lack of confidence.
          312 руб
Make Meetings Work
If run badly they can seem like no more than a time-wasting irritant to the participants.
          1003 руб
Home Office Life: making a space to work at home
          3 руб
What Makes Couples Therapy Work?. Common Factors Across the Practices of Prominent Couples Therapy Model Developers
Data for the study were derived from interviews with prominent couples therapy model developers Dr. Susan Johnson That couples therapy works and works well is without question.
          2745 руб
Realism, Globalization, and Latin America. The Quest for Democracy in the Work of Alejandro Serrano Caldera
The present work, accordingly, draws from Alejandro Serrano Caldera, a Nicaraguan philosopher and social critic, to critique realism and develop an anti-realist social vision on which to build a new type of nation, ethic, and politics grounded on human praxis.
          2414 руб
Making Teachers Feel Better About Their Daily Work The Positive Impact Interdisciplinary Teaming Has On Teacher Morale.
The researcher conducted interviews and observations of teachers individually, and while working as a team.
          2006 руб
Making the Poor Work. Social Assistance and Activation Programs in Sweden
Social assistance developed in the 1980s in the direction of an income guarantee.
          3232 руб
Reflection on the need of theological transformation for the Church' s advocacy work in Malawi Being a Church in a globalized world.
This situation is worsening and deepening the HIV Malawi is one of the developing countries where ethical issues have been compromised due social economic injustice.
          2006 руб
Viewing the Work of Erik H. Erikson as a Valuable Resource to the Field of Art Therapy Helping to Make Them See.
This work explores the historical context surrounding the life of Erikson, his training in various fields, his difficult experience trying to choose an identity between artist and psychoanalyst, and the written works that he contributed later in his life.
          2006 руб
What Hampton graduates are doing in land-buying, in home-making, in business, in teaching, in agriculture, in establishing schools, in the trades, in church ... work, in the professions, 1868-1904
          593 руб
A trend in global media ethics. Theravada Buddhist Precepts and Journalism Ethical Decision-making
Students from the three counties (Cambodia, China and the United States) identified their logic and feelings, personal values, professional conduct, and code of ethics as more relevant to their ethical decision- making than their colleagues' actions, colleagues' view, editor' s reaction, and needs of their news organizations. Cambodian journalism students are more likely to consult their colleagues and editors than their Chinese and American counterparts. The Buddhist precepts of avoiding killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, idle chatter, divisive speech and hurtful speech have little influence on the decision-making of Cambodian journalism students although different demographic factors of the students identified differences when they considered the Buddhist precepts. This study is a cross-cultural inquiry of ethical decision-making among Cambodian, Chinese and U. S. journalism students, and an identification of relationships between major Buddhist precepts and ethical decision-making of different demographic groups of Cambodian journalism students.
          1921 руб
Globalizing Denmark. ASB international students want to socially integrate and work in Denmark: so why is it so difficult?
Studies show that there is an increasing need for an international workforce - so why is it so difficult for internationals?
          1892 руб
Soft Law and the Global Financial System: Rule Making in the 21st Century
The global financial crisis of 2008 has given way to a proliferation of international agreements aimed at strengthening the prudential oversight and supervision of financial market participants.
          2625 руб
The Global Cold War: Third World Interventions and the Making of Our Times
Ranging from China to Indonesia, Iran, Ethiopia, Angola, Cuba, and Nicaragua, it provides a truly global perspective on the Cold War.
          2056 руб
Компетенции at work. (Компетенции на работе)
          2088 руб
A Book for Aural; Oral Work: Пособие для аудирования и развитие навыков устной речи к учебнику английского языка для 1-го курса филологических факультетов Изд. 3-е - 187 с. ISBN 5-8330-0099-8 ~90.09.18 905
          48 руб
Учебник Изд. 5-е, испр. , доп. // An Advanced Book for Aural/ Oral Work: Учебное пособие Изд. 3-е, перераб. : Комплект для 2 курса филологических факультетов вузов Second year: A Course of English: Лабораторные работы по практической грамматике английского языка: Учебное пособие по аудированию и развитию навыков устной речи по английскому языку Изд. 3-е, испр. , перераб. // Advanced Practical Grammar in Patterns:
          257 руб
English for work and travel: Современная деловая переписка; Учебный курс с практическими упражнениями и ключами - 320 с. Новый бизнес-курс английского языка: Образцы реального общения;
          71 руб
Пособие для аудирования и развитие навыков устной речи к учебнику английского языка Изд. 3-е 5-е Practical Grammar in Patterns: Учебник Изд. 7-е 8-е A Book for Aural Oral Work: Комплект для 1 курса филологических факультетов вузов - 916 с. Английский язык: Лабораторные работы по практической грамматике к учебнику английского языка Изд. 3-е 5-е Аудиокассета: A course of english:
          288 руб

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