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Heterologous Expression of Wheat Proteins in Yeast. Optimization of the Heterologous Expression and Purification of Wheat Storage Proteins in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
140 стр. мягкая обложка

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Not only for commercial or medical purposes, but also for the characterization of foreign proteins the heterologous expression plays a significant role. How can a foreign protein be expressed in a pro- or eukaryotic host? The expression of proteins from different host organisms is of big interest in the modern biotechnology. The optimization of fermentation parameter for higher biomass and protein yield are discussed. The heterologous expression of the putatively celiac disease triggering proteins of the wheat endosperm is the central point of this book. The high cell density fermentation and the applicability of different plasmid systems are discussed in the introduction. Furthermore, the adaptation of the classical protein purification to the changed host system as well as the establishment of an aqueous two phase system as alternativ protein purification are discussed. Which host is suitable for which kind of protein? How can the specific protein yield be increased by varying process parameter? The author Dr. Falk Matthaeus gives introductorily an overview of different host systems for the heterologous expression of proteins.

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The Gates of November

Each of the children had a private bedroom, and their two nannies slept in a room nearby. The staff, all Chinese, consisted of a cook, a maid, Solomons secretary-translator, whose Russian was perfect, and a courier. The courier rode a bicycle to deliver press releases from Solomon to Chinese and foreign press bureaus and to pick up newspapers and releases for Solomon. A stairway led from the rear hallway off the living room down to the basement, where there were storage rooms, the kitchen, and a room that contained a rotary press. The apparent serenity inside the Soviet compound was a false mirror of events outside. China was experiencing its own savage civil war. Sun Yatsen had died in 1925, his dream of a united and Westernized China unfulfilled. Chiang Kai-shek, appointed by Sun to head the new Whampoa Military Academy set up to train the officer corps of the Kuomintang army, was now commander in chief of a military force that had begun to move north from Canton, subduing the countryside and predatory private armies ...

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Общая биология

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Investigating the Mechanisms of Transcriptional Silencing in Yeast. Mechanims by which the Sir2/3/4 protein complex silences transcription in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Such investigations revealed that transcriptional activation of SIR- silenced hsp82 is independent of its associated chromatin state.
          2782 руб
Heat Shock Proteins Expression under Stress. Stress Biochemistry
Abiotic stimuli, such as heat, cold, water deficit, heavy metals, ozone, UV radiation and ? -irradiation effects the synthesis and accumulation of HSPs.
          2006 руб
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The aim of this thesis was to find an effective expression system for NKp80 and its ligand AICL to enable a crystallization screen.
          1897 руб
Thus this technique enable plant breeder to screen his breeding material in early generations.
          1897 руб
Functional validation studies indicate that antisense transcripts are not a uniform regulatory RNA group, but instead belong to multiple categories with some common features.
          2278 руб
Modeling and Optimization of Protein Expression. Statistical Methods and Metabolic Flux Analysis for Optimization of Recombinant Protein Production by Fungal Platforms
The proposed strategy should be useful to professionals in the field of biotechnology who seek to understand the response of microorganisms to environmental stimuli.
          2624 руб
Gene expression analysis in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Identification and characterization of novel proteins
A general discussion of the methods applied, including the subtraction methodology cDNA Representational Difference Analysis (cDNA RDA), and the findings from this study are included.
          1892 руб
POSTNATALER STRESS UND DIE REELIN-EXPRESSION IM HIPPOCAMPUS DER MAUS. Untersuchungen zur Auswirkung frueher traumatischer Erfahrungen auf das Protein Reelin im Mausgehirn
Mit dieser Arbeit konnte gezeigt werden, dass das fuer die korrekte Entwicklung des Gehirns notwendige und in Krankheit beeintraechtigte Protein Reelin geschlechtsabhaengig durch chronischen Stress in seiner Expression beeinflussbar ist.
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Les maladies a prions. Etude de l'interface neuro-immune et de l'expression de la proteine prion cellulaire au sein des especes bovine et humaine
Notre hypothese de travail est que des proprietes de l’hote interviennent dans le tropisme de l’agent infectieux.
          2662 руб

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