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Механика. Динамика          Автор Michael P.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Global versus Local Aspects of Critical Collapse. A Numerical Study of Critical Phenomena, Power-Law Tails and Quasinormal Modes in Compactified Spacetime
204 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Michael P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
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Near criticality the system exhibits self-similarity, scaling and universality. Critical gravitational collapse occurs when the attractive and repulsive forces are almost in balance. In general relativity, the dynamics of the collapse of matter under its own weight can be understood in terms of the competition between gravitational attraction and repulsive internal forces. The endstate of such an isolated system is typically either dispersion to flat space or the collapse to a black hole. The critical collapse of a massless scalar field coupled to Einstein' s equations is numerically investigated in spherical symmetry from both global and local points of view using radial compactification. It is found that self-similarity is observable not just locally but also from future null infinity. A surprising correlation between the radiation signal with the period of the first quasinormal mode is pointed out and an argument is made that for astrophysical observers the relevant falloff rate of power-law tails is that of future null infinity. The author, Michael Puerrer, gives an introduction to the numerical solution of characteristic initial value problems in general relativity.

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Дифференциальная психология. Индивидуальные и групповые различия в поведении

Sex differences in the Science Talent Test. Science, 1944, 100, 192–193. 25. Edgerton, H. A., and Britt, S. H. Technical aspects of the Fourth Annual Science Talent Search, Educ. Psychol. Measmt., 1947, 7, 3—21. 26. Ellis, A. (Ed.) Sex life of the American woman and the Kinsey Report. N. Y.: Greenberg, 1954. 27. Ellis, H. Man and woman: a study of human secondary sexual characters. N. Y: Seribner's, 1904. 28. Ellis, H. A study of British genius. London: Hurst and Blackett, 1904. 29. Erikson, E. H. Sex differences in the play configurations of pre-adolescent Amer. J. Orthopsychiat., 1951, 21, 667–692. 30. Eurich, A. C, and Carroll, H. A. Group differences in art judgment. Sch. And Soc, 1931, 34, 204–206. 31. Farnsworth, P. R. An historical, critical, and experimental study of the Seashore-Kwalwasser Test Battery. Genet. Psychol. Monogr., 1931, 9, No. 5, 291–393. 32. Fernberger, S. W. Persistence of stereotypes concerning sex differences. J. abnorm. soc. Psychol., 1948, 43, 97—101. 33. Ford, C, Jr., and Tyler, Leona E ...

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Механика. Динамика

Das Konzept der Glokalisierung. Entwicklung eines Glokalisierungskonzepts fuer unternehmens- und entwicklungspolitische Akteure Think global - Act local:
Wie aber erklaert sich aus dieser dialektischen Denkweise, dass bewusst lokale Bewegungen wie Antiurbanisierungstrends mittlerweile zur weltweiten Modeerscheinung herangewachsen sind, sich also selbst globalisiert haben?
          1979 руб
Local Aspects of Modular Quantum Systems in Nonequilibrium. Thermodynamic Nonequilibrium Phenomena on the Quantum Scale
This theses studies small quantum systems in nonequillibrium and may shed light on some new aspects of quantum thermodynamics.
          2414 руб
Global Food Crisis. A critical Analysis
The major finding is that there was no such thing as a global food crisis, but rather a global food price crisis based on fundamental failures in the global food system.
          2006 руб
Democracy versus socialism, a critical examination of socialism as a remedy for social injustice and an exposition of the single tax doctrine
          953 руб
The author also, with great level of success, managed to tackle this complex issue by putting forward a rather novel proposition suggesting that regionalism and multilateralism are two complementary rather than conflicting concepts.
          3049 руб
Think Global, Act Local? Renewable Energy Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism in the Philippines, India and China Environmental Regime Effectiveness.
How do local and global actors interact?
          3049 руб
Global Marketing: Foreign Entry, Local Marketing and Global Management
          3333 руб
Aspects Of Fiction And Other Ventures In Criticism (1896)
          953 руб
Land Reform and NGOs in Contemporary Zimbabwe. 'Managing' Global-Local Tensions
In the end, it appears that NGOs regularly valorise their own organisational sustainability.
          3213 руб
Different Approaches of Sustainable Development. The Global Level, the EU Guideline And the Success of Local Implementations
The example of the Swedish city, Vaexjoe shows that a lot can be changed at the local level.
          2006 руб
Change and Reality: A Critical Realist Analysis of Information Systems Development and Organisational Change in British Local Government Exploring the Structure- culture-agency Dynamic.
In short, although British local government based, this book should be of interest to many scholars and professionals working in government and public administration and IS and management.
          3232 руб
Exploring The Debate Between Private Versus Public Water Management Global Water Development In The Twenty-First Century.
Overcoming the crisis in water and sanitation is one of the most daunting global development challenges of the twenty-first century.
          2006 руб
Negotiations between Global Principles and Local Contexts Negotiations between Global Principles and Local Contexts. The Implementation of Configurable Technologies:
From a critical interpretive perspective that combines ideas from structuration theory, social shaping views of technology and critical discourse analysis, this dissertation is based on an empirical investigation that spanned one year and is primarily organized in three papers.
          3232 руб
Global Institutions and Human Rights. A Critical Essay on Thomas Pogge, and the Attribution of Remedial Responsibility in Cases of Human Rights Violations
In this book, I outline my argument that the global institutional order is not "unjust" as Pogge suggests.
          2006 руб
Critical Thinking, Communication, Spritual, psychosocial, moral,Worldview, and socioeconomic Development in the following areas: Expectations of Adults Returning to College versus Outcomes. Areas measured:
However, because of the paucity of research specific to the adult segment of the college population it was not known if the same would be true for the adult population.
          2782 руб
Curriculum Reform in Post-Soviet Armenia. Balancing Local and Global Contexts in Armenian Secondary Schools
In addition, two important comparative education theories, educational vacuum and educational borrowing, were used as an analytical framework for the data.
          3232 руб
Integrate Strategic Environmental Assessment In Local Land Use Plans. Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
This book focuses on increasing the understanding of how and where to integrate the SEA into the local land use planning.
          3232 руб
Natural Disasters, Vulnerability, and Sustainable Development. Examining the Interplay, Global Trends, and Local Practices in Istanbul
By examining different aspects of this interplay at different scales of development, this book stresses the importance of specific public policies, which can provide the way urban areas can reduce disaster risks and create sustainable communities.
          3232 руб
Liberal Market Economies Versus Coordinated Market Economies. Institutional Settings Serving as a Competitive Advantage in Today' s Globally Competitive Environment?
Die Frage, die nicht nur mich bis zum Ende meines Studiums staendig immer wieder beschaeftigt hat- naemlich: "Welche volkswirtschaftlichen Policies/Strategien wirken sich am besten auf das gesunde Wachstum einer Volkswirtschaft aus? " ist DIE zentrale Frage des 21. Jahrhunderts. Wie kann man in wirtschaftlich schwierigen Zeiten hohe Wachstumsraten erzielen?
          2006 руб
Adjectives in Northern Sotho. A critical overview of the aspects on theoretical syntax, morphology and lexical semantics of words which modify substantives
There are some adjectives that are like round because they have no identifying shape.
          3232 руб

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