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ICT Integration Across Education Systems. The experience of Jordan in educational reform
272 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Atef A.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
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However, in the MENA region there are warnings of a serious and widening gap between current schooling outcomes and the skills required for effective participation in globalised workplaces. The book provides an insight for policy makers and educators who make decisions and implement ICT-based educational reform projects. The two initiatives aim to equip both the education system and its students with skills and knowledge in order to participate effectively in the information age. This book sheds light on the role of several layers of the Jordanian education system in planning and implementing ICT initiatives and discusses issues associated with each layer during the uptake of ICT. Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy (ERfKE), and the Jordan Education Initiative (JEI). Governments worldwide spend large proportions of their budgets on integrating ICT across their education systems, and the government of Jordan is no exception. Therefore, the Jordanian education system has implemented two major reform projects:

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However, as I researched this book, it became clear that Japan's problems are much more severe than even I had guessed. Far from being irrelevant, Japan's troubles have serious relevance for both developing countries and advanced economies, for the simple reason that Japan fell into the pitfalls of both. So the title changed. The key question is: Why should Japan have fallen into any pitfall, when the nation had everything? It reveled in one of the world's most beautiful natural environments, with lush mountains and clear-running streams pouring over emerald rocks; it preserved one of the richest cultural heritages on earth, receiving artistic treasure from all across East Asia, which the Japanese have refined over the centuries; it boasted one of the world's best educational systems and was famed for its high technology; its industrial expansion after World War II drew admiration everywhere, and the profits accumulated in the process made it perhaps the wealthiest nation in the world. And yet, instead of building the glorious new civilization that was its birthright, Japan went into an inexplicable tailspin in the 1990s ...

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