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Lipid Based Drug Delivery Systems for Proteins. Physical stability of proteins at the oil-water interface
96 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Lene J.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1979 руб
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A joint characteristic of many delivery systems are the presence of two phases and an interface. Since proteins are amphiphilic molecules the effect exercised by this exposure to the interface on the structure of the protein is of great importance. It is especially useful to new pharmaceutical scientists moving into this field. During preparation, proteins are exposed to mechanical stress, to different excipients, to the mixing of the phase, and to the creation of an oil-water interface. This book contains a literature review with emphasis on the various aspects of protein physical stability at the oil-water interface and exemplifies the major choices that have to be made when examining the structural changes in various formulations. Proteins are pharmaceuticals with high specificity and activity at relatively low concentrations, but to fully exploit their potential, an increased effort has been put into the research and development of suitable drug delivery concepts. The success of a protein depends on the development of a formulation that maintains the native protein structure and activity during preparation of the delivery system.

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The Language of the Genes

Workers in the primitive oil industry believed that people with fair hair and freckles should not be employed they were at risk of 'sootwort', as scrotal cancer was known. As such people are in more danger of skin cancer when exposed to sunlight, there may be some truth in the idea. Seven million die of cancer each year. Many expose themselves to environments so dangerous that even the finest genes cannot save them. Caliban himself could not have devised a contrivance as fiendish as the cigarette: a cheap drug delivery system that provides a narcotic as addictive as heroin and some of the most carcinogenic of all chemicals. Hundreds of millions of people have volunteered themselves as subjects in a gigantic experiment and millions have obligingly died. Their generosity proves the joint actions of nature and nurture. If everybody smoked, lung cancer would be a genetic disease. Many of the cellular checks and balances have a lot of natural variation. For one crucial member, about one person in ten has a highly active form which, when faced with tobacco smoke, does its job very well — and, as it does so, produces a dangerous carcinogen ...

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