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Книги          Автор Ellis B.E.          Издательство Picador

Lunar Park

9780330441674 978-0-330-44167-4

автор:Ellis B.E.
издательство: Picador
цена:278 руб
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Lunar Park
In this chilling tale fantasy and reality combine to create an alternate version of the author' s life, one that that is as shocking as it is haunting. Bret Ellis is a writer whose first novel, Less than Zero, catapulted him to international stardom. As he struggles to defend his family, his very sanity is called into question. In the wake of his third novel, American Pyscho, he was vilified mercilessly. Unfortunately his newly found family and stability is immediately threatened by a freak sequence of events and a bizarre series of murders that seem all to be connected to Bret. Now, ten years later, the time has come for Bret to reconnect with his son and his mother and try to have a more sedate life. In the midst there is the loss of his father and his dissolution in a world of drugs and booze.
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Lunar Park
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Mansfield Park
Fanny Price, a poor relation, is brought up at the wealthy Bertrams' country house and fallls for Edmund, the younger son. Their lives are disrupted, however, by the arrival of the worldly Mary Crawford and her brother Henry. With her usual psychological insight and attention to detail, Jane Austen paints an irresistibly lifelike portrait of shifting values and split loyalties. Mansfield Park is a novel about town and country, surface dazzle and lasting values.
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