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Зарубежная проза А-Я          Автор Bayard T.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Hannah Thurston: A Story Of American Life
468 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Bayard T.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:3 руб
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От Трумэна до Рейгана. Доктрины и реальности ядерного века

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Зарубежная проза А-Я

Kate Thurston's Chautauqua circles
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Communication Of Hannah Barker, Read At A Gathering Of The Barker Family At The Garrison House, Pembroke, Mass., In 1830
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Penguin Readers Easystarts: Hannah and the Hurricane (+ Audio CD)
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Penguin Readers Easystarts: Hannah and the Hurricane
Hannah loves her job on old Mr Duval’s small boat.
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Thurston House
He was looking for a woman to found a great family.
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My Storytime: Hannah Hippo's New Helper
All the hippos down by the muddy river have a special bird friend to eat the itchy insects that land on them.
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The Case of Human Plurality. Hannah Arendt's Critique of Individualism in Enlightenment and Romantic Thinking
At the center of Arendt' s thought is the idea that human beings exist as a plurality, that we exist together with each other and not just as a groups of individuals. She accuses the twin concepts of an abstract man and introspective self of trying to replace human plurality with radical individualism. For Arendt, such thinking is detrimental to the very foundation of politics. Politics cannot exist, she argues, without human plurality. Arendt wants to rescue the notion of human plurality and elevate it to a primal position in Western thought. In looking for an answer to the utter disregard for human life she witnessed during the Holocaust, Hannah Arendt found herself drawn to the ideas of individualism developed in Enlightenment and Romantic thinking. But she also rejected the notion of an introspective self found in Romantic thought, where reality is given meaning only through self-consciousness. Ultimately, she rejected the Enlightenment concept of an abstract man because she saw it as nothing more than a phantom concept, with no basis in reality. She wanted to understand how these ideas might have contributed to the problems she saw for modern society and politics.
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Vom Recht auf Rechte. Hannah Arendts Menschenrechtskritik
Leidenschaftlich trat sie vielmehr fuer das unabhaengige Denken quer zu allen Disziplinen ein.
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Hannah Arendts Theorie der Urteilskraft. Am Beispiel von Sophokles Antigone
Antigone vertritt das Recht des Individuums, ein Familienmitglied nach den Traditionen bestatten zu duerfen, waehrend Kreon als Vertreter des Staates dieses recht negiert.
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Die Macht der Unterscheidung. Der Urteilsbegriff bei Hannah Arendt im Kontext ihrer Totalitarismus-Analyse
Anhand der Mechansimen totalitaerer Systeme wird gezeigt, wie die Urteilsfaehigkeit von Menschen systematisch zerstoert werden kann, aber auch, welche Anknuepfungspunkte fuer deren Wiedergewinnung im politischen Denken Arendts zu entdecken sind.
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Neohistorical Fiction and Hannah’s Place. A Creative Response to Colonial Representation
It examines traditional historical fiction for chinks in the hegemonic armour and drives through these towards strategies for recovering lost female voices.
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The Artist and The Teacher-Leader. The Appearance of Hannah Arendt's 'In-Between'
Hannah Arendt' s The Human Condition, provides a foundation to examine the formation of identity within the context of her triumvirate, labour, work and action or the vita activa. I explain how Arendt contends for us to be truly alive, we need to become engaged in action where people have an opportunity to re-create themselves. I am most interested in her idea of an ' in-between' space that captures the ' reality [of]the webs of human relationships, indicating by the metaphor its somewhat intangible quality' (1958, p. 183). In order to develop webs of relationships in my daily labour, work and action as both an artist and a teacher-leader, I explore the private and public spaces that are available for me to labour, work and act; the conditions that nurture or mitigate against action, and the opportunities for renewal, that is, rebirth or natality, within the plurality of others. I explore the formation of my identity as both an artist and as a teacher- leader, the emerging ' in-between' space between my practices and how each practice sheds light on the other. A noble aspiration for us all!
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Hannah Primrose, Countess of Rosebery
Her husband, the 5th Earl of Rosebery, was, during the final quarter of the 19th century, one of the most celebrated figures in Britain, an influential millionaire and politician, whose charm, wit, charisma and public popularity gave him such standing that he "almost eclipsed royalty. " Yet his Jewish wife, during her lifetime regarded as dull, overweight and lacking in beauty, remains an enigmatic figure largely ignored by historians and often regarded as notable only for financing her husband' s three ambitions: to marry an heiress, win the Epsom Derby, and become Prime Minister (the second and third of these possibly apocryphal ambitions were achieved after her death). In truth, she was her husband' s driving force and motivation.
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Hannah Montana (season 1)
The season itself was released on DVD as a four disc set on November 18, 2008, by Disney DVD.
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Hannah Montana (season 2)
Hannah Montana (season 2) provides background information regarding the second season and summaries, cast, and crews for episodes within the season.
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Hannah Montana (season 3)
Filming for the season started a day after the 2008 Teen Choice Awards.
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