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Механика. Динамика          Автор Frederic P.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Large Magellanic Cloud
120 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Frederic P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1597 руб
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At a distance of slightly less than 50 kiloparsecs (? 160,000 light-years), the LMC is the third closest galaxy to the Milky Way, with the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal (~ 16 kiloparsecs) and Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy (~ 12. 9 kiloparsecs) lying closer to the center of the Milky Way. The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) is a nearby irregular galaxy, once thought to be a satellite of our own. While the LMC is often considered an irregular type galaxy (the NASA Extragalactic Database lists the Hubble sequence type as Irr/SB(s)m), the LMC contains a very prominent bar in its center, suggesting that it may have previously been a barred spiral galaxy. The LMC' s irregular appearance is possibly the result of tidal interactions with both the Milky Way, and the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC). The LMC is the fourth largest galaxy in the Local Group, the first, second and third largest places being taken by Andromeda Galaxy (M31), our own Milky Way Galaxy, and the Triangulum Galaxy (M33), respectively. It has a mass equivalent to approximately 10 billion times the mass of our Sun (1010 solar masses), making it roughly 1/10 as massive as the Milky Way, and a diameter of about 14,000 light-years.

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Coders at Work: Reflections on the craft of programming

I donБЂ™t think thereБЂ™s a lot of waste in computer science curriculum. I think that itБЂ™s mostly very good stuff to know. I think going to school is useful, but itБЂ™s not everything that you need to be successful in the industry or to build systems. I do think that curriculum in many schools has been slow to adapt. There are a number of places where that comes into play: working in a team is not taught so much in school. This idea of being able to put the pieces together is not really taught there, but somehow the kids pick it up anyway, so maybe thatБЂ™s OK. At Google weБЂ™re certainly interested in this large-scale cloud computing, parallel computing, and so forth. ThatБЂ™s not taught so much, although I think thereБЂ™s a lot of interest in it. So I think they lag behind a little bit, but I think itБЂ™s still useful. Seibel: And are there any areas where academics are out in front of industry? Where industry is ignoring good stuff about how we ought to build software. Norvig: I think to some degree. Probably the best example was the model checking where Intel wasnБЂ™t really paying much attention and then they had this big recall and they lost a lot of money because they had a bug in their multiply ...

Швабра "МОП" с отжимной ручкой, 118 см.
Для влажной уборки. Материал: металлическая трубка, пластик, микрофибра. Цвет в ассортименте без возможности выбора.
347 руб
Раздел: Швабры и наборы
Стол детский складной "Алина" (цвет: бук).
Стол "Алина" детский складной. Материал: металл, пластик. Размер столешницы: 600x450 мм. Высота стола: 580 мм. Возраст: от 3 до 7 лет.
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Раздел: Столики
Детская машинка "ВИХРЬ".
Маленькие гонщики в возрасте от 1 до 3 лет будут в восторге от маневренной машинки "Вихрь". Легкая и невероятно простая в
1350 руб
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Механика. Динамика

Large Magellanic Cloud X-2
Many X-ray sources have been observed in the LMC so it may be the first astronomical X-ray source (Mensa X-1) and is Dorado X- 1. One of the sources detected is Large Magellanic Cloud X-2, or LMC X-2.
          1520 руб
Small Magellanic Cloud
It has a total mass of approximately 7 billion times the mass of our Sun.
          1385 руб
Circularization and Tidal Dissipation in Eclipsing Binary Stars. Results for early type binaries in the Magellanic Clouds from the MACHO project.
This work studies orbital circularization of binary stars past the Main Sequence using two new samples of eclipsing binary stars found in the Magellanic Clouds by the MACHO Project, as well as samples introduced by the OGLE-II project and finds strong evidence of orbit circularization past the Main Sequence phase of stellar evolution, by the almost complete absence of systems with eccentric orbits in the Red Giant part of the Color Magnitude Diagram whereas the Main Sequence exhibits systems with a broad range of eccentricities.
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Magellanic Clouds
The first preserved mention of the Large Magellanic Cloud was by Persian astronomer Al Sufi, who in 964, in his Book of Fixed Stars, calls it al-Bakr, meaning "the White Ox", of the southern Arabs, and points out that while invisible from Northern Arabia and Baghdad, this object is visible from the strait of Bab el Mandeb, at 12°15' Northern latitude. The Magellanic Clouds have been known since the earliest times by the ancient Middle Eastern peoples. The two Magellanic Clouds are irregular dwarf galaxies, which are members of our Local Group and are orbiting our Milky Way galaxy. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
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George Harrison'Cloud Nine' Japan [CD] { } ~54.00.00 88854
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George Harrison 'Concert for Bangla Desh&Cloud Nine+3 bonus' [2 CD] { } ~54.00.00 50142
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English Dictionary-Large
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The Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud
          278 руб
Cloud Atlas
          791 руб
Harvard Business Essentials: Managing Projects Large and Small
Thanks to the book' s comprehensive information on everything from planning and budgeting to team building and after-project reviews, managers will master the discipline and skills they need to achieve stellar results without wasting time and money. "The Harvard Business Essentials Series" is for managers at all levels but is especially relevant for new managers. It offers on-the-spot guidance, coaching, and tools on the most relevant topics in business. Each book includes the critical information that managers need on a given topic - from budgeting to hiring to communication to strategy - and offers interactive tools and worksheets that translate advice into action. Providing ready answers to day-to-day issues, these guides make sound, trusted mentoring advice available whenever managers need it. Other Books in the "HBE Series" are: "Managing Change and Transition"; "Hiring and Keeping the Best People"; "Finance for Managers Business"; "Communications"; "Innovation"; and "Negotiation". When it comes to project management, success lies in the details. This book walks managers through every step of project oversight from start to finish.
          952 руб
A Date on Cloud Nine
And the more he tries to stop her, the more she goes on about angels making her do it. His mind should be on revenge, but when she bats those long sexy lashes at him, it suddenly doesn' t seem so important anymore. Not when he has a chance to show her that theirs is a passion that comes only once in a lifetime. Jenna McKnight dazzles with a romantic comedy featuring a woman who has been sent back from heaven to "do something really important". . . if she doesn' t get distracted by the very sexy Jackson Murdoch first!
          206 руб
Gerhard Richter: Large Abstracts
This elegant volume of color plates featuring profound essays by Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Beate Sö ntgen, and Gregor Stemmrich focuses on the artist’s abstract paintings, which have comprised a dominant portion of his collective works since the eighties. The book does not trace the development of form and content in the paintings, but concentrates instead on the paintings that thematically comprise a homogenous body of work. It is based on the assertion that Richter’s abstract paintings are the results of various painterly processes that are not guided in a particular direction by a content-related precept. The featured paintings were produced between 1986 and 2006 and place emphasis on large-format paintings characterized by a prodigious painterly density. Painting—its principles, boundaries, and possibilities—is the central theme of the extensive body of work by Gerhard Richter (*1932 in Dresden), an oeuvre has been characterized by stylistic contrasts since the very beginning.
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At Large
What no doubt heightened the pleasure for me was that I had been passing through a somewhat dreary period.
          1148 руб
Paddington at Large
Then Paddington has a sticky time of it making toffee in Mrs Bird&s kitchen, and an even stickier time explaining what went wrong. And who else but Paddington could set Father Christmas&s beard on fire?
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Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud
          851 руб
Young Explorers 2: Sun Cloud Stone
Серия включает в себя как современную прозу и классические произведения, так и научно-популярную литературу.
          455 руб
The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud
Heartwarming and uplifting novel examining love in all its guises.
          475 руб
Little Cloud
          494 руб
Hero at Large
          264 руб
Dot.Cloud: облачные вычисления - бизнес-платформа XXI века
Видение, изложенное в книге, основано на идее совместного использования информационных ресурсов большим количеством разнообразных организаций и пользователей, что создает условия для эффективного управления бизнес-процессами и оптимизации работы в соответствии с меняющимися условиями деловой среды.
          752 руб

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