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Разное          Автор Elliott M.H.          Издательство Brown and Company          Издательство Little

Just Another Manic Mum-Day
384 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Elliott M.H.
издательство: Brown and Company Little
цена:450 руб
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Roxy, husband Jack and their daughter, Joey, 3, are building a new life for themselves in sunny Sydney, Australia, but Roxy's finding it hard to settle down. And when she discovers she's pregnant again, things become even more complicated. She's already struggling to form a meaningful bond with their daughter how will she cope with a second child? Frustrated at the lack of places for stressed-out parents to go, Roxy and her new friend, Shoshanna, decide to set up Just Another Manic Mum-Day a cafe that will cater exclusively for parents like them and their needs. It's not long before Roxy's offered the chance to open up a nationwide chain of cafes in the UK. Seizing the opportunity with both hands, Roxy heads back to England but once there, surrounded by her loved ones, she realises how much she's missed home. But Jack is still in Sydney and Roxy's due date is fast approaching. Will he make it home in time or at all?

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How To Win Friends And Influence People

It works for all of us. Ken Nottingham, an employee of General Motors in Indiana, usually had lunch at the company cafeteria. He noticed that the woman who worked behind the counter always had a scowl on her face. "She had been making sandwiches for about two hours and I was just another sandwich to her. I told her what I wanted. She weighed out the ham on a little scale, then she gave me one leaf of lettuce, a few potato chips and handed them to me. "The next day I went through the same line. Same woman, same scowl. The only difference was I noticed her name tag. I smiled and said, 'Hello, Eunice,' and then told her what I wanted. Well, she forgot the scale, piled on the ham, gave me three leaves of lettuce and heaped on the potato chips until they fell off the plate." We should be aware of the magic contained in a name and realize that this single item is wholly and completely owned by the person with whom we are dealing and nobody else. The name sets the individual apart; it makes him or her unique among all others ...

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Сумка-транспортный чехол Baby care "TravelBag" для коляскок "Трость", чёрный.
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More than a year later, Bond is released as part of a prisoner exchange, and, surmising that someone within the British government betrayed him, he follows a trail of clues in an effort to earn redemption by finding his betrayer and learning the intentions of billionaire Gustav Graves, who in typical Bond fashion, is not all that he seems.
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Another Day (Michael Jackson song)
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
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Another Day (Paul McCartney Song)
Neither song was included on the original pressings of Ram. "Another Day" is written in an observational style reminiscent of "Eleanor Rigby" and "She' s Leaving Home". Coincidentally, Denny Seiwell, drummer from Ram Sessions, called it, ""Eleanor Rigby" in New York City. " The lyrics describe the drudgery and sadness of an unnamed woman' s life at work and at home, with the lilting melody of the verses and "du du du"s of the chorus contrasting with the darker tone (lyrically and musically) of the bridges.
          1507 руб

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