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Integrated Modeling System for Multi-Objective Watershed Management. Hydrologic Modeling and Utilization of State-of-the Art Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Intelligence Techniques
180 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Elias G.B.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
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The research work specifically focuses on maintaining water quality in streams and rivers through evolution of agricultural landscapes. As part of this research effort, automatic calibration tools for the distributed hydrologic model are developed, and sensitivity and uncertainty associated with the hydrologic modeling are investigated. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence techniques is explored to reduce the computational demand of the integrated modeling system. This dissertation presents an integrated modeling system for multi-objective management of life-supporting ecosystem services, which are frequently impaired by a wide variety of natural and anthropogenic activities in watersheds. The development of this integrated modeling system involves coupling of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms with physically-based, distributed hydrologic model.

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Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide

Creates a subtractive_rng initialized using a default value. void initialize(unsigned int seed) Re-initializes the internal state of the subtractive_rng , using the value seed. Notes [1] See section 3.6 of Knuth for an implementation of the subtractive method in FORTRAN. Section 3.2.2 of Knuth analyzes this class of algorithms. (D. E. Knuth, The Art of Computer Programming. Volume 2: Seminumerical Algorithms, second edition. Addison-Wesley, 1981.) [2] Note that the sequence produced by a subtractive_rng is completely deterministic, and that the sequences produced by two different subtractive_rng objects are independent of each other. That is: if R1 is a subtractive_rng, then the values returned when R1 is called depend only on R1's seed and on the number of times that R1 has been called. Calls to other subtractive_rng objects are irrelevant. In implementation terms, this is because the class subtractive_rng contains no static members. See also Random Number Generator Function object adaptors binder1st<AdaptableBinaryFunction> Categories: functors, adaptors Component type: type Description Binder1st is a function object adaptor: it is used to transform an adaptable binary function into an adaptable unary function ...

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Forest Management in a Spatio-temporal Multi-objective Decision-making Framework. Modeling Concepts and Case Studies
CP is the MODM component of the modeling effort presented in this book, while the USDA Forest Service Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) and ArcGIS are the temporal and spatial components.
          2006 руб
Towards Sustainable Watershed Management. Using System Dynamics for Integrated Water Resources Planning
A simulation model is built based on Causal Loop Diagrams of the watershed problem to comprehend the dynamic and interrelated characteristic of the system, and convey experiences, lessons learned, and perceptions gained through the model development process.
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Model Identification of Textile Composites. A Multi-Objective Inverse Method under Hyperelastic Material Behaviour
Numerical simulation of forming processes has become an important means for material selection, tool design, and process optimization.
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Integrated Modeling using MatLab, Simulink and COMSOL. with heat, air and moisture applications for building physics and systems
The use of the simulation environment regarding design problems is demonstrated with case studies.
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The case of Tonameca watershed in Mexico Ecological Economic model for watershed management.
Coastal environmental impacts are generally due to both local and remote land uses.
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A Construction Site Layout Planning Decision-making System. for Dynamic, Unequal-area and Multi-objective Optimization Problem
An optimal construction site layout planning (CSLP) can enhancing the services of the construction work to improve the work productivity and thus the costs of a project.
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A multi-physics, multi-scale model structure is proposed by integrating three submodels, i. e. , a macro-continuum model, a micro-scale model (random walk model) and an atomistic-level model.
          2782 руб
Modelling and Optimisation of Single Screw Extrusion. Using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms
For that purpose a modelling package capable of considering the relevant thermo-mechanical phenomena occurring inside the extruder was developed and linked to the referred optimization methodology.
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Applying Ecosystem Approach to Integrated Watershed Management. A Case Study from Melamchi Watershed Central Nepal
Key methods adopted are Ecosystem Function Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, Livelihood Analysis and Social Analysis.
          1892 руб
An Efficient System for Sensor Tag Management. Compliant with EPCglobal architecture framework for efficient management of RF integrated Sensor Tag
To resolve the above mentioned problems, this book proposes a new system architecture for Sensor Tag Management (SenTM).
          2278 руб
Transparent Knowledge Discovery from Data. The Power of Fuzzy Modelling and Nature-Inspired Multi-Objective Optimisation
The theoretical aspects behind these two research facets are described and the associated experimental studies are also carried out.
          3049 руб
Impact of Integrated Watershed Management Program on Food Security. The case of Mai zeg zeg Watershed in Degua Tembein Woreda of north Ethiopia
As a quantitative tool of analysis descriptive analysis and propensity score matching were used, and for the qualitative purposed the focus group discussion was applied.
          1892 руб
A Study of Multi-Objective Optimization Methods. for Engineering Applications
Potential applications for even the most fundamental and common methods span a variety fields.
          3189 руб
Shedding the Myth. Challenging the Contemporary Notion of Watershed Management
This book sought to critically examine these assumptions by taking a closer look at public motivations and public expectations for involvement. Due to shifts in U. S. environmental policy initiatives and improvements in scientific understanding of ecological systems, watershed management decisions have begun to rely increasingly more on input from the general public.
          1995 руб
Dynamic Multi-Asset Portfolio Management. Eine vergleichende Studie von Wertsicherungsstrategien
Die Sicherung eines Portfoliomindestwerts und die Generierung absoluter Ertraege werden verstaerkt zu primaeren Zielen langfristig orientierter Anleger wie Versicherer oder Pensionsfonds.
          1995 руб
Human-Robot Interaction. Multi-modal Interaction Management for a Robot Companion
This model was implemented for the robot companion BIRON within two Implementation-Evaluation-Cycles.
          2414 руб
Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms for Multi-Objective Optimization. Design and Validation of a Hybrid Interactive Reference Point Method
The author, Madan Sathe, analyses and classifies essential existing interactive classical methods and provides a new grouping approach for existing interactive evolutionary methods.
          2414 руб
Global Warming, Ocean Circulation, and the Carbon Cycle. An Integrated Modeling Study
A number of issues regarding climate change, ocean circulation, the carbon cycle, and their numerical modeling are discussed.
          2006 руб
Research of air aerosol dispersion using numerical modeling system. MM5/WRF-CAMx4 application to the aerosol abatement strategy
Combination of the chemical scenarios with the minimum error between modeled and ambient data is employed to create a new complex scenario.
          3232 руб
Multi-Objective Optimization Scheme for Static and Dynamic Multicast Flows Multi-Objective Optimization in Multicast Flows.
Moreover, our proposal solves the traffic split ratio for multiple trees.
          2782 руб

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