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Книги          Издательство Scholastic

Justin Bieber: His World Star Scene
96 стр. мягкая обложка

издательство: Scholastic
цена:206 руб
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Justin Bieber was born in Canada and became a YouTube sensation when he was only 12 years old. He's now signed with Island Def Jam Records and just released his first album, My World. Justin is working with music heavyweights like P. Diddy and Usher and already has four hit singles and a rabid fan base! He's set to release new album in March and to be on tour for much of the year. This book has all the facts about Justin and tons of fun photos.

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Коды комического в сказках Стругацких 'Понедельник начинается в субботу' и 'Сказка о Тройке'

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Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever, My Story
Justin Bieber is a global superstar and now, for the first time ever, he' s going to tell all in his very own book. Justin' s story is the stuff that every kid dreams of. Growing up an only child in Ontario, Canada, Justin had a natural talent for music; he was forever singing around the house and taught himself to play drums, guitar, piano and trumpet.
          506 руб
Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started
Starting from the first night of his debut world tour, Justin invites you to follow him on his rollercoaster ride to superstardom - as he visits the far corners of the globe, makes his very own movie, records his new album, wins numerous awards and pens a bestselling book, to name just a few of the amazing feats he' s achieved over the past few years. Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started is an exclusive peek inside Justin' s phenomenal world. You' ll share in the highs and lows of life on the road, reading Justin' s innermost thoughts and feelings as he navigates life in the limelight. You' ll hang out with him on the tour bus, and will share in the laughter as he pulls pranks on his crew! Jam packed full of unseen and exclusive photos taken especially for the book, plus behind-the-scenes gossip, this is the only official book for Justin' s true fans. Get your backstage pass at the ready as you go behind the scenes with Justin Bieber, in his brand new book - 100% official - and discover what life is really like as the world' s hottest pop star! Justin Bieber has come a long way from being your average school kid, busking on the streets of the small town of Stratford, Ontario, in Canada. And he wouldn' t be where he is today without his legion of loyal Beliebers - who have been with him every step of the way on this incredible journey.
          1039 руб
Baby (Justin Bieber song)
          1529 руб
Somebody to Love (Justin Bieber Song)
The song serves as the second single from his album, My World 2. 0. It was written by Bieber, Heather Bright, and The Stereotypes, and produced by The Stereotypes.
          1313 руб
Justin Bieber Unleashed!
Kids will take a behind-the-scenes tour of his personal life and career. They' ll discover what Justin is up to, on stage and off. Packed with gorgeous photos, personal facts about Justin' s favorite things, cool quotations, and test-yourself quizzes, Justin Bieber Unleashed! is the book for everybody who has Bieber Fever! It' s superstar Justin Bieber' s illustrated life story - his amazing journey from life as an ordinary kid in Canada to his rise to stardom as a worldwide singing sensation.
          320 руб
Die ganze Geschichte Justin Bieber:
          786 руб
Justine Bieber Confidential
Welcome to the world of Justin Bieber.
          906 руб
The Works Now Extant of S. Justin the Martyr
          1145 руб
Ежедневник: Тинейджербум для девчонок: 2005-2006 г. (Justin Timberlake): Анкеты, звезды, Отношения с парнями и др.
          54 руб
Justin Timberlake 'Justified' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 11151
          207 руб
Иллюстрированное учебно-практическое издание, ежегодник: Выпуск 3 (Justin Timberlake) Тинейджербум для девчонок 2003-2004 г. : Ежедневник, анкеты, полезная информация:
          53 руб
Justin (Historian)
His name is mentioned only in the title of his own history, and there it is in the genitive, which would be M. Juniani Justini no matter which nomen he bore.
          1597 руб
Justin Williams
Justin Williams played minor hockey in Port Hope, Ontario before gaining a reputation as a skilled playmaker with the Cobourg Cougars in 1998.
          1597 руб
Justin Boren
Justin Matthew Boren (b. April 28, 1988) is an American Football offensive lineman who has played guard and center during his high school and college football career.
          1841 руб
Cyclone Justin
Total estimated costs in Australia were $190 million (1997 values).
          1393 руб
My Love (Justin Timberlake song)
It was released on September 12, 2006, by Jive Records as the second single from the album.
          1393 руб
Justin Timberlake Discography
The discography of American singer Justin Timberlake consists in two studio albums, eleven singles—each single with one respective music video—and three DVDs on Jive Records.
          2006 руб
Justin (consul 540)
          1597 руб
Justin Haythe
He is the writer and executive producer of Snitch, currently in pre-production.
          1189 руб
Arabia (Daughter of Justin II)
Arabia was the only recorded daughter of Byzantine emperor Justin II (r. 565–578) and his empress Sophia.
          1189 руб

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