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Экономическая теория          Автор Frederic P.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Great Southern Group
96 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Frederic P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1393 руб
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In 2009, as a result of worsening economic conditions and regulatory issues, the company was placed in administration. It expanded its MIS business rapidly in the 2000s, supported by favourable tax regulations for these types of investments. The company was founded in 1987 and became a public company in 1999. Great Southern Group (ASX: GTP) is a group of Australian companies that is notable as the country's largest agribusiness managed investment scheme (MIS) business. Most of the Group's business was in plantation forestry to supply woodchips for the pulp and paper industry, but in the 2000s it diversified into high-value timbers, beef cattle, olives, viticulture, and almond production. The company's after-tax profit peaked at A$132 million in 2006, but by 2008 had deteriorated to a A$63 million loss. The Great Southern companies attracted debate and criticism associated with the operation of managed investment schemes generally, and the environmental performance of their Tiwi Islands operation in particular.

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The history of Rome. Book IV

It was certainly not a mere accident, that the hardest lot in this respect fell precisely to the two least warlike provinces, Sicily and Asia. The Finances and Public Buildings An approximate measure of the condition of Roman finance at this period is furnished, in the absence of definite statements, first of all by the public buildings. In the first decades of this epoch these were prosecuted on the greatest scale, and the construction of roads in particular had at no time been so energetically pursued. In Italy the great southern highway of presumably earlier origin, which as a prolongation of the Appian road ran from Rome by way of Capua, Beneventum, and Venusia to the ports of Tarentum and Brundisium, had attached to it a branch-road from Capua to the Sicilian straits, a work of Publius Popillius, consul in 622. On the east coast, where hitherto only the section from Fanum to Ariminum had been constructed as part of the Flaminian highway (ii. 229), the coast road was prolonged southward as far as Brundisium, northward by way of Atria on the Po as far as Aquileia, and the portion at least from Ariminum to Atria was formed by the Popillius just mentioned in the same year ...

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Экономическая теория

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