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Высшая математика. Кратные и криволинейные интегралы. Мир математики          Автор Frederic P.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

John Forbes Nash, Jr.
184 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Frederic P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:2104 руб
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Nash is the subject of the Hollywood movie A Beautiful Mind. His theories are used in market economics, computing, evolutionary biology, artificial intelligence, accounting, politics and military theory. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! John Forbes Nash, Jr. (born June 13, 1928) is an American mathematician whose works in game theory, differential geometry, and partial differential equations have provided insight into the forces that govern chance and events inside complex systems in daily life. The film, loosely based on the biography of the same name, focuses on Nash' s mathematical genius and struggle with paranoid schizophrenia. Serving as a Senior Research Mathematician at Princeton University during the later part of his life, he shared the 1994 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with game theorists Reinhard Selten and John Harsanyi.

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iКона: Стив Джобс.

Уникальный стиль подписи Стива Джобса отображает его творческий потенциал, а также его нежелание следовать общепринятым нормам Стив Джобс выступает перед аудиторией на выставке MacWorld Expo 2004 г. (John Green/Zuma Press) Стив Возняк и Стив Джобс на MacWorld Expo в Сан-Франциско, 11 января 2005 г. (Alan Luckow) Стив Джобс представляет новый Mac Mini; на шее новый iPod Shuffle. После доклада на конференции и выставке MacWorld, 11 января 2005 г. (AP/Wide World Photos) Об авторах Джеффри Янг – один из учредителей журнала MacWorld. Автор неавторизованной биографии «Steve Jobs: The Journey Is The Reward» («Стив Джобс: путешествие – это награда») – В 1990-х годах сотрудничал с журналом Forbes в качестве пишущего редактора, представляющего Силиконовую долину. В 1997 году, вместе с другими соучредителями Джеффри Янг основал Forbes.com. Его перу также принадлежит книга «Forbes Greatest Technology Stories» («Forbes: истории о величайших предпринимателях эпохи высоких технологий»). Живет на севере Калифорнии. Вильям Саймон в соавторстве с Кевином Митником написал книги «The Art of Deception» («Искусство обмана») и «The Art of Intrusion» («Искусство взлома») ...

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Высшая математика. Кратные и криволинейные интегралы. Мир математики

John B. Kelly, Jr.
He was also the son of triple Olympic gold medal winner John B. Kelly, Sr. In 1947, Kelly was awarded the James E. Sullivan Award as the top amateur athlete in the United States. Kelly' s sister was the famous movie-star-turned-princess, Grace Kelly (HSH Princess Grace of Monaco), which makes him the maternal uncle of Monaco' s current monarch Prince Albert II. Kelly' s uncle George Kelly was a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. Kelly became active in politics and was a strong supporter of athletics, and in 1985 was appointed President of the United States Olympic Committee. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! John Brendan Kelly, Jr. (born May 24, 1927, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – died May 2, 1985, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), also known as Kell Kelly or Jack Kelly, was an accomplished oarsman, a four-time Olympian, and an Olympic medal winner.
          1393 руб
John L. Hall, Jr.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! ohn Lesslie Hall, Jr. (11. April 1891 - March 1978) was an admiral of the United States Navy during World War II. Hall, son of the literary scholar John Lesslie Hall, was a native of Williamsburg, Virginia, and attended the College of William and Mary for three years before transferring to the U. S. Naval Academy where he graduated in 1913.
          2006 руб
John Forbes (Royal Navy Officer)
Whilst serving here, Stewart promoted Forbes to lieutenant.
          1393 руб
John M. Spratt, Jr.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1393 руб
John R. Deane, Jr.
Deane was born in San Francisco, California on June 8, 1919.
          1189 руб
John Paton Davies, Jr.
He was one of the China Hands, whose careers in the Foreign Service were destroyed by McCarthyism and the reaction to the fall of China.
          1841 руб
John F. Kennedy, Jr. plane crash
On Friday, July 16, 1999, John F. Kennedy, Jr. was killed when the Piper Saratoga light aircraft he was piloting crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha' s Vineyard, Massachusetts. His wife, Carolyn Jeanne Bessette, and sister-in-law, Lauren Gail Bessette, were also killed. His flight originated from Essex County Airport (CDW) in Fairfield Township, Essex County, New Jersey. The intended flight path was along the coastline of Connecticut and across Rhode Island Sound to its final destination of Martha' s Vineyard Airport (MVY).
          1393 руб
John H. Russell, Jr.
His only child was Brooke Astor, a noted philanthropist.
          1189 руб
John Gillespie Magee, Jr.
John Gillespie Magee, Jr. (June 9, 1922 – December 11, 1941) was an American aviator and poet who died as a result of a mid-air collision over Lincolnshire during World War II. He was serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force, which he joined before the United States officially entered the war.
          1325 руб
John Wellborn Root, Jr.
John Wellborn Root, Jr. (1887 - 1963) was a significant U. S. architect based in Chicago.
          1327 руб
America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story
It was directed by Eric Laneuville and stars Kristoffer Polaha, Portia de Rossi and Jacqueline Bisset in principal roles.
          1138 руб
John T. Noonan, Jr.
John Thomas Noonan, Jr. (born October 24, 1926) is a Senior Circuit Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, with chambers in San Francisco, California.
          1921 руб
John Forbes (British Army officer)
He is best known for leading the Forbes Expedition that captured the French outpost at Fort Duquesne and for naming the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after British Secretary of State William Pitt the Elder.
          2115 руб
John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.
          1507 руб
Letters and recollections of John Murray Forbes
          1143 руб
The English Poems of John Milton
          341 руб
The Collected Poems of John Donne
Donne’s poetry combines paradoxical wit, scientific and theological learning with the rhythms and diction of spoken language.
          367 руб
John Le Carre Set
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Honourable Schoolboy and Smiley' s People. TINKER TAILOR SOLIDER SPY George Smiley, a troubled man of infinite compassion, enters a Cold War landscape of moles and lamplighters, scalphunters and pavement artists, where men are turned, burned or bought for stock. Smiley' s mission is to catch a Moscow mole burrowed 30 years into the Circus itself.
          529 руб
John Donne - The Major Works
This authoritative edition was formerly published in the acclaimed Oxford Authors series under the general editorship of Frank Kermode.
          613 руб
Autobiographical Sketch Of Mrs. John Drew
          3 руб

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