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Книги          Издательство National Geographic Society

Look, Listen & Say Pupil's Book (+ CD-ROM)
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издательство: National Geographic Society
цена:677 руб
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Key language is presented in delightful picture stories and is then practiced in simple and effective activities without the need for reading and writing. Look, Listen and Say is an exciting new course specially written for children starting to learn English at a very young age. Activities include songs, role-playing, coloring and craft activities.

Федеральный перечень учебников 2018/2019 -30% Игры. Игрушки -30% Канцтовары -30% Всё для праздников и карнавалов -30% Товары для детей -30% Ёлочные игрушки по форме -30% Электрогирлянды -30% Прочее -18%


Perl may look like a cartoon character swearing, but there are cases where it surpasses Python conceptually. So far, anyway. Both languages are of course moving targets. But they share, along with Ruby (and Icon, and Joy, and J, and Lisp, and Smalltalk) the fact that they're created by, and used by, people who really care about programming. And those tend to be the ones who do it well. Great Hackers (This essay is derived from a talk at Oscon 2004.) A few months ago I finished a new book, and in reviews I keep noticing words like "provocative'' and "controversial.'' To say nothing of "idiotic.'' I didn't mean to make the book controversial. I was trying to make it efficient. I didn't want to waste people's time telling them things they already knew. It's more efficient just to give them the diffs. But I suppose that's bound to yield an alarming book. Edisons There's no controversy about which idea is most controversial: the suggestion that variation in wealth might not be as big a problem as we think. I didn't say in the book that variation in wealth was in itself a good thing ...

Кондиционер для белья "Mitsuei", с ароматом белых цветов, 2 л.
Кондиционер для белья придает невероятную мягкость вашим вещам. Идеально подходит для всех видов ткани, даже для деликатных, таких как
371 руб
Раздел: Ополаскиватели, кондиционеры
Шторка антимоскитная универсальная, с магнитными замками ТД7-009.
Размеры: 100х220 см. Препятствует проникновению насекомых. Не нарушает естественную циркуляцию воздуха. Подходит для любых типов дверных
424 руб
Раздел: Сетки противомоскитные
Альбом для коллекционирования наклеек "Чемпионат мира по футболу FIFA 2018" (35 наклейки в.
Альбом "Чемпионат мира по футболу FIFA 2018" - это место для хранения 682 коллекционных наклеек. Формат альбом: 232х270 мм. В
392 руб
Раздел: Канцтовары, хобби


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